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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/31/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

For today we have quite a few translations. Not especially new doujins since DOA and Eva have both been out forever, but I try to make sure the picks have some decent quality. Lost Eden has technicaly been classifed as a cg set despite being a colored doujin that has no plot.

5 New DOA Doujins
-Lost Eden 4 (English) (Color) (Varoius)
-Migi no Gaanin (English) (Kasumi, bondage)
-Outlet 19 (Helena, Ayane, Kasumi)
-Sugoiyo Kasumichan 3 (Kasumi, Hitomi)
-Sugoiyo Kasumichan 4 (Kasumi)

5 New Eva Doujins
-Asuka Trial 2 (English) (Asuka)
-Ayanami Kuro (English) (Rei)
-Mantou.25 (Asuka)
-Musen Houkei wo Mederu hon (English) (Misato, Ritsuko, femdom)
-Shifuku no Kusar 01 (Asuka)

5 New Vocaloid Doujins
-Furubokko Myself (Miku)
-Mi Mikku (English) (Miku x OS Tans, futa)
-Mikuroido H (Miku)
-Mikuroido H2 (Miku, Len)
-Toaru Chou Kagaku no Ryokuoushoku Utahime (Miku)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/29/09
Posted by: Raikoh

Tonkatsu Evolution IV and Geass De Haahaa--a few new scans by us this week for once.

1 New Bleach Doujin:
-Tonkatsu Evolution IV (Matsumoto x Hitsugaya)

6 New Code Geass Doujins / CGsets:
-Geass De Haahaa (Color) (Kallen, CC, Anya)
-Angel's Stroke 20 Kaichou Goranshin (English) (slutty Milly ^_^)
-Nyan Nyan Nunnally
-Trapped In An Orange Grove (All the women x Orange-kun)
-Koo Geass Noru Shu Beni Tsukika Rein Nana (Kallen, CGset) (preview)
-Memory Of The Geass (All women, CGset)

3 New Toaru Majutsu no Index Doujins:
-Amakusa Moyouna (English) (Kaori)
-CL-ic 4 (English) (Misaka and twin-Misaka)
-Index Librorvm Prohibitorvm (Misc artbook)

7 New Persona 4 Doujins / CGsets:
-Everyday Young Life Eros (English) (Naoto)
-P4 YC (Yukiko and Chie)
-Digital Life 2008 Winter (Various)
-The Tofu Detective (English) (Rise x Naoto)
-Amagiyas Young Proprietress Business Journal (Yukiko)
-PP (Tentacles, futa)
-Erosona (CGset) (preview)

1 New Ikkitousen CGset:
-Gokujou Ichiki (preview)

1 New Inuyasha Doujin:
-Tasukurumono (English) (Kagome)

4 New Random H-Manga Chapters / Doujins:
-Ai Sukureepaa (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-King of Soul (English) (Fate/Stay Night) [Takeda Hiromitsu] (preview)
-After School (English)
-Tora Banana (English) (Hyakko)

1 New Soul Eater Doujin:
-Dream Eater (Maka, short)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.) (And yes, we will be releasing a new Naruto doujin next week, finally.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 03/27/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Oneechanbara is a video game series (and live-action movie) about hot-women fighting their way through hordes of zombies--seeing as the Xbox 360 version of the game finally got released in the US recently (after being out in Japan for 2 years already!) I figured now was a good time to translate one of the few doujins ever made for the series. Sure the game really sucks, but hell, I play it anyway, because I'm just simple-minded like that ^_^
(Note that "Paizuri" means titty-fuck in Japanese, so you can take a good guess at what the contents of this doujin will be. ^_^ Also "Oneechan" means elder-sister (though it's also slang for a young woman), and "chanbara" means sword fighting.)
Chapter 7 of Monzetsu Screamer is now also available for free, and comes with its usual hardcore body-deformation warnings. (Member's can already download chapters 8 - 10.)

