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Category: Translations
Posted on: 06/29/11
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is a complete h-manga by Gunma Kisaragi, compiling 9 previously released chapters, along with one new mini-chapter at the end. Although all of these chapters have been translated and released on the site before, we've re-edited and re-translated them for the new tankoubon release, and they now feature better scan quality and much less censorship. The stories are all innocent love-stories, and usually revolve around the theme of orgies with schoolgirls. If you missed these chapters the first time around, now's a great time to read them.

A Valkyria Chronicles doujin about Selvaria getting turned into a slut and gang-banged... while wearing cat-ears!

A Touhou doujin about Kourin punishing(?) Marisa and Reimu after all they've done to him.

And a short To Love Ru CGset all about various other characters x Yami.

An h-magazine chapter based on the "Misao - Sex Slave Ninpo Legend" h-game by Black Lilith (preview here). Misao and Hotarubi are kunoichi that get abducted by Rasetsu, who turns them into his sex-slaves.

And for our members--a full-color Street Fighter doujin about Chun-Li, the worst female undercover agent ever, getting predictably drugged, tied-up, and subdued.
(Preview here)
Another full-color Nightmare Express doujin, in which the hockey-mask-dudes' target this week is Fujiko Mine, the femme-fatale from Lupin the 3rd, along with lots of rope-bondage.
(Preview here)
Another Valkyria Chronicles doujin about Selveria getting gang-banged "interrogated" by Imperial forces.
(Preview here)
And an innocent-story by Jun about a guy visiting his friends in the countryside for the first time in years, only to find that his female childhood-friend has grown into a buxom-beauty over the past couple years...
(Preview here)
The Masturbation Support Committee Ch. 7-8: a guy gets treated treated like a living sex-toy by two girls from his school, and another woman has anonymous sex with some guy to relieve her stress.
(Preview here)
Love Bite Ch. 4: a guy gets transported to another dimension and hooks up with the some Miko-goddess. The remaining chapters of this book were already translated and posted here months ago under the title of "A Day in the Life of the Theater Club", but they're included here for completeness. Now that his book is complete, we'll be starting another new book next week.
(Preview here)

Thanks to numerous-people, Wrathkal+Makasu, Yuribou, Wrathkal+Reiken, BiriBiri+AfroThunda, Yuribou, Crimson Leo, Reiken, Fated Circle, Kusanyagi, and Fated Circle (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/25/11
Posted by: Mike

20 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / Complete H-Mangas:
-Library Talk (virgin-librarian getting fucked-silly + impregnated) [ShindoL]
-Akaneiro Pool (dark-skin + swimsuit)
-Happy Family Sleep (guy x a mother and her daughter) [Tosh]
-Girl is Ready for XXX Ch. 1 and 5 (Color)
-I Hate My Big Sister!! (femdom, Mature-Woman bullying her younger-brother)
-Trans Layer (gender-bender, guy gets turned into a cat-girl)
-Amami Dokoro Ch. 5 - 6
-Kankin Chuu (busty-woman x captive-guy tied to a chair)
-Ex-Girlfriend (cute story)
-Is It All Right if I Suck You Too? Ch. 4-6 (female vampires)
-Fluorescence Filter (innocent)
-Brandish Vol. 4 Ch. 5
-Nikuyoku Analyze Ch.1
-Wandering Housewife (drunk woman cheating)
-Back-Alley Housewife (mature-woman cheating)
-Haitoku Seitokai (two guys x one woman)
-Broadcasting Room's Love Triangle Ch. 5
-Manami tteba Chotto gdgd Shisugi Nande Nai
-Before Sunset (netorare, blackmail, r*pe)
-Milky's Boobs Camp (buxom-mother x son)

(The doujin titles without links can be downloaded in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/23/11
Posted by: sriblanka02

