In this weeks Translations Update we have, A Fate Stay Night addition ft schoolgirl Sakura engauging in some brotherly love, Apparently there are girls online in this "And you thought there is never a girl online?" addition by [Ririmat], A Taimanin Asagi addition ft Murasaki-Igawa having some school house fun, A tentacle dp filled Touhou addition ft Sanae, A wormy Fate Zero addition ft a failure getting lucky with Sakura_chan, Android 18 is disciplined in this Dragon Ball Z addition by [Rikka Kai], Kashima falls asleep in a dangerous location in this Kantai Collection addition, Finally the blacks ruin Japan in this Yu-gi-oh addition by [Sagattoru].

And for our members, We have A sassy Street Fighter addition ft Chun-li, A lewd Kantai Collection addition ft Kashima style netorare in fishnets, Sailor Mars is impregnated in this Sailor Moon addition, Part three in This cute series by [Rage], Busty beach fun in this addition by [Neginegio], A really lewd CG addition by [Uradora Mangan], A Battle Spirits addition ft thigh high fun, Finally part two of This paizuri netorare story by [Mizuhara Yuu].
(Preview here)