And for our members--Another To Love Ru doujin by Tsunken--this is the first doujin in the series (and should have been translated first in retrospect). It introduces Rito's "stand" power, and how he uses it to fuck Yui, Haruna, Lala and Mikan.
(Preview here)

CGR, a Lelouch x Villetta doujin by Wagamama Dou. (I guess Ohgi's not the father after all! ^_~)
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Kusanyagi, Sayo, CGRascal, and CGRascal (in that order) for the translations!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/26/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Update for today has a some FF, Haruhi, He is My Master, and Clannad. This will probably be the last of the He is My Master and Clannad updates for a while since there's not really much worthwhile out for either of those series.

2 New Clannad Doujins
-Naedoko (Sanae)
-V-TIC31 (Nagisa, Sanae)

2 New FF7 Doujins
-Disease SIDE-B (Tifa)
-Tifa (Advent Children Tifa)

3 New FF12 Doujins
-Ashes Love (English) (Ashe)
-Book of Back Attack on Ashe (Ashe)
-MFS (Ashe)

5 New Haruhi Doujins
-Haruhi's Ache (English) (Haruhi)
-Hunting (English) (Haruhi, Mikuru)
-Mikuru to Issho (Mikuru)
-Nagato ga Hitori de Shichau hon (Yuki)
-Suzumiya Haruhi no Hatsunetsu (Haruhi)

3 New He is My Master Doujins
-Trick or Treat 1 (Izumi)
-Trick or Treat 2 (Mitsuki)
-Trick or Treat 3 (Anna x Izumi)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/24/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

The update for today includes Vocaloid, Toradora, and some more Dragon Quest. English translations came out for a couple of recent doujins added, so in this update I've included the english translations of Jessica Milk 8.0 and the Ami-chan no Sakutto doujin.

2 New Dragon Quest 5 Doujins
-Bianca (Bianca)
-Secret Room (Color) (Bianca)

3 New Dragon Quest 8 Doujins
-Jessica Milk 8.0 (English) (Jessica)
-TLE-DQex (Jessica)
-Zeshikakuesuto Sora to Umi to Daichi to Yure Chichi (Jessica)

5 New Toradora! Doujins
-Amatou Urushi (Taiga)
-Ami-chan no sakutto yacchau zo (English) (Ami)
-Shiba Tora (Taiga)
-Taiga no Chiisana Ashini Fumaretai (Taiga)
-Torani Kumeshimase (Taiga)

5 New Vocaloid Doujins
-Miku Wata R (Miku, Rin)
-Miku x Kakeru Rin (Color) (Miku, Rin)
-Mikuwata (English)
-Motto Mikkumi Kushite Kudasai (Miku)
-Nijuusou Duet (Miku, Rin)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/22/09
Posted by: Raikoh

New Aracana Heart section this week--you've almost certainly never heard of the series before, but it's an all-female PS2 figher-game. The game might be mediocre, but it's got some pretty hot doujins out for it. There's also lethally high quantities of tentacles in today's update too...

3 New One Piece Doujins / CGsets:
-Dai Auction Kaijou (English) (Nami and Robin) (preview)
-Big Tits (CGset, One Piece and Sailor Moon)
-Please Show Your Bust (CGset, various series) (preview)

4 New To Love Ru Doujins / CGsets:
-Toraburu Musume - Haruna and Yui (English)
-Golden Yaksha (Yami CGset) (preview)
-Shokushu Gakuen Toranuru (Tentacles CGset) (preview)
-Junkin's To Love Ru (Some tentacles, hardcore CGset)

8 New Arcana Heart Doujins:
-Mei-Fang Typhoon (English) (futa rape, loli-con)
-Rantama (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Sakitama (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Akabane Seijo Graph (English)
-Anal Caraheart MofuMofu (futa)
-Arcana Nekomimi Fascism Full (loli-con)
-Chukana Zetto (futa rape, loli-con)
-Lilica Heart (some loli-con)

