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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/30/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

13 Misc. New English-Translated Doujins:
-Ayanami Rei 00 (Color) (Evangelion - Rei)
-Cat Ears, a Restroom and the Club Room After School (K-On - Azusa x Mio x Tsugumi)
-Little Sister Fever Warning 1 (Ore no Imouto)
-Fukuyama-San (Original)
-Forbidden Game (Persona 3 - Mitsuru)
-Gensoukyo Koushinki Okuchinomikon (Touhou - Patchouli, Koakuma)
-Youmu Kuzushi (Touhou - Youmu, Yuyuko)
-School Girl (Nanoha - Fate, Suzuka)
-Kagamin is my Woman 2 (Lucky Star - Kagami)
-Erosshu (Color) (Heartcatch Pretty Cure - tentacles)
-Ore Dake no Kaoru-san (Power Puff Girls Z)
-Zettai Zetsumei [Crimson Comics] (Final Fantasy X - Rikku, Yuna, bondage)
-Natsukaze 4 (Yotsubato)

5 Misc New CGsets
-Bakuero (Bakuman)
-D-6 (preview) (Dragon Quest 6)
-Fresh Over 2nd (preview) (Fresh Pretty Cure)
-Nikujirushi (Dead or Alive - Ayane)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/28/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

10 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Akai Yukiko to Midori no Chie-chan to Toufu to Paku (Persona 4 - Yukiko, Chie)
-Chichi Hime Musou (Koihime Musou)
-Rinko no Hon (Amagami - Rinko)
-Dawn (OR) Highschool of the Dead (Highschool of the Dead)
-Shishunki Play (Houkago Play)
-Nanofate plus Nanofate A's Soushuuhen Platinum (Color) (Nanoha - Vita, Nanoha, Fate)
-Attention Please (Galaxy Angel, futa + big-breasts)
-Adult P3 (Persona 3 - Aigis)
-Subete Kami-sama no iu Toori nano Desu (Hayate - Hinagiku)
-Mahou Shoujo Magical Seed No Due (Nanoha)

3 New Misc. CGsets
-Zetsurin Evanjeru (Negima - Evangeline)
-Aoikajitsu (Bakemonogatari)
-Nightmare Express 322 (Evangelion - Misato, Ritsuko, bondage)

5 New Raw-Japanese Ah! My Goddess Doujins
-Misora to Sukumizu Hokenshitsu (Skuld)
-Red Hot Goddess (Skuld)
-Skuld Lesson 3 (Skuld)
-Misora (Skuld, Belldandy-pregers)
-Himitsu no Skuld (Skuld)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/27/10
Posted by: Mike

You can check out the first Prison Battleship in case you missed it.
Note: Sorry to anyone who got a '500 Internal Sever Error' while browsing the free section--it gives those once in a while during peak-usage times--it just means the server was too busy. You can refresh the page after getting one of those error messages and the page should appear like normal afterwards, but it's still a nuisance and we're trying to reduce the occurrence of these errors.

6 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Prison Battleship 2 - Fortress of Brainwashing [Lilith] (preview)
-The Whole Town's a Trap - Girl's Bodies Smeared with Cum (preview)
-Princess Knight Angelica - You Really Are the Worst Kind of Trash! (Elven-women)
-The Devil's Sex Toy (a little futa, and a Kallen-clone?)
-Younger Sister with Beautiful Breasts Haruka - You Pervert! Making Me do this Kind of Lewd Cosplay!
-School Club Triangle - The Sweet Scent of School Uniforms and Girls (preview)

