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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/30/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Our new scans for this week: Kyou Ai 4, 70 pages(!) of Neji x Hinata in-cest (both younger and post-time-skip Hinata). And Kiniro Oppai Jizou, a hot Nemu x Hisagi doujin. (Preview here.) (Both are member's only--we previously scanned Kyou Ai 1-3 as well.) And free members get Katamimiusagi 3, a Byakuya x loli-Rukia doujin. (The scans were all done by SiNAPSE like always--thanks!)
If you've seen the previous Naruto x Sakura movie, you know not to expect too much from the latest Naruto x Hinata movie--though at least Desto's getting a bit better at it.

I also started a new section, SNK x Capcom, which is a pretty broad category encompassing just about every 2D fighter ever, like Street Fighter, Dark Stalkers, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown/Spirits, Fatal Fury, etc. It's small now, but we'll grow it into a rather large section eventually.

1 New Naruto Doujin:
-Kyou Ai 4 - Yami ni Saku Hana (Hinata x Neji)
-Naruto x Hinata Movie

2 New Bleach Doujins:
-Kiniro Oppai Jizou (Nemu x Hisagi)
-Katamimiusagi 3 (Loli-Rukia)

6 New One Piece Doujins:
-Taiyou no Gravity (English) (Nami)
-Shikkoku no Hana (Robin)
-Shiawase Punch 5 (Various, mostly Nami)
-Shiawase Punch 6 (Nami and Robin)
-Tashigi no Tsurugi (Tashigi)
-Stripe Blue (Loli-Nami)

10 New King of Fighters / Street Fighters Doujins:
-Maicching 3 (Mai)
-Maicching 4 (Mai)
-Mars People VS Mai Shiranui (Mai)
-Mushrooms Communication 7 (Various - KOF) (nice!)
-9153 (Chun-Li)
-Battocoro Vol.25 (Various - KOF)
-Athena Ganbaru (Athena)
-Athena and Friends 2006 (Athena)
-Chorodasi Requiem (Various)
-Carnaria (Various, futa)

2 New Dragonaut Doujins:
-Naut! (Various, futa)
-Omake Hon - Because of Tears (Toa)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/28/08
Posted by: Raikoh
JUMP Girls CGsets:
-Urakonsoul (various)
-Seinen JUMP
-SLS Splash (member's only)

Code Geass:
Updates to the Code Geass character galleries--and yes, there's plenty of bunny-suit Kallen pics--I knew you were worried. (And Code Geass finally aired in the US yesterday!)
-CC + 122 pics
-Kallen + 90 pics
-Euphemia + 26 pics
-Villetta + 22 pics
-Shirley + 8 pics
-Echie Shuu 2 (CGset) (member's only)
(Thanks to Jericho for the Geass pics.)

Gurren Lagann CGsets:
-Dame Drill
-Yoko CG game
-Yoko Jujinkan
-Muchipurioppai Sunaipaa (member's only)
-Gurren Lagann CG Shuu (member's only)
-Sticky and Messy Mud Play (member's only)
Category: Hentai
Posted on: 04/25/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Anime-boobies keep getting bigger and bigger every year--these days even girls are a B-cup! What's the world coming to?
(Rating: 7.5 / 10)

Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro can now be viewed online for free.
You can now also view Inda no Himekishi Janne 1 online now (info here). (Caution: Contents are hot. Contents involve rape by ogres.)

(You can download this and ep 1 in the member's section.)
(Read more for torrents and links.)

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Category: Hentai
Posted on: 04/25/08
Posted by: Raikoh
(Rating: 9 / 10)

(You can download this directly in the member's section.)
(Read more for torrents!)

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Category: Ecchi
Posted on: 04/25/08
Posted by: Raikoh
A nice new ecchi harem-anime. Of course the main-character is a limp-dicked retard and there's plenty of cliche drama to go around--it just wouldn't be an ecchi harem-anime without it! (Though the ending alludes that they might have a serious storyline eventually? Ep 2's the best, and Ep 4's stupid.)