2 New Monster Hunter Doujins:
-Hunter-chan dai Pinchi (English) (Kirin Tentacle rape)
-Choice Mushroom Juice (Kirin)

3 New Rosario + Vampire CGsets:
-Girls Selection Store 06 (preview)
-Loli Channel 108
-CG Collection Vol 6 (Various other series)

4 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-Reika Shiki Akaten Kokofuku Jutsu (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu] (preview)
-Mune Hime (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Metropolitan Eros Academy (English) (preview)
-Ninja Devoured By Demon (English) (Taimanin Asagi, tentacles)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Hentai
Posted on: 03/20/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Well I haven't been keeping up to date with the world of hentai-movies lately, but a lot of people have been asking about when the next episodes of Hatsu Inu are coming out ever since the series stopped for about a year after episode 2 came out--well here they are! Only episode 3 has been subbed in english so far. It's a great series as always, and it's about time they had a threesome and a lesbian scene, but episodes 1 and 2 definitely had higher-quality animation.
(Overall Rating: 8 / 10)

Watch episode 3 online

(Member's can download episodes 3 and 4 directly in our member's section!)

Hatsu Inu Volume 3 is also now fully translated (chapters 1 - 2 are available for free, while chapters 3 - 7 are member's only).

Usually we'd release 4 new doujin translations today like we do every week, but our translators are taking a break this week. Though we're still releasing Roar! Monzetsu Screamer Chapter 6 in the free section as scheduled. (Members can download chapters 7 - 10 already.)

All the old video comments have been reset and replaced with a new system--the old commenting system worked fine for the first year or so, but recently they were overrun by spam-bots and chain-letters.

» Read More

Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/19/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

The update for today includes a new section for Vocaloid. Vocaloid garnered some erratic fandom last summer that caused a ton of doujins and hentai to be pumped out for it. It's since died down quite a bit, but most of the doujins out still center around the first vocaloid, Miku.

For those who don't know what it is, Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer app. The various vocaloid girls that have come out can be programmed to sing using the app. Yeah, it's kinda odd to have so much hentai pumped out to what breaks down to be a fake idol for a piece of software. But since there were quite a few doujins out for the Vocaloid chicks (esp. Miku), we thought it nice section to include.

2 New Final Fantasy 8 Doujins
-F Squared (Rinoa, Selphie, Ah My Godess, You're Under Arrest)
-Lost Memories (Quistis, Rinoa, Selphie)

3 New Final Fantasy 11 Doujins
-Hige to Vowin (English) (Mithra, Hume, futa)
-Kuroshiki 5 (English) (Mithra)
-Nightmare Before Christmas (Elvaan, Prishe)

4 New ToHeart2 Doujins
-Komakin (Manaka)
-Mujintou De Ai Mashou (Maryann & Sasara)
-Tamatamane (Tamaki)
-TS-R (Chie, Tamaki)

6 New Vocaloid Doujins
-Boku no Miku (English) (Miku)
-Miku Paahon (Miku)
-Mikumero (Len, Miku)
-MiX XiM (Miku)
-Ningen no Otoko Nanka to Sekkusushi Chadame (Luka)
-Sequence (English) (Miku)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/17/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Hey, HEY. Updates for today go to regulars Hayate and Nanoha, and a not so regular DOA update. Nin Shokushu Ryoujoku has some pretty decent art, but it's unfortunately a tentacle fetish. Looking at the doujins, not a lot of english translations. I'll have to balance out Thursday's update with a bit more translations.

5 New DOA Doujins / CG Sets
-D.O.A.C.G (CG set)
-Headwind (English) (Christie, some Helena)
-Kasumi Sakura (Kasumi)
-Nin Shokushu Ryoujoku (CG set) (Preview)
-Shirokasumi Ryoujyoku (Kasumi)

5 New Hayate Doujins
-Amaki Shiyo Raitare (Hinagiku, Nagi)
-Aruji no Sei Seikatsu Osapooto (Color) (Various)
-Hina Asobi (Hinagiku)
-Hina Matsuri (Various)
-Neko to Manaita to (Hinagiku)

5 New Nanoha Doujins
-Fate Fire with Fire Book II (Fate)
-Fatesan no Katei no Jijou (Color) (Fate)
-Mahou Shoujo Majikaru SEED QUOD (Fate, Shamal?)
-Marble -Karakore 3- (Color) (Various)
-We're Not Gonna Fall (Ginga)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/15/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Lots of CGsets and two new artists sections this week (which I'll continue to add to in the future). What, you've never heard of Takeda Hiromitsu before? Neither had I.