2 New English-Translated Complete H-Mangas:
-Beginning Adventurer (some tentacle sex)
-Teacher and Student

16 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / One-shots:
-Menkui Ch. 10
-Kenka Suruhodo Nakaga are [Yasui Riosuke]
-Derenashi [ShindoL] (femdom and more crazy faces)
-Encounter Rare Cat
-Onee-chan Whisper Ch. 7 - Hitohana Akete Bengaku no Haru [Hanpera]
-Hot Liquid Ch. 1 (nurse) [Takaoka Motofumi]
-Angel's Extracurricular Lesson Ch. 6-11 (Now Complete)
-The Light of Tsukimi Manor (lolicon) [Inuboshi]
-Loli Gabuu Ch. 4-6 (lolicon)
-There's a Ninja in My House and Library Love
-I Love You! (innocent)
-My Neighbor Wakui-san (innocent)
-Shinryaku Teki Ren'ai Shugi Ch. 11 (now complete)
-Muchiero Ch. 1
-This Arcade has a Ban on Love (cross-dressing)
-BUSTriangle (now complete) (absurdly large breasts)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/25/10
Posted by: Raikoh

A One Piece doujin we translated as member's only almost a year ago, and it's now available in the free section--Through the Wall, by Rojiura Jack: the first half is Margaret and Boa Hancock x Luffy, and the second half is Zoro x Perona. I love the artist's super-exaggerated-body style personally!

Part 2 of our Bang-You Collection--highlights include lots of spats not being taken off, and Garnet from Dragonaut (God she's like the perfect woman, how I miss Gonzo and their shows of hotties like Dragonaut and Witchblade...).

A shotacon Dragon Quest 3 doujin--it's female warrior toying with poor shota-hero.

Since our previous translation of Hitagiri's work was pretty popular, we decided to do another--it's hotty x the world's biggest fatass nerd, and it's a surprisingly innocent story this time. (I'm guessing the artist made him that fat so none of the chubbier readers would feel bad about themselves.)

The next two chapters of The Pollinic Girls Attack Vol. 2--frankly I think these are the weakest chapters in the whole book (though they're still pretty funny)--next week's chapters will be a lot hotter and more along the 'crazy orgy' lines we've come to expect from the Pollinic Girls series.

And for our members--Bitch and Fetish 2, picking up where the first one left off, it's futa-Bayonetta x Jeanne, and yes, juices will fly.
(Preview here)
Chapters 3 and 4 of Let's Make Love Girl, and they're mostly full-color as well. The first chapter is about public sex in a park, and the next chapter is about fashion modeling which quickly turns into porn...
(Preview here)
Another one-shot h-magazine chapter, this time about a nice normal woman who turns into a ravenous slut with the slightest sip of alcohol...
(Preview here)
The next two chapters of Law of the Prisoner--when a chick has an eye-patch and is wearing a military uniform, you know she has to be evil (and a futanari)! The Colonel has her way with Major Valentine (and who hasn't by now?)--the chapter also contains a small amount of nipple-insertion. Then the tables turn on the Colonel in the next chapter--it's futa x futa, the Colonel VS Sgt. Mile as Sgt. Mile tries to make her into her bitch!
(Preview here)
Another Dragon Ball CGset--it's the various contests from the first 'World Martial Arts Tournament' in Dragon Ball x Bulma. Once again, there wasn't a whole lot of text to translate.
(Preview here)

Thanks to DGB, Yuribou, Rande, BiriBiri + AfroThunda, Kusanyagi, Yuribou, Kusanyagi, BiriBiri + AfroThunda, Brolen + Makasu, and DesuDesu (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/23/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

6 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-CL-orz'2 (Final Fantasy IV)
-Manaka Mamire (Love Plus - Manaka)
-Yuri Friends 2008 UM [Saigado] (King of Fighters - Goenit)
-Cherry Under the Delusion (Bleach - Yoruichi x Byakuya)
-Ninja Girl’s Diary (Naruto - Kakashi x Sakura) (bad art, only the first half)
-Shafting the Cross-Dressing Retard (Baka to Test - Hideyoshi trap-yaoi)

5 New English-Translated Ah! My Goddess Doujins:
-Midgard Fehu (Urd)
-Midgard X (Urd)
-Midgard Hael (Urd)
-Goddess Assault (Belldandy)
-Goddess Assault 2 (Belldandy)

