In this week's Translation Update we've got an Idolmaster parody about the producer taking advantage of a sleeping Yoshino called "Nee Nee Sonataa", after that we've got a gyaru schoolgirl who's a bit of a tsundere in the doujin "GalPal 2", after that we have a Kantai Collection parody about the German Shipgirl Prinz Eugen having sex with Hitler, then we have some of the friends from Kemono Friends having outdoor group sex in the doujin "R18 RED DATA BOOK", next we have Rin and Tsuho from Touhou with a little futanari action in the parody "The Cat Loves The Crow's Third Leg", after that we've got a little femdom with some toys in the hentai chapter "~Ottyo Ko Nasu~", followed by the short chapter "The Way Home" which involves some outdoor toying with a moody schoolgirl who is secretly a masochist, and to wrap up the free section we have chapter 6 of "A Large Breasted Honor Student Makes The Big Change to Perverted Masochist~".

And for our members, we have a Granblue Fantasy parody entitled "With You" that involves sex with the cute dark puppeteer Danua, then there's the Pokemon parody "Wicke-san's Amazing Special Care" which has Wicke sleeping with two young pokemon trainers, after that we've got another Touhou that involves futa called "Koamkuma Let's Marisa Show Her Love For Patchouli?", then we have a Touhou parody called "Ahh Ozeu-sama" that has the l*li vampire Remilia taking charge by sneaking into a man's bed, next we have a doujin about a guy getting hypnotic powers to use on women called "I've Obtained a Hypnotic Power That Let's Me Turn Any Girl Into a Sex Friend!?", after that we have a Puella Magi Madoka Magica parody entitled "The God and Devil Panty Situation" that involves the goddess Madoka trying to seduce Homura, following that we have a short Idolmaster parody that's all about having sex with Sachiko in a school swimsuit simply titled "KBSH", and finally we have a Fate Grand Order parody called "Jeanne Lily is a Good Girl" which is all about Jeanne getting a bit forceful and trying some bondage play in the bedroom.

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