In this week's Translation Update we've got 2 new futa doujins, the first called "The Admiral Is Getting Fucked By Futanari Kashima" involves a dominant futa Kashima toying with a masochistic Admiral, and the second called "Futanarisha to Kozukurisha" is practically the reverse with a dominant involves a dominant guy and a passive futa. And even though season 3 of Konosuba got called off we have a new parody doujin called "Aqua's Breast Milk Skill" that of course centers around Aqua herself. We've also got a couple doujins involving femdom, the first one called "With The Senpai I've Longed For" involves a small guy being dominated by his much larger female senpai while the second one called "The Dangerous Onee-chan" involves a forcifully crazy girl who I'm not sure is sadistic or masochistic. Next up we have an embarrassed Ere-chan trying her best to please her master in the Fate Grand Order parody "Lewd Love With Ere-chan". And finally to cap off the free section we've got a Touhou Parody called "My Sweet Honey Hatate" which involves Hatate giving her new husband a tittyfuck with her giant breasts before getting to the main event.

And for our members, we've got the To LOVE-Ru Darkness parody "I Can't Refuse An Invitation From Kujou Senpai!" which involves Kujou going after Rito, we also have a new Kantai Collection doujin which has Suzuya in a santa outfit toying sweetly with the admiral, next we have a guy using a hypnotizing license that allows him to fuck any girl he likes in ch1 of "Bessatsu Comic Unreal Joushiki ga Eroi Ijou na Sekai Vol 4", after that we have the first 2 chapters of "Maid no Midarana Seikatsu" which involves a maid sexual relief service for virgins, and finally we have updates for the 5th chapter of "Big Puffy Nipples College Teen", the 4th chapter of "Tomo Mama", chapter 2 of "From Now On She'll Be NTR'd", and the 4th chapter of "Part Time Manaka san".

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