5 New Street Fighter / Other CGsets:
-Twins Ki xxx ss (Kiss x Sis CGset) (preview)
-Continue (Various)
-Kakutou Musume Revenge (preview) (Various)
-Melty Skin Ladies Vol.1 (Chun li, Rose, Crimson Viper)
-Mikapai (preview) (Mika)

4 New Raw-Japanese Gundam Seed Doujins:
-Rabbit's Horn (Meer, bit of Luna)
-GS1 (Cagalli, Lacus)
-GS2 (Various)
-GS3 (Maria, Natarle)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/22/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka: Another week, another round of heavy censors for Highschool of the Dead. God only knows how they would murder Berserk with censors if they were to try an make an anime from where that manga is at (or has gone through).

10 New Misc English-Translated Doujins:
-Inazuma Blade 2 (Witchblade - Shiori) [Digital Accel Works]
-Kuusou Zikken Vol. 4 (I's - hardcore, netorare)
-Let us Take Photos of Your Dick (Original characters - femdom, shotacon)
-Zeon de Gouf Gouf (Gundam)
-Picomani 04 (ToHeart 2 - Tamaki)
-Eikikki Yume Mousou (Touhou - Marisa, Komachi, Sikieki)
-Why a Cat (Evangelion - Mari)
-Happy Trigger (Touhou - Merlin)
-The Sun and the Moon (Touhou - Lunasa, Youmu)
-CL-orz - Mito de Dasu Hazudatta Hon (Color) (Baka to Test - Hideyoshi, trap-yaoi)

4 New Amagami Doujins:
-H1 Plus (Haruka, Tsukasa)
-Anal Holik Haruka (Haruka)
-Hakka Candy (Ai)
-Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono (Rihoko)

4 New Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Raw-Japanese Doujins:
-Sennyuu Ajikurabe Railgun (Misaka)
-Esp Breaker Drug Beast (Misaka, bondage, hardcore)
-Toaru Houkago no Judgement (Kuroko x Kazari)
-Shirai Kuroko Sensei no Spooky tarte (Misaka x Kuroko + other series)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/20/10
Posted by: Mike

7 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-At This Rate, I'll End Up Having SEX Even With My Sis! (optional tan and tan-lines)
-Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo - Exciting Days Living Together with Three Sisters! (preview)
-Private Train Molester Car 1
-The Secret Face of My Wife (preview)
-God of Training Yuri - I'll Make You Into My Cumdump Slave (short)
-Magical Witch Academy - Sensei and My Magical Lesson (preview)
-Kanu and Ryomou (short Ikkitousen CGset)

16 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / One-shots:
-Innyanko Ch.1-2 [Nekomataya]
-Sisters Ring (futanari x her sister)
-Rino Iro (shotacon)
-The End of the Sainted Knights (female-demon x 3-guys)
-The Demon and the Dreamless Guy (female-demon x 1-guy)
-Another World Ch. 7 (netorare) (now complete)
-We're A Happy Family
-Nettori Netorare (color, shotacon)
-Just The Two of Us
-Futanari Santa-chan Special (futa and tentacles)
-Otokonoko Onnanoko Ch 1-4
-The Great Escape Vol. 2 Ch. 1-4
-She is Dirtier Than Nakedness Ch.1-2
-BUSTYcher and BUSTudent (absurdly large breasts)
-HHH Triple H Extra (short extra omake chapter)
-Shining Musume Vol. 6 Ch. 5-7 (now complete) (non-hentai)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/18/10
Posted by: Raikoh

And to start off the week--the next two chapters of The Pollinic Girls Attack Vol. 2. The plots are a bit different from previous chapter's plots--frankly I don't really get them...

Chapter three of Gunma Kisaragi's Sweet Hearts--you probably won't understand much unless you've read the previous two chapters.

And another Dragon Ball doujin, this time in full-color and featuring Master Roshi x young-ChiChi. Oddly enough Master Roshi seems to get more action than any other male character in the series, and I actually prefer young-ChiChi over older-ChiChi.

