Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Remakes First Pokemon Movie
By Kasaix • 5 months ago • 2 comments

This one's for the 90's kids in the audience. You remember how wild a time it was when Pokemon first came on the scene. Then the movie happened, and we lost our damn minds. I bought the Burger King Pokeballs (and lost them, with a lot of my Pokemon stuff, when my aunt tossed them years back). Prepare to relive those times with this gem. The Japanese Pokemon Twitter account shared a trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, a CG remake of the first Pokemon movie.

All of that is pure distilled nostalgia. I can't wait to see Pokemon in theaters again. I wonder if they'll go the extra distance and hand out cards, and ring up Burger King for those Pokeballs again? I'd buy them all. Again.

P.S. There's a bit more nostalgia for me. There was this kid back in elementary school who wore a t-shirt with the Pokemon movie logo, Mew and Mewtwo squaring off and all that, every day. Maybe he was a big fan and had a bunch, or washed that shirt every night, no idea.