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Netflix Is Making Ciri from the Witcher Black
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 22 comments

Netflix is getting hit again with hate comments for pushing their “SJW” agenda into their shows. They’ve been getting flack from people about the redesign of She-Ra and forcefully turning the main character of Voltron gay. Now with them working on The Witcher Netflix show, they thought it would be a good idea to turn Ciri black.

I'm actually fine with the new She-Ra design. She's still totally fuckable.

While working on The Witcher project, Netflix sent out an ad for a 15-16 year old BAME actress (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) to play the role of Ciri. Ciri’s is a Nilfgaardian princess and a witcher, who has been seen as Germanic in other Witcher media, so this is where many people problems are coming from and I want to discuss it.

Now with the Death Note Netflix Movie, I was fine with the direction it went with. Even though people considered it whitewashing, I felt that since it was kind of a retelling of the story in a more western way and not them trying to retell the original story, I was fine with the changes. L was not L, and Light was not Light, they were just American counterparts to the original characters. But with The Witcher Netflix show, it seem as if they want to stick with the original story, while changing the race around. When you’re not making a remake or a retelling of something but still want to change up characters name, race, or gender, then that’s when the problem sets in. People also aren’t going to take it well if they believe that you’re doing this less because you want to, and more because you want to appeal to a certain crowd. People are way more willing to accept something if it feels genuine and not forced, (well, unless they’re racist or homophobic, then they’ll always hate it). So I feel as if changing the structure of The Witcher story by making Ciri black, is not a good move. The Witcher is already a story that’s deeply rooted in Polish lore and culture, there’s no real reason to forcefully diversify it, that kind of ruins what the story is built on. But don’t worry everyone, they’ll remove the black Ciri and just make Yennefer a boy, they have to make it diverse and different somehow  #Yenn.

Do you think the Netflix’s The Witcher show will be good? What do you think about a black Ciri? What if they made Yennefer a boy? Tell us in the comments below.