In this week's Translation Update we've got a story about a girl dressing as a nurse to give a patient a special kind of late night visit in "Love Doki Doki Nurse Play", then we have three doujins involving mind control and forced sex in the Ikkitousen parody "Vixen Party" the second is a Touhou doujin with a foxgirl in it called "A Story Where Ran Yakumo Is Hypnotized Into Having Sex" and the third one involves a bit of genderbender in "TSF Changed My Life", next up we've got a bit of schoolgirl ntr going on in chapter 1 of "The Right Way To Get Females With Child Ch.1", and last but not least we have a chapter 3 update for "Parallel World Girlfriend", a chapter 3 update for "Otomehime", and chapter 2 of "Pinkerton".

And for our members, we have some foot play in the Fate Grand Order parody "A Story Where I Obediently Ejactualted For Okita-san", then we've got the 3rd Nyancology that involves more time with catgirls, after that we have Hanamaru and Yoshiko taking turns with a guy in the Love Live Sunshim parody "Yoshimaru Sunshine!! Zura!", and then for updates we've got a chapter 5 update for "Commanding Stickers!? Ero Seal ~With One Sheet Selfish High Schoolers Become Enslaved to Cock~", chapter 8 of "Part Time Manaka san", chapter 5 of "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu, chapter 8 of "Tomo Mama", and finally chapter 4 of "Kirari, The Legend of IDOL".

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