Nagaredamaya (a.k.a. Bang You) is a great artist who's done a number of doujins in the past, but they're usually very short, too short to be worth releasing on their own, so we're compiling some of his works together, translating them, and releasing them in two collections (collection 2 will be out next week). The first story in this collection features Ender from .Hack Roots--the women with permanent tan-lines, though I still think Pi was hotter... (Note that DesuDesu translated this doujin a few days ago as well, but our version was already done at the time.)

And for our members--Well this is the 7th and probably final To Love Ru doujin by Tsunken we'll translate--the anime ended almost two years ago, the manga was canceled almost a year ago, and I guess Tsunken is finally moving on to other series like all the other doujin artists. BUT To Love Ru will be getting a second season starting in October, so you never know! ^_^ This doujin features Rito-clones x Nana, Momo, Lala, Yui, Saki, Mikan, Yami, and a few other women who get cameo appearances.
(Preview here)
A spokesman for the NHGTA (Nondiscrimination of High School Gym Teachers Association) would like to add this disclaimer: 'We're not all as mean and creepy as those Japanese hentai comic-books like to portray us, and we definitely don't lust after our sweaty fetish-bloomer-clad female students as they do their stretches... well ok... there was that one time, but she dropped the charges against me in the end so it doesn't count.' This time the gym-teacher and his bitch (another female student he broke in previously) drug another female-student and break her into his sex own slave too (despite her already having a boyfriend).
(Preview here)
Announcing our new weekly h-manga project to replace A Body Blooming in Pleasure--our third book by E-Musu Aki! We're starting out by translating the first two chapters, which are both full-color. Quick plot summary: big juicy boobs, sex, the end.
(Preview here)
Law of the Prisoner chapters 4 and 5--from here on out the main-story is all futa x female-action--no men allowed! First Sgt. Mile (our favorite futanari) captures a dark-skinned female agent sneaking into the prison and has her way with her. In the next chapter after Major Valentine passes out from too much fucking, Mile satisfies her lust using one of the prison's nurses.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kusanyagi, Yuribou, DesuDesu, Yuribou x 2, Guzu, Kusanyagi, and Brolen + Makasu (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/16/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

Sriblanka: Well, it's been a long time in coming, but I finally added an Ah My Goddess section. Unfortunately a lot of the doujins for the series are pretty old and aren't all that great. However, there still is some newer content coming out despite the age of the series.

7 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Iori - The Dark Side Of That Girl (I's)
-Lo Love-ru -Roraburu- (To Love Ru - Various)
-Ushiro no Beako-sama (Backbeard-sama ga Miteru - lolicon)
-Mio-tan 3 (K-ON - Mio)
-Ryouchinko (Idolmaster - Ai x Ryou, cross-dressing)
-Tamane no Nanika (Color) (ToHeart2 - Tamaki)
-Anata wo Ijimeru 100 no Houhou (Amagami - Tsukasa)

2 New Misc. CGsets:
-Kakutou-san Bishin (Street Fighter CGset - Cammy, Chun Li, Sakura + alternate costumes)
-H na Asuka no Tabi Blog (Evangelion - Asuka mostly)

6 New Ah! My Goddess Doujins:
-Skuld Giant Breast Training (English) (Skuld)
-Nightmare of My Goddess Summer Interval (English) (Belldandy)
-Miku to Kyonyuu Choukyou (Belldandy, Skuld, some preggers)
-Shu no Shikai ha Akuma no Yuuwaku (Belldandy)
-Ah Megami-sama no Awahime (Belldandy, Skuld)
-Ao 4 (Belldandy)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/14/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

8 Misc New English-Translated Doujins:
-Osumesu Twins (Baka to Test - Yuko x Hideyoshi, cross-dressing)
-Rare Status NG (Kannagi - Nagi)
-Sai-Min Color (Negima)
-Doukoku no Ori (Claymore - Clare)
-Futabana (Original characters - crazy futa story)
-Perfect Communication (Idolmaster - Azusa, big-breasts)
-Tohsaka-ke no Kakei Jijou 1 (Fate Stay/Night - Rin)
-Red Impact 1 (Gundam Seed - Luna)

