15 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Parasite Queen Ch. 2 (mind control, schoolgirl, defloration)
-Onii-chan! Kozukurix shiyo? (lol*con, sister, nakadashi)
-The Young Masterís Partner Maid (futa on male, shota, maid, femdom)
-Tequila (impregnation, nakadashi, sole female)
-Romance Filter (defloration, stockings, big breasts)
-Go Ahead and Film My Hard Penis Ch. 5 (defloration, hairy, exhibitionism)
-We Were Seen (MILF, voyeurism, big breasts, hairy)
-Playing Shop (oppai loli, sister, prostitution, hot pants)
-No Emotion (lol*con, sister, anal, toys)
-Sumata In Love Play (tomboy, defloration, sumata)
-Secret Love (defloration, nakadashi, condom, big breasts, servant x master)
-We're Doing It Today (condom, schoolgirl uniform, defloration)
-Shokore ~Gakuen no Kaidan Hen~ (schoolgirl, teacher, nakadashi)
-Shokutai no Yoru Ingoku no Chigiri Ch. 1 (wolf girl, fox girl, big breasts, defloration)
-Kotoni Majiwareba Akanukeru (femdom, school girl, sudden reversal)

7 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Girls Lacrosse Club ~2 Years Later~ Ch. 0-4 (drunk, cheating, glasses, humorous)
-Soft & Melty- Impregnation Addiction! (catgirl, defloration, collar, defloration, toys)
-Netoraserare Ch. 1-9 (NTR, MILF, mind-break)
-Netoraserare Ch. 10-18 (MILF, NTR, big breasts)
-Traumerei 1st - 4th STAGE (harem, yandere, femdom, sister)
-Hundred Blossoms Raging Boobs ~UZUME~ Ch.0-4 (huge breasts, fox girl, ghost, miko, lactation, tentacles)
-Inniku Hanten Ch. 1-2 (chinese dress, double penetration, exhibitionist)

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