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Latest Onahole based on Doujin Watashi no oshiri ni sign wo kudasai hits the shelves at otonaJP!
0 • By DoujinsSponsors • 2 months ago
The newly-released Magakore 7zu7 by KMP is a special one-of-a-kind male masturbator toy based on a doujinshi series called 私のお尻に種付(サイン)をください! (Watashi no oshiri ni sign wo kudasai). There are no English translations of the series just yet (that we know of), but we may see ...
otonaJP filling the gap for hentai sex toys from Japan
7 • By DoujinsSponsors • 3 months ago
Did you know that the sex toy industry in Japan is insanely huge? There are literally thousands of hentai-themed products to choose from - and that's just the male masturbators (onaholes). Factor in all the accessories such a lubricants and maintenance products, and it is probably the biggest sex toy ...