4 New Evangelion Doujins:
-A Corner of Absolute Zero (English) (Rei)
-Asuka no ChupaChupa Tengoku Evangelion (Color) (Asuka)
-Onedari Asuka (Asuka)
-San Sukumi (Asuka, Rei, Mari, various other series)

3 New To Heart 2 Doujins
-Tamachuu (Various)
-U-Maniax (Yuma)
-X Heart (Tamaki)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/13/10
Posted by: Mike

7 New Hentai-Game CGsets:
-Private Train Molester Car 2
-RPG School
-King of Boobs 48 - Don't Think, Just Suck all the Boobs You See!
-Cleavage (short)
-Sakuranbo Strasse (short)
-Soranica Ele (widescreen, high-res)
-Cries of a Fallen Girl (K-On CGset)

2 New One Piece CGsets:
-One Pina Yoru VIP (Nami and Robin)
-Dekapai Koukaishi to Deka Shiri Koukogakusha (Nami and Robin)

Chapters from Sarashi Ai were already added here previously as h-magazine chapters before the compilation book came out, so you may remember a few of them. And I've got to say, that book is the king of crazy-sex faces, lol.

3 New Complete English-Translated H-Mangas:
-Sarashi Ai [Shindo L] (sex in public, body paint, misc. weirdness)
-Oh! Miss Nanase
-The Chart of the Peak

13 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / One-shots:
-Menkui Ch. 9 (foursome)
-Peach x Date (lolicon) [Inuboshi]
-Another World Ch. 1 and 6 (anal)
-Natsuki Change
-Pink Cherry Pie Ch. 7-8 (*chapter 8 is a non-hentai omake chapter)
-Momozono Gakuen Danshiryou ni Youkoso Ch. 3-4
-Don't Write That In History Ch. 9-10 (now complete) (shotacon)
-Onee-san no Fukurami Ch. 4 [Takaoka Motofumi]
-Ane no Senaka wo mite Sodatsu
-Sweet Honeymoon (shotacon)
-Love Hate Ch. 3-6
-Shinryaku Teki Ren'ai Shugi Ch. 09-10
-Koi Suru Houkago Ch. 7 - 10 (now complete)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/11/10
Posted by: Raikoh

First up for the week--Chapter 10 from the Pollinic Girls Attack Vol. 2 h-manga, and it concludes the 'Otsu Mami' story arc with another hot threesome scene.

Another cute 'consensual bondage'(?) h-magazine chapter--I'm not going to spoil anything this time, just read it and you'll LOL. ^_^

Our last Shinrabansho Astaroth translation was popular enough that we decided to do another one: Shion ties up Astaroth and breaks the poor little devil girl into her own personal slut, and better yet, they're both futanari! It's pretty rare to see Astaroth in a doujin in which she isn't the dominant one--she's portrayed as more of a loli than a dominatrix this time.

Another Dragon Ball Z doujin from Pyramid House, and it's full-color this time. The first half is Gohan x Videl, and the second half is random Frieza-henchmen x Bulma. In my ideal ending Vegeta would've come down and killed them all...

And for our members--the sequel to this doujin, Nami and Robin are both locked in Impel Down once again--the first half contains futa-Robin x Nami, who's able to become a one-woman gang-bang machine thanks to her bloom-ability. And second half contains futa-Hina x Robin and Nami.
(Preview here)
The second half of Crimson Comic's Final Fantasy XIII doujin--Vanille gets non-stop molested in some shadow-realm by shadow-clones of her fellow male party members + tentacles.
(Preivew here)
An h-magazine chapter by Freaks--a busty female-cosplayer coaxes her clueless male friend into finally having sex with her. (She's cosplaying a woman from Dream Club by the way.)
(Preview here)
Chapter 3 of the Law of the Prisoner--Major Valentine is made to service four guys from the Marine Corps and her fellow futanari prisoner (in a sailor-uniform of course). There's just something about women wearing a military beret that I like...
(Preview here)
The 15th and final chapter of A Body Blooming in Pleasure--Takuya has to make up for cheating on his fiance... by having sex with his fiance. Only in the world of hentai! We'll be starting another new book next week to replace this one in our regularly scheduled h-manga releases.
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kusanyagi, Guzu, Rande, Sayo, Yuribou + Makasu, Kusanyagi, DesuDesu, Brolen + Makasu, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/09/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