19 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-IS Girl's (Infinite Stratos - Charlotte, Chifuyu, inc*st)
-Infinite Sex (Infinite Stratos - Charlotte)
-PM 19 (Macross Frontier - futa-Ranka x unconscious-Nanase)
-Magica Cooking (Color) (Puella Magi Madoka - tentacles x Mami Tomoe)
-U Channel (A Channel)
-Sonico Kenkou Nama Shibori (Super Soniko)
-Himawari no Kodane (Touhou - Yuuka) [Somejima]
-Glamorous Marisa (Touhou - Marisa)
-Scarlet Dream (Touhou - Patchouli, Remlia, Sakuya unconscious)
-Sanae Ecchi (Touhou - Sanae)
-Punishment! Demon Sisters (Panty + Stocking r*pe demon sisters, futa, weird)
-Koisuru Hiyoko (Idolmastar - Kotori) [Nekomataya]
-Onegai FireSisters (Bakemonogatari - Gangbang)
-Nadeko to Suruga no Aruyo no Himegoto (Bakemono - Suruga, Nadeko, r*pe)
-Evangeline's Secret Job (Negima - Evangeline)
-Chisonae SSS ver1.0 (Amagami - Tsukasa)
-The Breasts God Only Knows (Color) (The World God Only Knows)
-ChucChuRu (Steins; Gate)
-My Little Sister Can't be in a Naked Apron and Nekomimi (Ore no Imouto)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 06/21/11
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week: our first "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" doujin translation by Hisasi, featuring Sena acting way too cute.

A Tenchi Muyo doujin for the first time in, well... just about forever: like all of Nightmare Express' doujins, it's full-color and features the usual hockey-mask dudes abducting and r*ping some unsuspecting heroine--and today's victim of the week is Mihoshi and her mother.

And a short full-color Ookami-san to Shichinin doujin.

Keep it a Secret Ch. 9: the student-council president catches Tomoki having sex with the female-gym-teacher (again), and it inevitably turns into a threesome...

Finally, the seventh and final chapter of "Sensual Scent, Provactive Legs"; about a boy in a wheelchair with a foot-fetish? Also contains pegging and the usual weirdness you'd expect from this book... Now that this book is complete, we'll be starting another new book next week.

And for our members-- an Infinite Stratos harem doujin, in which the girls finally agree to just share Ichika between the five of them--not that he has any say in the matter naturally.
(Preview here)
A Monster Hunter shotacon doujin by Saigado, about a 30+ year-old monster-hunter woman who enjoys hunting boys more than she enjoys hunting monsters...
(Preview here)
Another Toaru Majutsu no Index doujin featuring Oriana Thompson VS Touma: she ties him up and has her way with him, and then just leaves him out to dry once she's satisfied. Poor guy never had a chance...
(Preview here)
Love Bite Ch. 1-3: about a nurse teaching a patient that big-boobs are the best, and a female-secretary being used like a sex-toy by her boss. The rest of the book will be posted next week.
(Preview here)
Masturbation Support Committee Ch. 5-6: about a secret sex-club with housewives, and then a chapter about the school cheerleaders sexually teasing encouraging and rewarding the other (all male) sports-clubs.
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter about a woman who picks up a magical transforming fox-boy who can grant her wishes, along with his own unique ideas for breast enlargement...
(Preview here)

Thanks to Crimson Leo x 2, Reiken, Crimson Leo, Kusanyagi, Omega999+Wrathkal+Reiken, Yuribou, Omega999+Kusanyagi, Fated Circle, Kusanyagi, Crimson Leo (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/17/11
Posted by: Mike

8 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-My Innocent Goddess! - Please Impregnate Me, Honey!
-Virgin-Girls and Me - What If I Was in a World With Lots of Curious Virgin-Girls
-Moonless-Night Dance - A Witch Wants to Commit the Night (gender-bender, some yuri)
-Goukai Musume N (One Piece - Nami)
-Animal-Sweets (futanari cat-girls)
-Futa Kano (male x futanari woman, pegging)
-Bakumaru (Bakugan - Julie and Runo getting impregnated)
-Night-Clinic R*pe Records 1 - Nurse Training Program (big-breasts, bondage)

15 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / Complete H-Mangas:
-Normalized Relation (female-cousin) (preview)
-Harem Time Ch. 1 (Color) [Tosh]
-Consolation (pantyhose)
-Naughty Bug (cheating housewife)
-Climactic Counter (funny)
-Sex Conversion (gender-bender-guy x 2-futa-girls)
-The Smell of Dark-Skin (smell-fetish)
-A Side of My Girlfriend Unknown to Me Ch. 8-9 (cat-girl Maid) (now complete)
-The Light of Tsukimi Manor Ch. 4 (loli) [Inuboshi]
-Marshmallow Fiancee Ch. 5 - 10 (now complete)
-Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou Ch. Extra - Principal-Sensei's Best Day Ever (netorare, mind-break)
-Secret After-School Affair (female-teacher)
-Brandish Vol. 4 Ch. 4
-Mightier than the Sword Ch. 6 (tentacles)
-Pudding-Pai Falling in Love Ch. 7-8 - Two Plump Ladies (bbw)