(Watch Ep 1 on Veoh)
(Read more for torrents.)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/23/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Sure, Zoids isn't exactly popular, but if Tony Taka made a doujin of it, then by god a translation it shall have!
(Thanks very much to Sayo for the translation, and DarkFayt for commissioning and donating it!) (And what kind of title is Barbecue?!)

You should must also check out the Tony Taka section in general--I just added 5 new doujins to it (for free). Member's get even more as usual:
-Caladbolg Motto yume no Tsuduki (Fatey Stay Night)
-Collection of Visuals for Shining Wind
-Nekomimi Batoraa
-Ragnatic 2
-Runar (Gundam Seed)
-Watashi wa Kyozetsu Suru! Kamo (Bleach)

Tony Taka's also done a number of H-Game CGsets, which I could upload, though I perceive a general apathy for H-game CGs in general... T2 also did this Bamboo Blade doujin recently.
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/21/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Our new scans for this week--Kunoichi Dynamite--it's about Tsunade and a bunch of other kunoichi from other various series (Taki, Hibani, Kurenai from Red Ninja, etc.), and is 66 pages long. And Sexy Summer Beach, a Matsumoto x Hitsugaya doujin (preview here). (They're both member's only.) Thanks to SiNAPSE for the scans like usual!

1 New Naruto Doujin:
-Kunoichi Dynamite (Tsunade and other Kunoichi)

3 New Bleach Doujins:
-Sexy Summer Beach (Matsumoto x Hitsugaya)
-Watashi Wa Kyozetsu Suru (Chizuru X Orihime) (English)
-Ero v Buri Futanari Chikan Densha (Matsumoto x Orihime) (futa)

6 New One Piece Doujins:
-Orange Pie 1 (English) (Nami)
-Silent Sea Revenge (Nami x Vivi) (futa) (remake of Silent Sea)
-Silent Sea 2 (Nami x Vivi) (futa)
-Shiawase Punch! 3 (Nami)
-Shiawase Punch! 4 (Robin x Nami, Vivi)
-San Piece (Nami)

8 New Gurren Lagann Doujins:
-Drill (Yoko)
-Supindoru (Various)
-Kishoutenketsu 4 (Yoko)
-Iroiro Gyarandou (Various - some Lucky Star)
-Itazura Drill (Yoko)
-Juu Bai Kaeshi (Yoko)
-Toppa! Drill Kurabu (Various)

2 New Bamboo Blade Doujins:
-Kiteruyo! Takeuchi Kun (Various) (English)
-TamaTama (Tamaki)

3 New Ikkitousen Doujins:
-LIQUID (Various) (English)
-Man Kan Zenseki (Kanu x futa-Ryubi)
-Ichi Ki Doori Kan (Kanu x futa-Ryubi)

(The doujin titles without links are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/20/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Purupuru Monzetsu License is now in the free section for you guys to enjoy. I'd also love to get Monzetsu Screamer (John K Peta's latest work) translated as well--we'll definitely do it if enough of you guys sign up :3
(Warning: Like always, Monzetsu is hardcore!)
Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/18/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Possibly one of the longest titles for a doujin ever--a Kon (Ichigo?) x Orihime doujin. The sequel's already been translated for a while, so I have no idea why this one wasn't translated too--well we went ahead and translated it!

Our member's-only translation for this week (preview here)--Tsunade ties up Sakura and lets the usual random-faceless-hentai-guys-you-see-in-every-hentai have their way with her before Tsunade finishes off what's left of them herself. Yeah, we enjoyed it too.
(These were both translated by Rande--thanks!)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/16/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Full Metal Alchemist
-Gender Bender
-Hagane - Another Story (CGset) (Member's only)
I'm embarrassed how few hentai pics there are of this series--as with the FMA doujins, only Winry and Riza get any love. Though the manga's still running, so there's still hope! (Like usual, we removed the crappier 25% of the images from these collections.)

Code Geass
-Command Geass
-An Orange Grove

-Mujou No Juu (Member's Only)

(Like always, all image-galleries can be downloaded quickly as zip-files in the member's section.)
Thanks to Jericho for the Geass CGsets. And feel free to leave comments expressing your undying adoration of us, or just to beg for something, whichever comes first...
Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 04/16/08
Posted by: Raikoh
(Sorry about the delay--I've been slow in posting these due to a perceived lack of interest in them...)

