In this week's Translation Update we've got an Idolmaster Parody called "Secret Live After - Side:Shiki" that involves Shiki and the producer doing a little foot play backstage, after that we have a Fate Grand Order parody called "Sweet Poison" which is about Hassan of Serenity trying to show her master a little affection, then we have a Legend of Zelda parody involving various large breasted girls with the most prominent being Cotera, after that we have a short chapter called "Doube Play" which has a bit of bullying and cheating involved with the two main characters, then we have a chapter called "The Nude Sister" that's all about a boy trying to live with his stepsister who refuses to wear clothes, and then finally we have a chapter 4 update for "The Right Way To Get Females With Child", a chapter 6 update for "Pervert App", and chapter 3 of "Manaka 2nd".

And for our members, we have the admiral taking advantage of a tsundere Murakumo in the Kantai Collection parody "Murakumo-san's Love-Making Way!!", after that we've got a "Maho Girls Precure" parody called "Kozukuri Mitomeru!!" which is about Mofurun and Orba learning how humans mate in the non-magical world, then we have Naruto screwing Sakura and then Ino in the Naruto parody "Peony and Sakura", then there's the Fate Grand Order parody entitled "Fate/Gendle Order" that has Gudako and Shielder getting gang fucked in a hotspring, after that we have a drunk Kanako coming onto her producer in the Idolmaster parody "chocolat du BAISER", next we have the recently captured Camieux getting sexually assaulted while her two friends sleep nearby in the Granblue Fantasy parody "Kukkoro Draph Fucking Press", after that we have a Kantai Collection parody called "Binkan Spats Frustration" which involves Kagerou and her spats which are getting wetter and wetter, and to finish it off we have the chapter 3 update for "Gal's Repayment".

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