Why Kanna is Our Loli Queen and Savior
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 16 comments


Recently, there has been a lot of iconic lolis popping up, with Tanya from Youjo Senki for her “I’m a bad ass army loli that has the mind and soul of a angry salary man” to Beatrice from Re:Zero bad attitude and amazing design. There’s also Hestia from DanMachi that everyone consider a loli but I still don’t see it. But there’s one loli that over throws all of them and is still the baddest loli in the game, and that’s the one and only Kanna.


The face that will save us all.

When I first watched Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Kanna was introduced, I think it was love at first sight. The dumb things she said and her cute design won me over in an instant. And as the show progress, my love for her kept growing, just like her family relationship with Kobayashi and Toru grew. I was like a father watching his daughter grow-up, seeing her off on her first day of school, and seeing her make her first friend, Saikawa.


Oh Saikawa, how lucky you are that the queen has blessed you with her presence.


Kanna cuteness has when over pass the anime grid and grew into meme’s, trap music, and also a VRChat avatars.


But, let’s all be honest, Kanna might be cute, say the darnest of things, and has a very unique design, but we all know the real reason she’s so popular.

It’s because she’s so damn THICC!!! But, just because she’s thicc, doesn’t mean anything.

She’s still like a daughter to me damn it! I know she’s like alot of years old but that’s only in dragon years, in human years, she’s my like 8 year old sweetheart. It’s funny how Beatrice and Tanya are lolis but I don’t feel weird about doing lewd things to them, maybe it's do to their more mature personalities. But Kanna is just to pure and adorable, I would feel so wrong.


Oh and also, if you want to fuck my daughter Kanna or you aren’t a fan of Kanna, you can gladly get the fuck out!

So what do you think of Kanna? Is she too THICC? Would you fuck >:(? Tell us in the comments below.