In this week's Translation Update we've got various Tohou girls giving footjobs in "Footplay Collection", then we have a Dragonball Super Parody called "Soap!! Pleasure Opposition!!" involving Future Trunks and Future Mai getting together, and then after that we have 5 new updates for the free side starting off with chapter 5 of "Pervert App", and then chapater 4 of "From Now On She'll Be NTR'd", chapter 5 of "Netorare Unrequited Loved", chapter 2 of "Manaka-san 2nd, and then finally the other part of "Ultimate Time Stop App!".

And for our members, we have a Touhou doujin involving sex with the thicc maid Sakuya in "Netorare Maid", then we've got some school forced fucking in the Hyouka parody "Kamiyama Highschool's Vagina Research Society Activity Record", after that we've got a Kantai Collection parody called "Hitoyo Hitoyo ni Hitomigoro" which is about the Admiral getting serviced by the i-13 and i-14 twins, next we have a full color Konosuba parody called "WONDERFUL WISHES" and it involves Kazuma having sex with the whole cast, after that we have an odd little story called "The Reason Why Fridge Girl Nemu Is Cranky " about a girl who lives in a man's fridge and wants to have sex when he comes out, and then finally we have the final chapter of "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu", chapter 7 of "Gal's Repayment", and the final chapter of "Kirari, The Legend of IDOL".

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