10 More Great Anime with Generous Fanservice
By Kasaix • 7 months ago • 6 comments

One of the greatest gifts of anime has been fanservice. Adding that extra spice of cute and sexy to a great show just tends to make things better. Scenes are just made better when a sexy girl appears on screen in some skimpy attire.

Wait, I said that already, didn't I? Well, this is a part 2 to the previous article. Taking some of your suggestions, as well as some other anime I found, here are 10 more anime that aren't afraid to show off the great female form.

If I missed any of your favorites (again), and likely have given how popular fanservice (still) is, leave a comment with the title and represent your series (again).

1. Maken-Ki!

2. Seikon no Qwaser

3. Kagaku na Yatsura

4. Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

5. Manyuu Hikenchou

6. Eiken

7. One Piece

8. Masou Gakuen HxH

9. Zero no Tsukaima

10. Rosario to Vampire