8 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-2B <3 9S (Nier: Automata- 2b, blindfold, thigh high boots, shotacon)
-Papa, Become My Woman (trap-yaoi, shemale, trap x dickgirl, incest)
-Impregnated Big Breasts Elf - The Orc Story (elf, orcs, impregnation)
-True Lewd Nina Way - The Hellish Story of TsunaHina Becoming Sex Slaves (Naruto- Tsunade, Hinata, buxom)
-Lewd Virus Ch. 1-2 (impregnation, nurse, cervix penetration, inflation)
-My Niece And Our Wrong Relationship + Extra (emotionless sex, lol*con, impregnation, niece)
-Eye=Heart ~Thanks To This Hypno App I can Have As Much Sex As I Like~ (mind control, schoolgirl, swimsuit, gyaru)
-Supervised Monthly Ejaculation (femdom, toys, schoolgirl, facesitting, orgasm denial)

8 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Shirogane x Spirits! (defloration, stockings, buxom)
-Gensei Shinki LINEAGE -Sacred Lineage- (bike shorts, glasses, lol*con, tentacles)
-The Cheeky Women Who Practically Exist As Furniture That Can Get Pregnant... (pregnant, milf, buxom, Mom x Son)
-I'm Cumming! Girls Of The Cheer Department And The Teacher's Mother... (cheerleader, bondage, schoolgirl)
-CHU x PET (buxom, bike shorts, bikini, schoolgirl, femdom)
-Her Dad's Thick Fingers Tease Her Lewd Body~ (buxom, bikini, impregnation, NTR, lol*con)
-W Devil's H Hospitality~Please Give Us More Of Your Milk~ (bbw, buxom, cheating, spanking)
-Arcadia Of November (blowjob, paizuri, pantyhose)

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