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Last Origin - Lewd Korean RPG
By Kasaix • 11 months ago • 11 comments

Last Origin flew well under my radar, due primarily to the fact that it's Korean. However, it recently came to the attention of various Japanese sites, so I was tipped off as well. So, what's the big deal with yet another waifu gacha game? The waifus show nipples.

Yep, it's that lewd. It's lewd enough to where, according to player comments, it's been censored on the main app site, which you can see HERE. However, all is not lost. I'm told that there's an uncensored version on a site called Onestore. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it. If you find it, let Doujins support know, they'll tell me, and I'll update the article. You can take a look at a ton of shots of the game HERE. Check below for some gameplay, and some of the sexy girls that caught my eye.