Poll 321 (October 21st – 22nd, 2007)
What’s your favorite female-hair color in anime / hentai?

Black / Brown: 775 (26.5%)
Blonde: 426 (14.6%)
White: 124 (4.2%)
Pink / Purple: 739 (25.2%)
Red / Orange: 454 (15.5%)
Blue: 311 (10.6%)
Green: 98 (3.3%)

Total Votes: 2927

Nmmaa~, according to the usual culture stereotype, I thought that Blondes would win out! It seems that the plain-hair-colors (black and brown) are the most popular (why?), slightly, with pink and purple coming in a close second, Red / Orange third, and blonde fourth. As expected, Green isn’t that well liked, nor is white—I think people are underestimating the sexiness of white hair!

Poll 325 (October 26th, 2007)
What’s your favorite race of real-life-woman?

Asian: 1179 (36.3%)
Black (African): 176 (5.4%)
White (North American / European): 1192 (36.7%)
Middle-Eastern: 228 (7%)
Mexican / South American: 50 (1.5%)
There are no hot women in real-life—anime women only!: 420 (12.9%)

Total Votes: 3245

So White women and Asian women dominate. Mexican and Black women appear to be very unpopular...

Poll 328 (October 29th, 2007)
What race are you?

Asian: 558 (19.3%)
Black: 203 (7%)
White: 1631 (56.5%)
Middle-Eastern: 58 (2%)
Mexican / South American: 224 (7.8%)
Other: 213 (7.4%)

Total Votes: 2887

White dominates unsurprisingly, with Asian a distant second. White / Asian / Anime women are the favorites of 86% of my visitors, but 76% of my visitors are White or Asian.

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/13/08
Posted by: Raikoh
As of our last update, we now have over 1,000 doujins in our member's section! (About half of which are in the free section.) To celebrate all things perverted, we've translated Purupuru Monzetsu License--it was scanned and translated entirely by Sayo--all 197 pages of it! (It's only in the member's section for now, preview here.) This also marks Sayo's 400th translation--yes, he's been quite busy!

And for our free-section visitors:
Who says you need two arms to be hot? (This is one of our begged-for member's-only doujin translations from 2 months back.)

-Chou Monzetsu Cirriculum (English) is now in the free section
-Hatsu Inu Vol. 1 (English) can now be downloaded as a zip file in the free section
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/11/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Two new scans by us this week, both are light-rape Tifa doujins: Oreteki Houken and Premium Heart. (Thanks to SiNAPSE.) And this week's new Bleach doujins are all futa doujins of varying weirdness.

1 New Naruto Doujins:
-Hokage Sama ni Onegai! (Color) (Tsunade)

3 New Bleach Doujins:
-Neko Bachi Super (Soifon x Yoruichi) (futa)
-Toreintai Kuatoro (Various) (futa)
-Wa Maki (Matsumoto x Orihime) (futa)

6 New Final Fantasy Doujins:
-Oreteki Houken (Tifa)
-Premium Heart (Advent Children Tifa)
-Tifa W Cup (Color) (English)
-Tifa Aya (Color) (Tifa)
-Yuna A La Mode 5 (FFX - 2 Various)
-Yuna A La Mode 6 (FFX - 2 Various)

8 New Code Geass Doujins:
-Kallen Shigyaku (Color) (Karen)
-Kawamukiki (CC)
-Tengoku no Onii Chan He (Karen)
-Monochrome Geass (Various)
-Code Eross 1 (English) (Various)
-Code Eross 2 (English) (Various)
-Code Eross 3 (English) (Various)
-Kuro no Kishidan Bureikusuru (Various)

4 New Eureka 7 Doujins:
-Free Will (English) (Anemone)
-Eureka no Hon (Eureka)
-Hardcore Dildo Dolls (Various)
-Gidget (Eureka and Gidget)