8 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Mebius Loop Omake (Touhou - Yukari)
-Naughty Nectar Mansion Project (Touhou - Alice, Reimu, Marisa, hardcore)
-Apocalypse (Color) (various Square Enix games)
-Haikei, Kabe no Ana kara (Touhou - mostly Yukari, crazy double-futa)
-Lust Demons Assault (Color) (Sailor Moon - Monsters x Sailor Venus)
-Sumiren [Youshu Ohepe] (King of Fighters - Mai)
-Spiral (Kiddy Grade)
-Ti TipeRA (Xenosaga)

4 New Gundam Seed CGsets / Doujins:
-Womens Battlefields (preview) (CGset - also has Gundam 00)
-Yososama Sairoku 3 (Lacus, Meer, some futa, also School Rumble and Ichigo 100%)
-Sexual Princess (Luna, Meer)
-Seed Junky (CGset)

2 New Bakemongatari CGsets:
-LoliChannel 142 (Various)
-Nadeko Nadeshiko (Nadeko)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/07/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

7 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins
-Two Stroke RS (Queen's Blade - Reina and Elina)
-Namashibori Peach Fizz (Fresh Pretty Cure)
-Felli Senpai ni Kera Rete Fuma Retaitsu (Chrome Shelled Regios - femdom)
-Byunn Byunn 3 (Kiddy Grade - some futa, some bondage)
-Crimson Rose (Aria)
-Foolish Empress Hancock (One Piece - Hancock x Luffy)
-Ed x Win 1.5 (Fullmetal Alchemist - Winry)

3 New English-Translated Touhou Doujins:
-Reimu of the Hakurei Shrine (Mostly Reimu)
-Eientei de Usagi Gari (Tewi)
-Tengu Fever (Aya, other)

2 New CGsets:
-Loli Channel 145 (Amagami, short)
-EXSEED 01 (preview) (Gundam Seed - Meer)

6 New Raw-Japanese Bakemongatari Doujins:
-MGIRL (Hitagi)
-Mayoi Kondara (Mayoi)
-Haitenai (Suruga)
-Nade Nade Biyori (Nadeko)
-Kuimonogatari (Mayoi)
-Sengoku Frog (Nadeko)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/06/10
Posted by: Mike

Raikoh: I hope you guys had a good 4th of July weekend! Well I've been being bugged to mention this, so I should mention that the Highschool of the Dead Anime just started airing in Japan yesterday. (We gave more details about the series back here a while ago.) Sekirei, Sengoku Basara, and Strike Witches are all getting second seasons, and Amagami is now getting it's own anime (before it was just a dating sim game)--they all start airing this week / last week. It'll probably also result in a wave of new doujins for those series in a few months too.

7 New Hentai-Game / Regular CGsets:
-Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo - DokiDoki Full Throttle!
-Together with Miko-san - Daily Record of Her Exhausting Duties (preview)
-Eroge! A Luxurious Mix of Gaming and Sex (long CGset) (preview)
-Sakura Strasse
-Mahou Shoujo Urimu (short)
-Trance (Toradora) (short)
-Ichizoku Fukkou Zenyasai (short CGset, Sasuke x female-Itachi)

3 New Complete English-Translated H-Mangas:
-HHH - Triple H Ch. 6-8 (Now complete)
-Hitozuma Lovers (shotacon)
-Three Angels Short