(The doujin titles without links can be downloaded in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/14/11
Posted by: sriblanka02

14 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Getsukasui Mokukindo Nichi 5.1 (Sailor Moon - Sailor Jupiter)
-Cat Stew (Color) (CGset - cat girls)
-Momokan and the 10 Bats (Big Windup - bbw)
-That's not the Level of Indecency (To Love Ru - Lala, Yui)
-ToLOVEru BON (Color) (To Love Ru - Various) [Gust]
-Tonight I'm Falling (K-ON - Tsumugi)
-FutaRoMa Plus (3-guys x futanari-woman)
-Gang-Bang FUCK - Cross-Dressing Guy Fainting in Agony (trap-yaoi)
-Shinonono (Infinite Stratos - Houki)
-Sekaiju no Anone, Volume 9 (Etrian Odyssey - some femdom)
-Nanoda 2 (Hayate - Hinagiku, Nagi)
-Mami-san She's Sleeping Next to me (Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Mami)
-Dear My Little Witches 2nd (Negima - Asuna, Konoka)
-More Mao 2 (Sgt. Frog - Moa, dark-skin)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 06/12/11
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is an Infinite Stratos doujin about Cecilia x Ichika, with Houki making a brief appearance towards the end.

And a pretty funny Touhou doujin about Eirin x Reisen, with sadism-play followed by futa-Reisen dominating her "master".

The "Keep it a Secret" series finally continues with chapter 8, with Tsugumi having a sparring match against her beloved elder brother...

Sensual Scent, Provactive Legs Ch. 5: Warning, this chapter is definitely NOT for everyone: two busty-women peg some poor boys with strap-ons and turn them into their personal bitches. Also contains trap-yaoi and some foot-fetish stuff. (Chapter 6 was already translated and posted here previously months ago, though it's included here now for completeness--it contains a shemale and pegging.)

A very weird and short To-Love-Ru Darkness doujin by Youkai Tamanokoshi: futa-Yami gets tentacle-r*ped and violated by futa-Mea who wants Yami to forget all about Rito.

And for our members--a post-time-skip Nami x Usopp doujin: Nami's apparently just so overcome by Usopp's new manliness that she can't help herself anymore...
(Preview here)
A full-color original doujin about a busty-woman who gets drugged, gang-r*ped, impregnated, and turned into the local school's slutty cum-dumpster. (There's two optional versions of the doujin: one with fair-skin and brown-hair, and one with dark-skin and blonde-hair.)
(Preview here)
In medieval times, the futanari are a separate species from humans, which the humans find disgusting and seek to eradicate. During one of the mandatory body-inspections (just like in USA-airports these days!), Elina gets apprehended for being a futanari and gang-banged as punishment in the public town-square; the men make sure she'll only bear human-children from now on in the future.
(Preview here)
And our next h-manga project: The Masturbation Support, chapters 1-4: they're all full-color short-stories, about a slutty school-girl, a gravure-idol, a mother-daughter threesome combo, and a special cafe where you get to mess around with other guy's wives while they cosplay.
(Preview here)
Narikiri TsunDorei chapters 9 and 10, along with some omake art. Chapter 9 is based on a Lilith h-game of the same name about a guy bound to a female-demon while living with his Miko-elder-sister. Now that this h-manga is complete, we'll be starting another book next week to replace it.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Yuribou, BiriBiri+AfroThunda, Crimson Leo, Kusanyagi, Rande, Crimson Leo+Jinukug, DesuDesu, Crimson Leo, and Kusanyagi x 2 (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/09/11
Posted by: Mike

8 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Henshin 3 - Panties Become Kunkun Peropero (transforming objects)
-Hunting Female Monster-Hunters (Monster Hunter, lots of cum)
-Ura DOA - Kasumi, the Kunoichi Imprisoned (Dead or Alive - Various women)
-Perfect Train-Molester - Target Reina
-Overly-Sensitive Girl! - My Well-To-Do Girlfriend Cums too Fast
-Shameful Mother-Tits - Torturing Big-Breasts (piercings, short)
-Suddenly I'm a Monster Trying to Take-Down Magical-Girls (tentacles)
-First-Time Couple 2 (innocent)