(The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.)
Category: Anime
Posted on: 04/09/08
Posted by: Raikoh
(Ep 1 on Veoh)
Torrent Link
If you haven't already watched season 1, you should watch it first (you can get it here and here). Season 1 will also air on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on April 26th.
They recently released a Code Geass dating-sim game for the PS2, which I'd play except that, you know, it's written entirely in japanese ;_;
(Read more for my comments on the episode. And yes, there'll definitely be more Code Geass hentai in the next update.)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/08/08
Posted by: Raikoh
-Hatsu Inu Vol. 1
-Hatsu Inu Vol. 2 (member's only)
Unfortunately there won't be any more Hatsu Inu episodes or h-manga-volumes after these first two, so we'll just have to wait and see what series the artist Inu comes up with next.
-Here Comes a New Challenger (Nekomataya)

-Futa Club 1
-Futa Club 2
-Futa Club 3 (member's only)
-Futa Club 4 (member's only)
It's women-only, but there's no shortage of dicks :3
Category: Random
Posted on: 04/08/08
Posted by: Raikoh
The chat has been updated--there are a couple new features and some bug fixes. (Click "Read more" for details.)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 04/06/08
Posted by: Raikoh
By Celluloid Acme, the author of The Secret.

More of Hinata's inferiority-complex and more "training" with Naruto. We scanned this about a month ago--it's by Kuro Honyasan ("Black Bookstore" in japanese)--this is the sequel to I Look Only at You. Though it's only in the member's section for now. (Preview here.)
(SiNAPSE scanned this one. And both of these were translated by Rande.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/04/08
Posted by: Raikoh
-Nure Nin
-Kunoichi Musubi (Both of those CGsets are by Oreshika.)
-Kurui Zaki (member's only)
By Marii Puroguramu, the same artist who did Toko Slut and Shigyaku Sousha.

Code Geass
-Nise Midi Doronokai 2007 Calendar (too bad 2007's already over!)
-Type-G Code Geass
-Inyoku no Terrorist (was only in member's section a month ago)

They Are My Noble Masters Hentai-Game CGs
You won't find these scenes in the PS2 version of the game ;-)

-D Stripper
-Dragonaut Artbook (not hentai)

(All these image-galleries can be downloaded quickly as zip-files in the member's section.)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 04/02/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Here's the rest of the update we promised. Our new scans for this week: Zone 33, a Yoruichi x Soifon doujin by Taiheitengoku. We'll also be scanning the sequel, Zone 34. Satougashi, a weird loli-Rukia doujin (your guess is as good as ours). And Kyu--the first part's Yuffie x Rude, the second part's Tifa x Red XIII (though we just found out someone else scanned it first ;_;).

2 New Bleach Doujins:
-Zone 33 (Yoruichi x Soifon)
-Satougashi (Loli Rukia)

5 New Final Fantasy Doujins:
-Kyu (Yuffie and Tifa)
-Kanoke (Yuffie) (Was member's only a month ago)
-A Church Break (Advent Children - Tifa)
-Love Love Lockhart GA (Advent Children - Tifa)
-Dirty Star (English) (FFX-2 - Rikku)
-Seijo wo Mesu Dorei ni Otose (Yuna)

2 New They Are My Noble Masters Doujins:
-CL-an 1 (Various)
-CL-ic 1 (Shinra)

(The greyed out (unlinked) doujin titles are only in the member's section of our site. Just signup for a Hentai-Key GT account.)
Category: Random
Posted on: 04/01/08
Posted by: Raikoh
So I've been getting a lot of requests for hentai of Question-mark-chan lately (probably from the same people who keep begging me to post Sasuke x Naruto yaoi and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hentai). Well here she is, enjoy. Now hurry up and mark your territory by posting "first", "this pic is mine!", and attacking the commentor above you on every pic. As for the Sasuke x Naruto yaoi and TMNT hentai, it's on my to-do list, right after I finish making Doujin-Moe more accessible for blind-people (I'm thinking Brail-doujins?).

In a vain attempt to stroke our own ego effort to encourage positive-thinking in our visitors, from now on we'll remove all negative or discouraging responses from our polls, since we already know you always love everything we post, and always agree with us.
(All these images can be downloaded quickly as zip-files in the member's section. Signup today.)