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Category: Translations
Posted on: 03/29/13
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week; an h-manga compilation of several older h-magazine chapters by Hisasi, several of which were translated and posted here already years ago, but there are a few new ones as well contained within the book. Hisasi also took the liberty of redrawing numerous panels for the tankoubon version. The stories are all pretty innocent and very well drawn.

A short Fate doujin about Shirou x Rider.

A Sword Art Online doujin by Crazy9.

A sequel to the first Netoraregatari, it's a Bakemonogatari doujin about Shinobu being netorare'ed and mind-broken this time.

A trap-yaoi doujin by Pish Lover; this guy can transform into a super-heroine and fight evil, though predictably he loses immediately and ends up taking it up the ass from various passersby.

A netorare CGset about a girl being corrupted and stolen away from her boyfriend which she has a long-distance relationship with.

After a long wait; Snow Knight Whitey Ch. 4 by Takatu, with more crossdressing-shota x MILF action.

And for our members--A One Piece doujin by Diogenes Club; while Nami and Robin are being held captive on Smoker's ship, they decide to have their way with Smoker's male crew-members and turn Tashigi into a slut.
(Preview here)
A full-color Dead or Alive 5 doujin about shotas having their way with an extremely-busty sleeping Kasumi.
(Preview here)
A full-color Smile Precure doujin featuring all five of the girls.
(Preview here)
An Idolmaster doujin about Minami Nitta having a "fan appreciation" event.
(Preview here)
A Smile Precure doujin by Inazuma (Digital Accel Works) about Akane Hino and Nao Midorikawa.
(Preview here)
A full-color original-character doujin by Evork Festa about a girl working as a prostitute and then being corrupted by a bunch of delinquents.
(Preview here)
Our next h-manga project; Babe in Mating Season, Ch. 1 - 6. The book's stories are largely unrelated and are pretty innocent in nature.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Watisit + Makasu, Crimson Leo, BiriBiri + Psyburn21, DesuDesu, PineApples R' Us + Sabel-T, Wrathkal + Lixen, BiriBiri, QB-TL + Jinukug, Watisit + Phantom Renegade, The Tsuuyaku, DesuDesu, Wrathkal + Sokarius, DesuDesu, and Watisit + Makasu (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/28/13
Posted by: Harem Mask


11 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Double Impact! (buxom twins)
-The Spider's Web (femdom younger sister)
-California Poppy (son x mother)
-Onee-chan's S and M Lecture (femdom older sister)
-Sweet Milk (air-headed bar-maid)
-Shoujo Nostalgica (female cousin in kimono) [Maruwa Tarou]
-Memoria of the Two (young romantic couple, innocent)
-Kaihou Ganbou (cam-girl fucked-silly, asphyxiation)
-Okuchi ni Koibito (pushy female-friend) [Thomas]
-Okusama Mizunure Chuui (married couple “spicing up” their marriage)
-Mutual Jealousy - Kei and Yuri (couple prone to jealously)

9 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Two Siblings Fela Pure Ch. 7 (now complete) (100% blowjobs) [Fue]
-Sun to Witch Ch. 1 (young witch, humorous) [Sanagi Torajirou]
-Elder Sister Control Ch. 7-9 (now complete) (various stories) [Yuzuki N' Dash]
-Anoko to Apaman Ch. 2 (cheating MILF housewife, absurdly large breasts)
-Please Help Yourself, Master! Ch. 6 (busty maids in Santa-outfits) [Fei]
-Son Swapping Ch. 3 (MILF x two shotas, mother x son)
-A School Committee For Indiscipline Ch. 1-2 (schoolgirl mind-break)
-Ani Omou Yue ni Imouto Ari Genteiban Ch. 4-5 (schoolgirls, innocent)
-Movie Study Club Ch. 2 (humorous antics of the porn club)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/23/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

Fuwanovel is currently looking for 2 translators and 1 hacker to help with their latest Visual-Novel translation; if anyone is interested you can find out more here.

