In this weeks Translations Update we have, The missing part one of This Touhou series, A manly Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans addition ft some lewd male action you specifically will love, A Ikkitousen CG addition ft Kanu in a short skirt, The long awaited part two of This lewd milf family addition by [Yojouhan Shobou], A Gundam ZZ addition by [Purple Haze] ft Elpeo Ple being bent over, A curvy Ryoko's Case File addition ft Ryoko Yakushiji being disciplined, A old school One Piece addition ft Nami and Robin, Finally cute Koume plays a game in this Idolmaster addition.

And for our members, We have a Mag Ch addition by [Shiokonbu] ft a woman suffering from ptsd, A yandere has her way with an unfortunate young man in this addition by [Kirintei], A Idolmaster addition ft mayu-sachiko koshimizu and producer_san, The beginnings of a new Manga addition by [Aruto Naruto], A Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress addition ft Mumei and some armpit stuff, A Love Live addition ft a dia-kanan-mari harem, A God Eater addition ft a lewd Russian girl being hacked, Finally a busty dark skin adventure by [Yokoshimanchi].
(Preview here)