An Interview with TwistedScarlett
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 1 comments

Kasaix: Hey friends and foes of Doujins! I’m here with another extremely talented artist, one I’ve been following for a really long time, and who has graciously agreed to be interviewed. TwistedScarlett’s style is just superb. The lighting and shading really brings their subjects to life. The girls look cute and sexy, from their expressions to how well-rounded they are.

But I digress. Thank you so much for hanging out TwistedScarlett. How are you doing?

TwistedScarlett: I'm alright,  a little ill and I have exams soon but I'm getting through it all one step at a time.

Kasaix: I hope you feel better soon, and you ace those exams.

Let's start at the top: what first got you into art?

TwistedScarlett: I've been drawing every since I was young,, it was never something I 'got' into, just something I naturally enjoyed from a young age.

Kasaix: That sounds nice. You kept up with a hobby all these years. I like that. Did you go attend art classes to hone your skills, or are you entirely self-taught?

TwistedScarlett: I did art as one of my options in secondary school, it might be surprising but I was awful at art back then, I ended up finishing the class with a 'C' grade, and the lowest grade of everyone else in the class. I was lazy, and I didn't really know what I was doing. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started to take things seriously and I was still awful when I started, so in a sense you could say I'm entirely self-taught.

Kasaix: That's interesting, you were a lazy art student. You're definitely not a C student now though, and your skills have improved and refined since your first HF upload back in 2016. You should be proud of where you are now as an artist.

What are your favorite characters and themes to draw? There's a lot of MLP art, but you also draw some anime characters too.

TwistedScarlett: This might sound boring, but I don't have any favourite characters or themes, I just draw whatever I want, quite often I'll draw characters from shows I've never watched. My passion is the art, less the characters involved.

Kasaix: That's a unique take I've never seen before, and I most certainly respect it. I write some lewd stories myself, and I can't quite put my finger on a favorite character or story, I just like writing. You draw a lot of MLP characters, what makes you want to draw those girls?

TwistedScarlett: I'm not entirely sure why I draw lots of MLP characters, but if I were to speculate, I'd say it's because they're well received, well established and have unique designs and colours. There aren't many fandoms this large with a cast of this many girls, so it's ripe for porn.

Kasaix: I can understand that. The MLP characters are varied and the fanbase is huge, so it's definitely ripe for porn.

Do you have any original characters, or any original characters planned?

TwistedScarlett: Not really, I don't really understanding having original characters for the sake of having an original character, but I have and will be designing characters for games I may make in the far future.

Kasaix: Another unique take that I understand and respect.

You're a game designer/artist? Are you working on something now?

TwistedScarlett: I'd still say I'm more of an artist than a game designer, right now I'm not actually working on anything, I only have some character concepts and a vague idea of what I want, but making a game is intensive and while I'm no perfectionist I won't accept anything except exceptional- I'll need to make sure the writing and story are top notch, the characters need to be fun and interesting, the art needs to be of usual quality- but there are also other things I have no experience with, such as making music, animations, sprites and tiles (For RPGMaker or something), it's a really big challenge and what worries me is whether the game will stand out at all, there's not much point going to all this work to make a great game if no one plays it.

Kasaix: That's awesome. I'm a game designer myself, so I can confirm that art can make a game.

Do you have a project you really want to work on down the line? A comic series, or perhaps dabbling with animation?

TwistedScarlett: Other than making some games, not really. Animation is extremely time consuming and difficult, so that one is a pass for me, especially considering I'm a slow drawer-  same can be said for a comic, my specialty is one nice finished image, I'd be too slow for anything like that.

Kasaix: Fair enough. quality over quantity is preferrable, especially in art.

What sort of setup do you use for your projects? A special tablet, pen, etc?

TwistedScarlett: I use Paint Tool Sai 2, and a medium Wacom Intuos, you don't need an expensive setup to be a good artist, I had quite a cheap setup for a long time

Kasaix: Definitely good to know, people don't need to break the bank to make great art. What advice would you give to people interested in getting into art?

TwistedScarlett: My advice for people getting into art varies- if you want to be a professional artist and do it as your career, you need to take it very seriously, more than 40 hours a week seriously, there's a lot of competition and you need to catch up, the only way to do that is to draw more than anyone else. For hobbyists and people that just want to have fun drawing, don't sweat any of the numbers, just draw whenever you feel like it.

Kasaix: That's really good advice, and I hope budding artists pay attention. Let’s wrap it up here so you can continue to hone your already incredible skill. Do you have any parting words to all your fans?

TwistedScarlett: Yeah, I'd like to thank all my fans for their overwhelming support, my follower to patron ratio is probably the highest out of any pornographic artist right now and that in itself is incredible, couldn't be where I am right now without those darn amazing fans

I’d like to give TwistedScarlett another huge thanks for hanging out. If you’d like to follow their work, and you should, check out the sites below: