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Is It Okay to Cosplay Underage Character?
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 months ago • 24 comments

Nezuko has been in the middle of many controversy with her being drawn by lewd artists even though she’s 14. And even when artists up her age to something more acceptable like 18, people still have a problem. We’re really out here trying to protect and give drawings human rights, huh? Well if lewding and upping the age of a underage anime character is bad, than what about a grown woman cosplaying an underage characters in a lewd way?

Hentai Cosplayer Hidori Rose cosplayed a very busty and sexy Nezuko, while still keeping that cute as fuck vibe that Nezuko always give off. Funny thing is, this Nezuko cosplay is actually based off the Nezuko art by SakimiChan which started this whole Nezuko controversy. And people are making complaints on Hidori’s twitter post, but not as much as when SakimiChan’s Nezuko art was posted. It’s still the same concept of using an underage character in a sexual manner, it’s just this time it’s cosplay and not art. Is it the fact that she’s a real grown woman instead of a drawing that someone is making a grown woman? Is it the fact that people are retarded and just want to make a problem out of nothing? Either way, it’s no skin off my bones. Anyways, I have to go and..."research" more Hidori Rose Nezuko pictures.

Eh! Don't judge me. You know this shit is cute as fuck!

Do you approve of Hidori’s Nezuko cosplay? Have you heard of Hidori Rose? Do people make a big deal out of nothing? Tell us in the comments.