14 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / Complete H-Mangas:
-Life (busty female-neighbor) [Ooshima Ryou] (preview)
-Lespedeza (cat-girl, innocent)
-Cheer Up! My Bro (cat-girl sister)
-Girl is Ready For XXX Ch. 12 and 15
-Natural Ch. 5 (glasses-girl)
-August 31st (tan-lines)
-Fun Pretend-Cat-Play Ch. 1 (cat-girl)
-I Like a Full Bank (sister)
-Honey Syrup Ch.1-3
-Before Sunrise (Seductive sister)
-Sister-in-Law Trouble (cheating woman)
-Niku Jiru Ch.1-4 (some sister-inc*st)
-Beloved-Wife Netorare (netorare)
-Run Run Club Ch. 1-5

(The doujin titles without links can be downloaded in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/06/11
Posted by: sriblanka02

19 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Marikoba (Color) (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - threesome)
-Patchy Sleep Play (Touhou - futa-Koakuma x unconscious-Patchouli)
-Nodoka Hiyori (Saki - unconscious Nodoka)
-Toaru Kinsho no Shikisai (Color) (Toaru Majutsu no Index - Various) [Gust]
-Beautiful Black Swan (Bleach - Hitsuguya x Matsumoto)
-Pearl Jam 2 (Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars)
-Ra-Riru-Rero Chu (Dark Stalkers - various, some futa)
-Mahha Fumi Fumi (Dragon Quest 3 - Warrior)
-Hafukuzenshin to Shuryuudan (Valkaria Chronicles, short)
-Haru Ichiban (Street Fighter - Chun Li, short)
-Tornillo 2 (Original characters - futa, short)
-Pretty Babe (Hayate no Gotoku - Nagi)
-Nanoda! (Hayate no Gotoku - Hinagiku)
-Daddy's Girl Vol. 2 (Original characters)
-Iina Wriggle 2 (Touhou - unconscious Wriggle)
-Gold Rush 29 (Gundam Seed - Lacus)
-Mahora Houshi (Negima - Akira and Asakura)
-Ai ga Horo Horo (Spice and Wolf - Horo)
-Mamamamama (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 06/03/11
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week is an h-magazine chapter by Tetrodotoxin, featuring a slutty tanned bbw elder-sister showing her younger-brother a good time--just the type of woman you'd expect from Tetrodotoxin!

And a Touhou doujin about Komachi x some random guy.

Another standard full-color doujin from Nightmare Express, this time featuring the women from Dirty Pair. Note to self: if police wearing hockey-masks ever want to arrest you, strip you naked, and 'interrogate' you, chances are they aren't actually police...

A two-part Street Fighter doujin by two different artists: the first (and better imho) half is C.Viper x El Fuerte, and then Chun-Li x Ryu.

Sensual Scent, Provactive Legs Ch. 3 and 4: chapter 3 is about a kid who has a pretty unusual smell-fetish for his elder-sister's nylon-stockings, and chapter 4 is about a (trap) boy-servant who has to cross-dress as a maid while putting up with both his master's wife and daughter's perversions. As usual both chapters feature foot-fetishes pretty prominently and are in general fairly weird (read: not for everyone).

And for our members--Mai gets drugged and abducted, and when she wakes up she finds she's been turned into a futanari. Then Poison and several other futanari King of Fighters women have their way with Mai's new body as they try to mind-break her to their clients' will. As usual from Chinbotsu it features massive-breasts and muscular women.
(Preview here)
A Super Soniko doujin from Freaks, in which she gets drugged, her virginity taken, gang-banged, and corrupted, after which she goes on to get a tan and pleasure more of her loyal fans en-masse at fan-conventions. Man I love them headphones!
(Preview here)
And an innocent Haruhi doujin about a more mature-looking Yuki Nagato x Kyon.
(Preview here)
An original storyline about two lesbian space-police women who come across an android futanari woman, who they happily have sex with, unaware of the plot behind the futa woman's bait...
(Preview here)
An h-magazine chapter about an absurdly busty female hentai-manga author who relieves her stress by having sex with her younger-brother out in public. (In reality, I'm pretty sure she'd be doing something other than drawing hentai-manga...)
(Preview here)
Narikiri TsunDorei Ch. 8: a short chapter about a nun exorcising a guy who's possessed by a tentacle-demon.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Fated Circle, Crimson Leo x 3, Kusanyagi, Hei and Yin, Wrathkal + Sokarius, Yuribou, Crimson Leo, Hei and Yin, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!