In this week’s Translation Update we have some bondage going on in the To Love Ru doujin called Sainan Highschool's Certified Public Morals Committee Whore slave Kotegawa by [Hakaba]. We also have two Dragonball doujins. The first one called BITCH SISTERS SUPER by [Rikka Kai] involves Bulma and her sister Tights getting dirty with Jaco and Zuno-sama. And the second Dragonball doujin called Wonderful Wife by [Kokuryuugan] involves some husband and wife action between Android 18 and her pint-sized husband Krillin. Speaking of a loving relationship, we have some light femdom in the KanColle parody Atago's Sweet Sexual Education by [Kotengu] that involves the Admiral getting some one on one sex education from Atago. Then next up we have some secret sex going on in the school bathroom in the story Mrs. Okumiya in the restroom by [Bifidus]. And finally to top it all off we have some short manga stories with chapter 1 of [Monorino]'s To Be Happy Now(Pinkerton) that involves a schoolgirl servicing older men on a public train and Chapter 1 of COMIC BAVEL which has some quick sex in the school library, in the classroom with a teacher, and even a couple in a log cabin.

And for our members, we have a doujin involving Bayonetta and her doubleganger teaming up on a guy in [Leopard]’s “Leopart Bon 15”. And while we’re on the subject of parodies there’s the Love Live! doujin called “MAKIPET 2” by [Ninoko] that has a maid Maki Nishiko as the main focus along with a Girls Und Panzer doujin called “Nikudorei! Nishizumi Shiho” by [Hakaba] that also involves some more bondage with blindfolds, plugs, gags and all. We’ve also got a Granblue Fantasy title called “The System That Makes Knights Fall” by [Tachibana Yuu] that involves female knights being captured and used in a dungeon. After that we have a bit of NTR with a schoolgirl in [Dozamura]’s “Netori Ojisan” and a bit of toilet play and some two on one action from the thiccc girls in Chapter 1 of [Shioroku]’s “Big Puffy Nipples College Teen”. Next we have the sequel to “Konnafuuni → Sarechau Ohanashi Sono” by [a face] that involves some old guy’s corrupting a little girl’s purity. And last but not least we have a manga chapter involving a schoolgirl sleeping with a whole group of boys in “Everyone’s School” by [Hatimoto].

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