In this week's Translation Update we've got the first chapter of "Pervert App" which is the first in a series of stories involving dirty sex apps, then we have 2 new Touhou doujins with the first one involves Sakuya servicing guys while wearing her maid outfit and the second one is about Patchouli getting mind controlled and gang fucked, after that we've got a shy widow trying to find a guy in the story "Hikari-chan's Development Diary", next we have Djeeta, Farrah, Feena, and Rosetta from Fate Granblue sleeping with pig monsters, and then finally we've got got a chapter 4 update for "Paralell World Girlfriend", a chapter 4 update for "Otomehime", and the chapter 3 update for "Pinkerton".

And for our members, we have a Re;Zero parody doujin called "Manservant's Life Starting From Zero" that involves Subaru getting in a threesome with Rem and Ram, next is a Girls Und Panzer parody that involves the sisters Maho and Miho teaming up in order to win a doll, then we have some brother-sister doing naughty things in "Trap The Underwear", followed by the 4th "Nyancology" that's all about sex with a bunny girl, and then to wrap it all up we've got a chapter 6 update for "Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock~", a chapter 9 update for "Part Time Manaka-san", chapter 6 and 7 added for "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu", and chapter 5 of "Kirari, The Legend of IDOL".

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