In this week's Translation Update we've got chapter 1 of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha doujin "Home Sweet Home ~Compilation~" involving some lovey vanilla sex with Fate, then we have a short chapter involving some public sex in "Hanazawa the public toilet girl", after that we have a new Touhou doujin called "Next Door Sakuya-san" involving having sex with Sakuya the maid, next we have the sequel to last week's Gundam doujin "DESTINY GIRL 2", followed by the chapter 7 update for "Parallel World Girlfriend", the chapter 7 update for "Otomehime", and the chapter 6 update for "PINKERTON".

And for our members, we have 3 new lol*con doujins. The first one called "Our Red Devil Is Unforgiving!" involves two girls from Smile Precure getting screwed by a red orc. The second one "A Prince And The Captured Pirates" is about 2 loli pirates being captured and taken. And the third one is a Girls Und Panzer parody involving Chiyomi dressed as a bunny girl. After that we've got some girls getting turned on by drugs in the Tokyo 7th Sisters parody "Twin X Sense", then we have a Konosuba parody called "Flag That this Masochistic Knight Is Going To Get Swallowed Up! 2" which is about Darkness being groped by slimey tentacles, following that we've got a girl who grows up to be a woman who wants to sleep with her dad in the manga chapter "You want to cum with papa?", then we have a story about a guy being transformed into a woman and getting banged by his best friend in "Having a Woman's Body With My Childhood Friend", and then finally we have the chapter 8 update of "Kirari, the Legend of IDOL".

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