In this week's Translations Update we have two girls doing some femdom with their feet in [Oouso]'s "Twin Harassment", another lewd Kantai Collection doujin staring Atago in [Kotengu]'s "Atago Milk", lots of anal play in a Gundam Build Fighter's artist cg by [Otochichi], chapter 7 of Namaiki Haramasex by [Kazuhiro], a KonoSuba parody doujin staring Aqua called "It's 100%The Alcohol's Fault" by [Tatami], a NieR_Automata doujin with a bit of mind control from [Batten Kariba], a chained up girl being used in a new doujin by [Geko], and a manga chapter with a self explanitory title: "My Childhood Friend Is A Masochist" by [Zero no Mono].

And for our members, we have volume 3 of "MAKIPET" by [Ninoko], a glasses wearing QT in the Persona 5 parody "FUTABA REVIVE" by [D.N.A. Lab], The second volume of Mezase! "Rakkuen Keikaku" by [Kasukabe Taro] that has some Haruna X Rito action, a new Pokemon Sun and Moon doujin by [mmm], Chapter 2 of "Big Puffy Nipples College Teen", a guy sleeping with his friend's mom in the first chapter of "Tomo Mama" by Shirota Kurota, chapter 1 of "Part Time Manaka san" by [Saigado] which features a thiccc red headed waitress, and finally the last 3 chapters of "Sweet Popcorn Soushuuhen 2".

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