6 New One Piece Doujins / CGsets:
-Hebi-Hime 2 (English) (Boa Hancock) (preview)
-Robin Hard (English) (Robin) [Crimson Comics] (was member's only)
-Kaizoku Yokujou 2 (CGset) (preview)
-Yumeno Kinka (CGset) (preview)
-PaiPai Fruit (CGset)
-Loli Channel 70 One Piece (CGset)
-Ocelot CG Collection 1 (CGset) (Tentacles)

1 New Bleach / Buso Renkin CGset:
-Boku Chiru Otome (Rukia and Tokiko, tentacle rape) (preview)

4 New Code Geass Doujins / CGsets:
-Kallen Mix (Bunny-suit Kallen, strap-on-CC x Kallen)
-Loli Channel - Code Geass R2 Ha Ha CG Shuu
-Yogosa Reta Onna Taiiku Kyouyu Zaamen [Nightmare Express] (Villetta rape)
-Girls Selection Store 05 (Various other series)

6 New Strike Witches Doujins / CGsets:
-Oppai of Britain (English, Color) (Miyafuji, Sakamoto x futa-Lynette) (preview)
-Pantsumon (All women)
-Strike Etches (Various)
-Sutora Ikuura Chiizu (Sakamoto, hardcore)
-Loli Channel 112 - Strike Witches (CGset)
-Yasuomi-Craft Vol.8 (CGset) (preview)

2 New D.Gray-Man Doujins / CGsets:
-Yu Board Game (English) (Lenalee)
-Loli Channel 106 - D.Gray-Man CG Set (Tentacles) (preview)

1 New Eureka Seven Doujin:
-Close Call (Eureka, Anemone, straight-shota)

5 New Random H-Manga Chapters / Doujins:
-Grand Theft Semen (English) [Digital Accel Works] (Zettai Karen Children)
-Gohoushi Nurse-dou (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Oshieai (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Anekon (English) [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Rumble Sisters (English)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.) And thanks to HentaiHachi for the Bleach CGset!
Category: Translations
Posted on: 03/13/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Queen Ninja Tsunade 2--continue the Tsunade fuck-fest from last week! Temari and some tentacles also make an appearance. (We'd love to translate QNT 3 as well, except the only scan we have for it is absolutely horrible...)
Haku Daku Seitokai--we translated the first half of it and released it as member's only about 9 months ago, while someone else translated the second half even before that. The first half is all about Kallen, while the second half has futa-Nina x Milly and Shirley.
And chapter 5 of Roar! Monzetsu Screamer is now available--warning, it contains a small amount of shit and vaginal blood. (Members can download chapters 6 - 10 right now--no need to wait months.)

And for our members--another hot doujin by Kurionesha, featuring Ichigo x Rukia and Hitsugaya x Matsumoto.
(Preview here)

And a Dragonaut doujin by Tetrodotoxin--It's Makina and Garnet x Jin(?), and there's probably roughly 400cm of female-bustage between the two of them to smother him to death with ^o^
(Preview here)
(Thanks to Sayo, Rande, Sayo, CGRascal, and Kusanyagi (in that order) for the translations! And thanks to SiNAPSE for originally scanning Love Flavor.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/12/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Responding to a few requests this week, I'm updating the Final Fantasy section. Also, the Toradora gets updates that isn't entirely Taiga. However, I'm noticing doujins for that series are heavily Taiga based. It's probably just going to be one of those series like Zero no Tsukaima: where doujins of someone other than ones for the main character are pretty scarce.

