Can One Scene Ruin an Entire Game?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 16 comments

I’ve talked about how Reclaim Reality sadly didn’t reach its $2,000, goal. I voiced my complaint when it comes to how they implemented the voice acting in the game. But another person in a forum voiced why he believe the game will not succeed. Here’s their hot take:

Well, no offense but I will probably pass, you game does look very good and interesting but the whole tentacle sex machine thing is putting me off quite a bit, and honestly I don't really understand what you target demographic is, most of the game is yuri so I assume it is the yuri community, but while I obviously can't speak for the majority, I do know for sure that a good chunk of the yuri community dislike that kind of things, I learned about your game because someone made a thread about it on the Hella Yuri group on Steam and the tentacle machine thing is putting off quite a few people.

Well, for me at least, it is difficult to enjoy a game if I strongly dislike a significant part of that game, and I assume a lot of people are in the same situation. I do understand that not all the robots have tentacles, but the combo heavy yuri with rapist robots is just really weird, most people who aren't really into yuri will probably not be interested by the game because the yuri part seems quite important, and many people who are into yuri will not be interested because of the robot stuff, so in the end you will only reach a small minority of people, which isn't a problem in itself but your goal is $2,000 per month by the end of the month, this seem very ambitious and frankly quite unrealistic to me, of course I might be wrong, time will tell.

Now I’ve never got this point of view. I played many adult games to get my rocks off, and one scene being presented in the game that wasn’t to my taste never deterred me from the game. The game is mostly yuri, and you can avoid the tentacle scene. So why does it just existing in the game makes you write the whole game off? You’re losing out on a lot of yuri goodness because of one scene! I won’t play the game and enjoy 3 amazing yuri scenes, just because of 1 tentacle scene. That doesn’t really make sense to me.

But hey, I hate yuri. I think it’s boring as shit. But when they finally add full voice acting, you better bet your ass that I’ll be hitting up that tentacle scene. I’m not going to let 3 boring yuri scenes stop me!

I fuck with this scene heavy!

Can one scene ruin an entire adult game for you? Is this person overreacting over one scene? Should the developer remove the tentacle scene? Tell us in the comments below.