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Getting A Piece Of Cynthia's Ass And More
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

Who’s the hottest girl in Pokemon? If you didn’t say Cynthia, well then, you’d be…not wrong, since there’s a lot of hot girls in Pokemon. But if Cynthia isn’t at least on your list as one of the hottest girls in Pokemon, then you’d be WRONG!!! Hell, she has like 3 different versions of herself, so even Game Freak knows that she’s a fan favorite. And even Washa knows how hot she is, and dedicated a whole 4 minute long animation of her.

It's reward time!

As a reward, she’ll let you play with her ass, but you already know you’re not going to be satisfied with just playing with it. You’re going to want more, and more you get. If you want to check out the 4 minute version of this animation, you can head over to Gumroad, or check out their Patreon.

What did you think of the animation? Do you think Cynthia is one of the hottest Pokemon girls? Would you like to play with Cynthia’s ass? Tell us in the comments.