17 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Poolside Puberty (Original characters - futa on male, pegging, crossdressing)
-Meatslave Aiko Iwase (Bakuman - Iwase and Aoki, bondage, mind-break)
-Motto Mootto Milk wo Oireshimasu ka? (Original - buxom nun and teacher)
-HI-Sexual Under (Touhou - Nagae, straight-shota, fucked-silly)
-Udonge Goudoushi - Tokumori Udon (Touhou - Eirin x Reisen, futa, pregnancy)
-A Certain Big Breasted Tit Fuck (Toaru Majutsu no Index - several women)
-Papa x Madohomu (Puella Magi Madoka - loli Madoka and Homura)
-Papa x Madohomu 2 (Puella Magi Madoka - loli Madoka and Homura, swimsuit)
-Demon Queen and Hero in the Onsen (Maoyu - Demon Queen x Hero)
-Hutae Saki (Color) (Saki - Ryuuka x Toki, yuri)
-The Class President is Taking it for the Team (Original - trap-yaoi, gangbang)
-Akatsuki wo Matte (Berserk - Guts x Casca, innocent)
-Akatsuki wo Matte 2 (Berserk - Guts x Casca, innocent)
-How To Eat Delicious Corn Plus Clear File (Magi - Various, humorous)
-Iccha Dame - Angel's Stroke 62 (Ano Natsu de Matteru - Kaito x Ichika)
-Serious Love (The World God Only Knows - Chihiro x Keima, innocent)
-It Really Was There! A Scary Story (Steins;Gate x Dusk Maiden of Amnesia!)

3 New English-Translated CGset:
-Committee for Mating with Beautiful Girls! (Original - schoolgirls x mind-break)
-Hiwainaru Fantasy XIII (Final Fantasy 13 - Lightning, tentacles)
-Lechery Big Hooters Soldier (Dragon Quest 3 - Monsters x Female Warrior)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 03/19/13
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for this week is Mononoke Acme chapters 9 - 12, the final four chapters of E-Musu Maki's h-manga. I hope you enjoyed it--we'll be starting another new h-manga next week.

Our first Jormungand doujin, with a Chiquita x Kasper pairing.

An original doujin by Ash Wing about a shota being made into a man by his two inhuman maids.

A CGset by Purple Haze about Garnet from Dragonaut being demoted.

A Fairy Tail doujin about Wendy heping some guys feel better like the good white-mage that she is.

An h-magazine chapter by Somejima about a guy trying out his hypnotism skills.

A BlazBlue doujin about Noel's new outfit from Chronophantasma, though the author really increased her bust-size. Tsubaki is also featured in a separate segment towards the end.

And for our members--a short One Piece doujin by Toguchi Masaya about an incredibly buxom Boa Hancock.
(Preview here)
A Major doujin about Momoko x some shotas on the beach.
(Preview here)
A Pokemon doujin with a particular busty Whitney x Ethan.
(Preview here)
Another CGset by Purple Haze, though this time it's about T-Elos from Xenosaga.
(Preview here)
A To Love Ru doujin with Yami x some random guy.
(Preview here)
Another h-magazine chapter by Somejima; Alshura is the leader of a group of demons which attacks human cities, until she is captured by a group of heroes who brainwash her and turn her into a whore.
(Preview here)
The final two chapters of Good Times by Coelacanth. Now that this h-manga is complete we'll be starting another new one next week.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Watisit + Makasu, Watisit + Bllyang, Watisit + Phantom Renegade, Rande + Phantom Renegade, QB-TL, DesuDesu, Watisit + MoeTaku, Waitist + Sokarius, Fated Circle, The Tsuuyaku, Watisit + Ulricat, Fated Circle, The Tsuuyaku, Watisit + Ulricat (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/18/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

8 New H-Game CGsets:
-Sex with Hot Schoolgirls Anytime, Anywhere Academy (schoolgirls fucked-silly)
-Silicone Magic - I Was Born To Be Yours?! (innocent maids, lactation)
-Hypnotic Play (mind-controlled schoolgirls and female teachers)
-Sound of the Blessed Bell, Color of the Cherry Wind (innocent)
-Papa Love 2 - We All Love Our Father! (harem of daughters)
-Sex Change - I Have a Vagina Now!? (gender-bender, futa, fucked-silly)
-Naburare Sisters - F*rced Cosplay Training Diary (mahou-shoujo)
-Hare Kano - 2 Childhood-Friend's Harem Relationship (threesome)

