Is Censorship Ever Good?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 21 comments


Is censorship always a bad thing? I want to say that the simple answer is yes. It is always bad to censor a creator’s vision. But when looking at some stuff that creators do to their own products, it just makes me think to myself...what? What were they thinking!? (Do you get the reference?) So sometimes censorship can help out with those moments when it seems like the creators just made a stupid business decision. A Twitter post pointing out the recent Persona 5 Dancing Star Night costumes made me think about this topic, but I’ll talk about that later.


Now I want to make this clear. I’m not talking about the censorship we see in hentai, doujins, or JAV’s. Those black bars and blurs are complete garbage. I will still never understand why Japan does that even though they make the weirdest and craziest porn. Why is it okay to make porn about raping a girl but it’s not okay to show the girl pussy? It’s weird if you ask me. But so we’re all clear, those aren’t the censorship that I’m talking about.


Um...why censor the dick? I'm not going to think she's suck on a banana because of it.

The censorship I’m talking about is mainly seen when Japanese games gets a western release. For some reason American standards are so high that we have to cover up cleavage or not show off too much leg. It’s completely ridiculous in most case for me. A huge example of this is with Tokyo Mirage Session.

 We're censoring pelvis bones now! Why not just censor my boner while you're at it.


Now I don’t really see the reason to censor any of that, defiantly the one with the girls in bikinis. There only bikini’s for crying out loud. And it makes sense for the characters that are idols and models to be wearing them. But something that we may get in the west and might not get censored is the Persona 5 Dancing Star Night costumes.



Now you might like those outfits (you perverts) but now let me show you a more tamed redesign made by Twitter user @barrinitzy


In all honesty, if Atlus USA used the tamed redesigns instead of the actual ones, I’ll be pretty happy. Now hear me out. Sure she might have censored up the costume but she did it in away that made sense, unlike the costumes that Atlus created themselves. Atlus version of the costume seem more of a “We know horny teenage boys will buy these hot ass costumes!” while barrinitzy remake of the costumes speaks more about the characters. Haru costume looks absolutely ridiculous with out any pants on and the redesign seem more fitting to her rich girl life style. Futaba is an awkward shut-in who doesn’t know what the word “sexy” even means, so the more “put on any old thing I find in my closet” look that the censored version does, fits. Makoto is a good girl with a rebellious, bad ass side, which is shown better with the short shorts and ripped stockings. And Ann…well, her original is just fine in my opinion since she’s a model and all.


Now people also had a problem with these outfit as well.

Now I’m complete fine with these sexy outfits, since they seem to be following a certain theme to them, unlike the other ones that seemed more like random costumes choices.

All in all, censorship is a difficult thing to process whether it’s ever good or not. It’s the creator’s choice to do whatever they want to with the thing they made. But when they add something in there that just ruin their own creation, is okay to censor them then? Do fans known best? I might not know the answer to if censorship is ever right or not. But I do have the answer to if the fans know best? No. No they do not. Hell theirs people out there that are mad that you can see the girls in bikinis.

I'm sorry that girls are sexy damn it!


Do you think censorship is ever good? Which costumes do you like better? Can a creator ruin their own creation? What do you think of the crappy editing job I did on the thumbnail? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to read my dumb ramblings and check out my art follow my twitter @ImJustThatKinky