We've Reached the #Animegate Timeline
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 40 comments

#Animegate. Yep, we’ve reached that timeline.The longer this whole Vic thing goes on, the more videos that come out disproving people allegations, and the more allegations that come out in retaliation of those videos. It’s a huge shitstorm of well...shit. This is almost turning into an event like our last Presidential Election. You can lose friends depending on who side you’re on. So guys, here’s a tip. If you’re on Vic’s side, DO NOT TELL ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS THAT ARE GIRLS!!! Nod your head and agree, “Oh yeah, he’s a super creep. I agree with you.” Just trust me on this.

Now Vic isn’t the only voice actor to be getting hit with fire. The fire boy himself, Todd Haberkorn, the voice of Natsu, is also getting heat over sexual assault claims. His involves sleeping with a girl without her consent. Well, I should say woman, since she was 24 and in the middle of a divorce at the time. Here’s Jessie Pridemore account:

“A voice actor (I’m not willing to name because I can’t be alone when I do this. He’s too powerful in the community) that I really admired and thought was cute was flirting with me. Used my divorce as an “in.” Him and another man kept feeding me drinks. Despite another voice actor kicking him in the leg to stop, he kept going. He inviting me up to his room to see his “Japanese candy collection.” I blacked out. I woke up half off his bed and undressed just from the waist down. I couldn’t even see who’s room I was in. I gathered my stuff and left horrified. After talking to a couple people, I pieced together what had happened that night. I was too young to understand what consent was in that situation and thought that he was truly interested in me. I’d give more details, but it would give his identity. So I went to the next convention he did. He spent the entire weekend treating me like garbage. When I finally opened up to my ex husband about what had happened, he told me I was raped. Even then I didn’t want to admit it. Over the years, I found there was more girls that it happened to. He started telling people I was obsessed with him and just mad he didn’t want to date me.”

Now the thing that bother me when reading this story online was seeing how people blamed Todd for taking advantage of her by handing her drinks. She’s a fucking grown woman! Why is it up to him to stop giving her drinks. She has the ability to say, “sorry, I don’t want anymore drinks.” Now if he was forcing her then that would be a different story, but that didn't seem like the case.

Natsu, you better watch out with how many drinks you're giving Lucy. You might end up being a rapist.

Now here is Todd side of the story once he read up on post:

“So, this buddy of mine, Adam [Sheehan], and I met up with this friend of his that he mentioned. We all hit it off and, like adults often do at a party, we had drinks. The woman at the time, was 24. I was 27. We both were adults who could vote, who could buy guns, who could enlist in the armed forces and be trained on how to kill people – and we certainly could decide if we wanted to drink alcohol or not. We both chose to have drinks as is very common when grown ups go out for an evening of partying.

“This woman I had just met expressed how much of a brother Adam was to her and I heard stories of how they met and their interactions. In turn, I shared my experiences with Adam. We all bonded over talking, laughter, and drinks. The conversation and hanging went on into the wee hours of the night. The attractive girl I had met and myself continued the flirting that had been going on between us for the majority of the evening. The flirting led back to my hotel room where we engaged in consensual, adult intimacy: sex.

“Due to the very late hour of the night (around 5 to 6am cause the sun was coming up), the long convention day, and drinks, both she and I passed out for some sleep. Sunday was another convention day and we both had appointments to keep – so, as much as it hurt to go without some good sleep – we had to get up and get to it. We left the hotel room together – she went her way and I went mine.”

So you get to hear two sides of the story, who you decide to believe is up to you. I don’t want to flood this one article since there’s more things I want to talk about when it comes to this topic as a whole, so expect another article on this topic tomorrow.

Who do you believe, Jessie or Todd? Was it’s Todd responsibility to stop giving her drinks or should she have told him to stop if she didn’t want anymore? Will Todd be the next one on the hit list after Vic? Tell us in the comments below.