9 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Loving an Onahole (android made for sex) [Fue]
-Passionate Chair (sadistic boss, femdom, MILF)
-Haruka's Tits (absurdly large breasts + abs, humorous)
-That's Not Really Me! (body-swap, gender-bender, sister) [DATE]
-8th of August, Clear Weather (buxom girlfriend) [Erect Sawaru]
-Helping a Housewife's Breasts (bbw, MILF, lactation) [Yokkora]
-Various Rounds (mother x son)
-A Family Scene (mother x son)
-Who Does This Fragrant Sun Belong To? (schoolgirl w/ smell-fetish) [Thomas]

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-3 Piece Ch 2. - Futakakera (jealous twin sister)
-Unjust Older Sister Ch. 10-11 (now complete)
-Kangokujima Ch. 7 (now complete) (gang-banged policewoman)
-Chinchin Kamokamo Ch. 7-9, 11-13 (now complete) (innocent stories)
-Princess Story Ch. 2-3 (harem of feudal era women)
-Ane Hug Ch. 2 (loving older sister, bloomers)
-Yukinya Ch. 1 (innocent, humorous)
-Little Strange Lovers Ch. 1 (gothic lolita sisters)
-Stolen Millitary Princess - The After (netorare, mind-break, impregnation)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/12/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

8 New H-Game CGsets:
-I Get to Suckle Every Day? (buxom women with optional tan-skin)
-Soushin Jutsu Infinity Mobius (mind-controlled schoolgirls + female teachers)
-My Wife! - I'm the Landlord, so the Female-Tenants Are My Wives?!
-Mahou Senshi Extra Stage - 10th Anniversary (magical girls, tentacles, futa)
-Gun Knight Girl (female soldiers in uniform, innocent)
-Love-Color Marriage (schoolgirls, innocent, maid-cosplay)
-Hiru Hime - Give Me Plenty of Love Please (princess and maid catgirl)
-Gang-R*pe Club (hardcore, piercings)

14 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-I'm Warming up to Black Ayanami-san (Evangelion - Shinji x Rei)
-Imouto Complete (Original characters - sister, bridal dress) [Abgrund]
-Oyacodon (Original characters - brother x sister x daughter)
-Furomonogatari (Bakemonogatari - Fire Sisters x Araragi)
-Selvari Hon (Valkyria Chronicles - Selvaria, impregnation)
-Motto Milk wo Oireshimasuka? (Original - buxom bunny girl, 100% anal)
-Ajin Shoujo Tan Vol. 4 (Color) (Original characters - slime girl)
-Cheria's Medical Notebook (Tales of Graces - Asbel and Cheria)
-CharlxLauxSummer Sea! (Infinite Stratos - Ichika x Laura and Charlotte)
-E Abunai Mizugi (Maoyuu - Hero x Demon King/Queen, bikini)
-Please Enter Rika Into Your Calculations (Boku wa Tomodachi - Kodoka x Rika)
-Kemonogatari - 2 (Bakemonogatari - Hanekawa x Araragi)
-VIP GIRL (Rio Rainbow Gate- Rio and Rosa, threesome)

1 New English-Translated CGset:
-Spending The Whole Night (Persona 3 - Misturu, absurdly large breasts)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/09/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

11 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Mature Gal Mama Yukie (tan-MILF, bbw) [Yokkora]
-Somersault! Vacation (innocent love-story, loli)
-The Infallible Woman Returns (our favorite sniper returns) [Kon-Kit]
-Selfish Alien (female knight ported out of a hentai game)
-If - The School Story (time-controlling teacher x his female students)
-Imouto Play (delusional younger sister)
-Sleeping Beauty Bunny (clingy younger sister, innocent)
-Cinderella Man (lingerie, huge-ass)
-Tonari No AV Tsuma (MILF, blackmail, netorare)
-Hentai Kare x Kanojo (schoolgirl, exhibitionism)
-Dive Into Mother (mother x son)

7 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-My Mikage-san Ch. 2 (female ninja, innocent)
-Pure Love Sadistic Ch. 1-9 (bdsm, femdom)
-Brandish Vol. 6 - Ch. 1 (succubi, harem, straight-shota)
-Mom's Abnormal Affection Ch. 2 (femdom, reverse-r*pe)
-Beautiful Girls Club Ch. 4 (the secrets of the club continue unraveling!)
-Unjust Elder Sister Ch. 8-9 (ghost schoolgirl, innocent)
-Kangokujima Ch. 4-6 (prisoners vs policewomen, r*pe, mind-break)

3 New Complete English-Translated H-Manga:
-Brandish Vol. 5 (succubi, harem, straight-shota)
-Junk Land (schoolgirls in various stories)
-World Is Mine (hardcore, futa, impregnation, breast expansion)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 03/08/13
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is Mononoke Acme Ch. 6 - 8 about an angel woman and a tree-spirit.