5 New Evangelion Doujins
-Doll House Vol.1 (English) (Mostly Asuka)
-Eden -Rei7- (English) (Rei)
-Eden -Rei8- (English) (Rei)
-Eden -Rei9- (English) (Rei)
-Synchrocord (English) (Asuka)

2 New Final Fantasy VII Doujins
-Body 2 Body (English) (Tifa)
-Tifa Before Climax (English) (Tifa)

3 New Final Fantasy X Doujins
-Game Pal 6 (English) (Yuna, other series)
-Yuna a la Mode 1 (English) (Lulu, Rikku, Yuna)
-Yuna a la Mode 2 (English) (Rikku, Yuna)

5 New Toradora Doujins
-Amichan no Sakutto Yacchauzo (Ami)
-Fuwafuwa Ami Ami (Ami)
-One Day (English) (Taiga)
-Ore no Hanashio Kike (Taiga)
-Tora Dake Janai (Ami, Taiga)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/10/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

I decided to update Gundam Seed again since we havn't had one for that section in a long time. Jaja Uma Narashi is almost ruined due to the ugly scan lines. Other than that it's a decent Alena doujin. Also, most of the Nanoha doujins are probably worth checking out.

3 New Dragon Quest 3 Doujins:
-Kinoko Tsuushin z2 (Warrior)
-Kinoko Tsuushin z3 (Priest)
-Nitro Attack (Roto, Warrior)

1 New Dragon Quest 4 Doujin:
-Jaja Uma Narashi (Alena)

5 New Gundam Seed Doujins:
-Burst Fullcolor (Luna, Maria)
-Edition 33 (Miriallia)
-GS 4 (Flay, Natarle)
-G-Seed Angel (English) (Luna, Meyrin, Stellar)
-Prisoner 8 (English) (Lacus x Meer, bondage)

5 New Nanoha Doujins:
-Hoshiboshi Side Subaru (Subaru)
-Hoshiboshi Side Teana (Teana)
-Naked Desire (Alph, Fate)
-Nanoha's Desperate Situation (English) (Fate, Teana)
-Passion (Color) (Fate, Various)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/08/09
Posted by: Raikoh
A surprising amount of One Piece hentai has been coming out lately--I guess Hancock's appearance has captured the fickle attention and imaginations of the japanese doujin-community. And if you've got suggestions for doujins that need to be translated, comment away.

4 New One Piece Doujins:
-Dai Auction Kaijou (Nami and Robin)
-Hebi-Hime 2 (Hancock) [Crimson Comics]
-Untimely Flowering (English) (Robin)
-Dera Dera no Mi (very short)

4 New Code Geass Doujins:
-Pokura no Nana Nichikan Sensou (Geass-spamming-Lelouch x Various women)
-Angels Stroke 20 - Kaichou Goranshin (slutty-Milly x a lot of guys)
-C.C. Lemonade R2 (English)
-Kallen -01- (English) (straight-shota)

9 New Monster Hunter Doujins / CGsets:
-Monhan no Ero Hon 6 (Naruga) [Udon-ya]
-Udonko Vol.5 (Omake) (Naruga) [Udon-ya]
-Grotta Azul
-Monhan Giga (Kirin)
-TimTim Machine Special Kirin-chan to Burango U-kun (Kirin)
-Kari Musume Kenkyuu Hokakuirai (Azul and Naruga)
-Hunter Gari (CGset) (preview)
-Monhan Ura Nisshi (CGset)
-Urgent Quest (CGset)