14 New English-Translated H-Manga Chapters / One-shots:
-Super-Short Collection 21 [Oda Non] (Color)
-Super-Short Collection 22 (Color)
-Onee-chan Whisper Ch. 1 - Nikutai Ouyoukagaku [Hanpera]
-Tenshi no Kagai Jugyo Ch. 3-5
-Hand (anal sex)
-Futacolo-co Witch Craft (futanari cat-fight!)
-Yudan Taiteki (netorare)
-Super Hero Time! (shotacon)
-With Mayu
-Yuuwaku Sandwich (shotacon)
-You are my Venus
-Three Angels Short Full Passion Ch.3-4 (some tentacles)
-Cutie Lips Ch.1-4
-Gift Ch. 1-2

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 07/04/10
Posted by: Raikoh

Another two chapters from The Pollinic Girls Attack Vol. 2. Ok, so your husband installs a tentacle-r*pe machine in the bathroom, and then mistakes a completely different woman for you in the bath... I think it's about time to file for divorce! A bit of background for chapter 8: some Japanese women are embarrassed if anyone hears the noises they make in the bathroom, so some 'deluxe' toilets in Japan come with devices that make noise while in use to hide those other noises. (Ok, a little weird...)

An h-magazine chapter by Nagare Ippon about using happy(?) bondage to get around an abusive sexual relationship...

And yet another kunoichi doujin in which the sadist-futa-kunoichi and her underlings have their way with the poor-tied-up-kunoichi.

A 4th Boa Hancock doujin by Crimson Comics--the Marines do yet more lewd things to Hancock. (I think the author's running out of ideas at this point, lol.)

And for our members--another Luffy x Hancock doujin from Kurionesha, this time as a sequel to Hebihime Goranshin 1 and 2. Starts out with Hancock masturbating in private, and then having sex in public with Luffy.
(Preview here)
And a nice K-On doujin--despite the cover, the pairing is actually random-guy having rough-sex with Mio and taking her virginity.
(Preview here)
Our next weekly H-Manga project--The Law of the Prisoner (formerly called Horyo no Okite on here). It was drawn by F.S, who also designed the characters of and drew the official artwork for Menace, Melona, and Ekidona from Queen's Blade (yes that's right, the women of Queen's Blade were designed by hentai artists. For example, Koume Keito, author of The Pollinic Girls Attack, did Yuit and Vante.). The book starts out about female officers who are now prisoners of war, and the various not-so-nice things done to them, focusing heavily on futa and sadism.
(Preview here)
The 13th and 14th chapters of A Body Blooming in Pleasure--the main character's fiance's family comes to visit, and he ends up having sex with her older sister... and younger sister... and mother. Wow...
(Preview here)

Thanks to Kusanyagi + Perrin, BiriBiri + Afro Thunda, Yuribou, Lhytiss, Yuribou + Makasu, Lhytiss, Brolen + Makasu, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations!
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 07/02/10
Posted by: sriblanka02

9 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Hanarerarenai (English) (Original characters, netorare)
-Fukukaichou no Asai Jijou (Medaka Box)
-Kimi ga Tame (Utawarerumono)
-Ryoujoku Tama Ane Mousou (big breasts, hardcore) [Sago-Jou]
-Part Time Job with Youmu at Hakugyokurou (Touhou - Youmu, lolicon)
-Garigari 23 (Touhou - Patchouli, short)
-Ingyaku no Hirenka (Xenosaga, hardcore)
-Hinagiku to Hamster ga Kyakkyaufufu Suru Ecchina Hon (Hayate - Hinagiku)
-Lezgun (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Misaka x Kuroko, bit of Ruiko)

3 New Misc. CGsets:
-Koukyuu Fuuzoku Musume (preview) (DOA - Kasumi, Ayane, Helena, Lei Fang)
-Oya Iro Suta Meshi Sakari (Lucky Star - loli)
-This erotic piece smile (Lucky Star - loli)

4 New Gundam 00 Raw-Japanese Doujins:
-O-Plus 01 (Feldt)
-Colorful Double Oppai (Color) (Various, no story)
-Watashi ha Zettai Seikaku Warukuna (Nena)
-Ochiburete Azadistan (Color) (Mariana x Shirin)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)