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Pokemon Sword and Shield Female MC Already Trending
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago • 12 comments

Everyone is getting hype over the new Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it shows. People are having a hard time picking out of the new three starts, and the new Great Britain inspired setting is a breath of fresh air for the Pokemon series. But the real highlight is everyone’s new favorite female MC, Shield...or haven’t been decided yet.

And don’t worry, our UK Princess has already been getting hit with the lewds.

I really do love her design, I really do, but I do wonder if her design is only popular because it’s a Pokemon design. If this character was posted by any random fucker, would it get as much love as it’s getting. Either way, good design, but I still think Hilda/White has the best female MC design of the series.

Do you like the new female MC’s design? Should here name be Sword or Shield? Who’s your favorite Pokemon female MC design? Tell us in the comments below.