Another Sword Art Online doujin about Asuna and netorare (notice a trend here in SAO doujins?).

A Saki doujin by Hori Hiroaki with the usual "old guy corrupts young girls" plot.

An innocent full-color Magi doujin by Clesta.

Our first Inu x Boku Secret Service doujin, and it's all about Ririchiyo Shirakiin x her secret-service agent Soushi.

Another Sword Art Online netorare and impregnation doujin, about Suguha Kirigaya this time though.

And for our members--another doujin by Cyclone about Nanoha being humiliated by her coworkers.
(Preview here)
One of the few innocent Sword Art Online doujins; it's about Kirito and Asuna's honeymoon, authored by Shoot the Moon.
(Preview here)
An Evangelion doujin by Bakuretsu Fusen; Asuka is disgusted watching Shinji and Misato's relationship, so Misato lets Asuka join in by having her take it up the ass.
(Preview here)
A full-color pussy-database by COSiNE featuring various women from numerous fighting-games and video-games, such as Chun-Li, KOS-MOS, Morrigan, Hsien-ko, Tron Bonne, Ulala and more.
(Preview here)
A Space Battleship Yamato 2199 about Yuki Mori performing her comfort-duties for her fellow crew-members.
(Preview here)
A Pokemon doujin about a guy discovering that Rosa is actually just a cross-dressing dude, but s/he's still irresistible either way.
(Preview here)
Good Times by Coelacanth Ch. 5-8; more cute innocent stories.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Watisit + Makasu, QB-TL, Usual Translations, DesuDesu, Watisit + Ulricat, Watisit + Phantom Renegade, Watisit + Ulricat + Jinukug, Watisit + Makasu, QB-TL, Watisit + Ulricat x 3, and Bllyang, in that order, for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/04/13
Posted by: Harem Mask

20 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Absolute Kirino Territory (Ore no Imouto - Kirino x Kyousuke)
-A Vampire’s Act of Bloodsucking (Bakemonogatari - Shinobu) [Zucchini]
-Saikoro 1 Zenpen (Orginal - futanari girlfriend)
-Lovely Teacher Ritsuko (Hell Teacher Nube - Ritsuko, bbw) [Yokkora]
-Let's Nuclear Fusion (Touhou - Utsuho, absurdly large breasts)
-SKB2 (Touhou - futa Suwako x Kanako)
-allure (Dragon Quest 5 - monster x Bianca, futa, impregnation, corruption)
-The Buxom MILF Priestess Netorare Story (Dragon Quest 3 - Priest)
-Katai Onna Hodo Moeagaru!! (Dragon Quest Monsters - dragon-girl)
-DEAD STOCK (Original characters - lonely stepmother)
-Angel's Stroke 69 - Asuna Strike! (Sword Art Online - Sugha x sleeping Kirito)
-THE HIYOKO MASTER (Idolmaster - Kotori, prostitution)
-A Certain Sexual Desire of Haruka (Idolmaster - Haruka, bikini)
-Bararu (Bleach - random Arrancars x Matsumoto Rangiku)
-A War Hero and Her Dog (Girls und Panzer - yuri)
-Enran Kagura (Senran Kagura - schoolgirl shinobi, innocent) [Studio Tiamat]
-Reika and Nao Get Turned On! (Smile Pretty Cure - Rika x Nao)
-BAD END ROAD (Smile Pretty Cure - Oni x Beauty, mind-break)
-Milla x Koi (Tales of Xillia - Milla x Jude, innocent)
-Sacrifice (Magic Knight Rayearth - frog-monsters, mind-break)

1 New English-Translated CGset:
-Making Love With My Son's Childhood-Friend (Original - schoolgirl, netorare)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)