18 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Marriage Hunting (kimono, blindfold, buxom, ahegao)
-Screw the Vibe, We're Going out on the Town! (cheating, exhibitionism, lol*con)
-Himekawa-san Wants To Take A Shortcut (buxom, schoolgirl, paizuri)
-Bath Style (bikini, shota, full color)
-China Auction (femdom, toys, chinese dress, blindfold)
-Chameleon (femdom, sister, military, toys)
-Perverted Chie? (apron, bunny girl, ffm threesome)
-Because My Cousin's Too Damn Hot (cousin, hotpants, full color)
-Before Becoming A Bride (daughter, schoolgirl, impregnation)
-The Bitter, Sweet and Painful Thorn (femdom, sister, stockings)
-Licking Monster (dark skin, lol*con, monster girl, shota)
-Make Love Rhapsody (femdom, gyaru, sweating, buxom)
-The Chain of Fascination (bondage, pantyhose, toys)
-Biased Girlfriend (bdsm, defloration, ahegao)
-Ass Play (schoolgirl, pantyhose, toys)
-RainForest Note First Part (schoolgirl, cheating, cheating)
-Fanaticism Short (maid, buxom, full color)
-The Overlord In My House (Demon girl, stockings, full color)

4 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Secret Plot Ch. 1-7 (femdom, glasses, stockings, teacher, shota)
-Cum A Whole Lot, Yuusha-sama Ch.1 (buxom, maid, stockings, shota)
-Paradise Found Parts 1-2 (schoolgirl, cousin, hairy, sweating)
-Fanaticism Ch. 1-2 (maid, r*pe, stockings, ffm threesome)

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