Please Don't Lewd the Arbian Women
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 53 comments

HunieDev has put a Twitter user on blast for his remarks about Huniepop 2 character Abia Nawazi, making claims that HunieDev is disrespecting Arabian women. 

I truly want to see this guy as a troll, but dumb people like him truly exist. Do he honestly believe that every single Arabian women is just the purest of all pure. Not a single one of them care or think about sex? That’s like thinking ever Christian girl doesn’t have sex before marriage. It’s stupid and unrealistic. This guy need to learn that before we’re black, before we’re white, before we’re Christians, before we’re Arabian, before we’re girls, and before we’re boys, we’re all fucking human in the end of the day! If a Arabian girl wants to be a slut, who’s he or Allah to say that she can’t be. So Arabian girls out there, don’t let this guy or any religious text tell you how to run your life, do you boo.

Put some respect on the Arabian women name HunieDev!

Do you think this guy was trolling? Is all Arabian women pure? Do you think some Arabian women feel forced to follow the rules? Tell us in the comments below.