In this week's Translation Update we've got Takao and the Admiral sharing some lewd nights together in "Nighttime Practice With Takao", Following that we've got another Touhou tentacle doujin this one involving Parsee Mizuhashi, next for the lol*con fans out there we've got "Pokemon Trainer Alola's Body" with Lillie front and center not to mention "Disgraceful Skinship" involving Momo Rito and Nemesis in a bit of bondage play, following those we have a busty young woman showing a boy a good time in the hentai chapter "Matsubura-san at the hot spring", after that we've got the cute Koishi from Touhou taking the lead with a boy in "Leave Everything To Koishi Onee-chan", and finally we have Yukari Akiyama from Girls Und Panzer whoring herself out to strangers in the short doujin "The Foolish Akiyama Yukari's Compensated Dating".

And for our members, we've got a hentai chapter involving schoolgirls putting on a sex show at the school festival in "Mating Festival", next we have the first 2 chapters of "Kirari, the Legend of IDOL" which involves slutty idols sleeping with their fans for advertising, next up we've got a hot gyaru girl trying to sleep with an older man for money in "Ass Support Bitch", following that we have a chapter simply called "Curse" that has some NTR- like vibes and it involves a guy who gets upset when his mother sleeps with anyone, and then to wrap things up we've got quite a few updates to our previous releases including: Chapter 3 of "Ojousama to Maid no Midarana Seikatsu", chapter 6 of " Big Puffy Nipples College", chapter 5 of "Tomo Mama", and chapter 5 of "Part Time Manaka san".

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