Rising of the Shield Hero Already in Heat for False Rape Accusation
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 58 comments

Rape has been a big topic in anime recently with Goblin Slayer and Sword Art Online. People flipping out at the sight of seeing rape in their anime. Well, Rising of the Shield Hero is a light novel series that’ll be airing it’s anime sometime this Winter 2019, and before it’s even out, people are already slamming down on the series. And for what you might ask? Well rape of course. But this time, people aren’t mad because the series is showing rape, but showing a man getting falsely accused of rape.

Im guess to these people the thought of a girl falsely accusing a guy of rape is totally foreign and nonexistent. It’s heartbreaking to know that people like this exist. To have great and different stories, we have to show the worst sides of men and WOMEN! Girls aren’t these bundle of goodness that can’t do anything wrong. They can be scummy and disgusting just as much as guys can. But I’m going to say fuck the haters, cause I know I’m excited for me some Rising of the Shield Hero action.

Are these people over reacting? Do girls falsely accuse guys of rape? Are you going to watch Rising of the Shield Hero? Tell us in the comments below.