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Interspecies Reviewers Finally Getting Licensed
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago

You read the title right. The beloved anime that was too hot for Funimation, Interspecies Reviewers, has now been acquired by RightStuf, under their Critical Mass label. 

People are hoping for a dub with this release, but with Rightstuf not being an official anime studio or company, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up. I don’t really see them paying the money to outsource a dubbing team for this anime. But hey, I could be wrong. And I’m not one to usually spend money on physical anime, but if they do the same thing with the limited edition Blu-Rays that they did with the Japanese release, where you get a Aloe figure with it. Then I might have to make an exception.

If you want to check it out and be notified when it comes out, you can visit it’s page on Rightstuf.

Are you happy that RightStuf picked up Interspecies Revieweres? Do you think they’ll be getting a dub for this? Would you buy the limited edition for the Aloe figure? Tell us in the comments.