1 New Sekirei Doujin:
-Goburei (Musubi and Tskiumi)

1 New Soul Eater Doujin:
-Furoggaru (Eruka, weird)

2 New Gurren Lagann Doujins:
-Yoko Moushiro Wa Suki Darake (English) (preview)
-Destino De Abril 2 (English)

4 New Random H-Manga Chapters:
-Yusa-san's Airhead Circuit (English)
-Kunoichi Hininden (English) (double-futa) (preview)
-Nozomi Kanae (English) (straight-shota)
-Raisin Bread 01 (English) (Maid)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 03/06/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Queen Ninja Tsunade 1--yes, we all know Tsunade loves little boys, just like Orochimaru. (Sorry it's so short--QNT 2 will be a lot longer.)
Monhan no Ero Hon 4G is now available for free (we released it as member's only 3.5 months back). Azul and Noir get raped by some random demon dudes, with a bit of obligatory Kirin towards the end. (For the newbs, Monster Hunter is an MMORPG, and the characters in the doujin are named after the armor set they wear.)
And Chapter 4 of Roar! Monzetsu Screamer this week--Warning: it contains a pregnant woman, and takes the phrase "titty fuck" a little bit too literally! (Members can download chapters 5 - 10 right now--no need to wait months!)

And for our members--Hodhua, a full-color doujin in which Nami and Robin are captured and raped by random-Marines.
(Preview Here)
Monhan no Ero Hon 5--Kirin upgrades from her old Kirin-S armor to the newly released black-leather Kirin-X armor, and ends up getting raped while chasing a panty thief. (Talk about bad luck--that's the 4th time already!)
(Preview here)

(Thanks to Sayo, Sayo, Sayo, CGRascal, and Rande (in that order) for the translations!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/05/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Continuing with the Toradora spam for today. Also some He is My Master and Gundam00, which finally got enough doujins/translations out to warrant another update.

It seems like all the sections I created recently are loli heavy. He is My Master, Clannad, and Toradora all are close or under typical age limits (regardless of how they're drawn from doujin to doujin). It's not really something I've been trying to do, just something odd that happened.

5 New Gundam 00 Doujins
-Black Diamond (Nena)
-Girls Capriccio 14 (Feldt, Soma, Sumeragi, Taiga - Toradora)
-Glasses (English) (Kathy, Shirin)
-Hakkou Hime To Tsuntsun Megane (English) (Marina, Shirin, futa)
-Pillows (English) (Marina)

5 New He is My Master Doujins
-Go Shujinsama ha Kioku Soushitsu (Izumi)
-Izumi Daburu Bukkingu (Anna, Izumi, Mitsuki)
-Kore Demo Watashi no go Shujinsama Vol 0 (Izumi)
-Kore ga Omae no go Shujinsama (Anna, Izumi)
-Maid Life (Izumi)

5 New Toradora! Doujins
-Catalyst (Taiga)
-Mune Tokidoki Hare (Taiga)
-Tora Dango (Minori, Taiga)
-Tora Tora Tora (English) (Taiga)
-Tora Tora Tora 2 (English) (Ami)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/03/09
Posted by: sriblanka02

Today's update brings us one step closer to new series with the added section of Toradora. It made a decent splash at C75 with quite a few doujins coming out for it. It's another light novel series and Taiga looks a lot like Louise to me. Probably another series I won't watch.

All of the Haruhi doujins today are translated. Also, Yoridora Midora is by the same godly artist who did Minna de Nakayoku and Haitoku no Yutaka.

5 New Clannad Doujins/CG Sets:
-Fantastic 4 (Various)
-Kyoumania (English) (Kyou)
-Sakura For Girls (Color) (Kotomi, Tomoyo)
-Starfish For Girls (Color) (Various)
-Wisteria (CG Set)

5 New Haruhi Doujins:
-Haru Hina (English) (Haruhi, Mikuru)
-Haruhix (English) (Yuki)
-Melancholy Princess (English) (Haruhi)
-Melancholy Princess 2 (English) (Mikuru)
-Melancholy Princess 3 (English) (Yuki)

5 New Toradora Doujins:
-Dora Tora (Taiga)
-Hiza Nori Taiga (Color) (Taiga)
-Mini Tiigaa (Taiga)
-Sono Onna, Kyoubou Nitsuki (English) (Taiga)
-Yoridora Midora (English) (Ami, Minori, Taiga)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section.)