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Where is JLullaby?
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 64 comments

It’s always sad to see someone that you follow quitting the field that they’ve been doing for years. Some people may have felt this pain when Egoraptor or Arin Hanson stopped doing animation and went on to do Let’s Plays on the Game Grumps. But it’s even worse when the person leave without a single word, it’s also scary. So tell me, do anyone knows where JLullaby went?

I’ve been following JLullaby for awhile now, even before he started posting art on Shadbase. Hell, I’ve even tried to get him to do the art for my game once on Tumblr, but now...he’s just gone. No goodbyes, no updates on his social media, not even none related activities on his social media. The last thing from him was a KIrby Zero 2 set.

These image sets are fucking creepy, so be warned!

When people randomly disappear like this, the thought of them maybe dying without anyone noticing comes to mind. JLullaby could have just passed away and no one would even know about it. But since he’s worked with Shade and Skudd before, you would think they’d know, but they could know and just don’t want to talk about it. Either way, it sucks to see one of the best RWBY NSFW artists seemingly leave without a trace. I guess we’ll never see the end to these comics.

To remember JLullaby by, I might have to do an audio version of Ruby Workout Regime

What do you think happen to JLullaby? Do you think he’s dead? Should we give Ruby Workout Regime the audio treatment? Tell us in the comments below.