Top 10 Patreon Artists to Support
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 12 comments


Patreon is a useful service where creators can interact with supporters and receive nominal tips from them to continue their work. Some hit it big, others do okay. In recent times, Patreon set fire to themselves in an effort to change their billing process, lied about how and why they were going about it, and sent smaller backers fleeing and enraged creators. However, they backtracked. For now. Until they set off another firestorm, we've compiled a short list of some of the best content creators on Patreon you may want to consider supporting. The list itself is in no particular order.


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1. Winged Cloud

Winged Cloud is a well-known visual novel studio, famous for their Sakura series of novels and incredible art. We probably won't see Sakura Fantasy 2 any time soon though.


2. Witchking00

Witchking00 is a unique artist, combining funny and sexy in various comics starring videogame characters. He has mentioned that his artistic inspiration comes from the hentai mangaka Isutoshi, known for the Slut Girl series.

3. Tofuubear

Tofuubear is a really talented artist, drawing sexy girls from across anime, manga, and videogames. There's a depth to this bear's work, a soft and shiny feel to each girl. Sometimes it gets lewd, like Ahri on a leash, and others it's soft like 2B on the ground with her ass in the air.

4. Reit

Reit is another talented artist that accels at capturing the beauty of fictional girls. Reit can, however, get really...kinky (don't show up), and when there's a particular...kinky (don't show up) picture, like loli, it goes up on another site and a brief preview is uploaded to their HF account.

5. Fatelogic

Fatelogic has a unique style, and it's quite cute. While the art is great, Fatelogic also makes games and animations.


6. Derpixon

I recently did an interview with Derpixon that you can read HERE. To summarize: extremely talented artist and incredible person who popularized a new fetish.

7. John Joseco

Another great artist I interviewed, which can be seen HERE. To summarize, John Joseco makes sure sexy girls have fun in his art.


8. Rebis

Let's just say this: you will be hard-pressed to find a flat-chested girl among Rebis' work. Whether they're princesses in a dungeon city, girls in a parallel world, or girls arguing on a street corner, they will most likely fall under the following categories: bimbos, futas, or gyarus. They could be a combination of two or more of those, and they will be incredibly curvaceous. 



A team composed of a talented artist and talented coder that I interviewed recently, which can be seen HERE. To summarize, detailed eroge with fun gameplay and near show-level art of Avatar


10. Sakimi Chan

Sakimi Chan likely needs to introduction, plenty of sites have covered their art. Sakimi Chan artwork is absolutely amazing. Just look at it, you don't need me to tell you. What I will say is this: when it comes to anime characters, it's a balance between western and Japanese art that is to be appreciated.