In this weeks Translations Update we have, Chapter 2 of (This) wild H-Manga addition, A cute Love Live addition addition ft Kotori-chan, A curvy milf has fun in this Gundam Build Fighters addition, Erina-sama is fiddled in this Shokugeki no Soma addition by [Sugar Berry Syrup], The remaining chapters of (This) H-Manga addition by [Yabitsutouge], Siblings fool around in this H-Mag Ch addition by [Shiraishinsuke], Tsunade shows her true colors i this Naruto ddition, Finally a CG addition by [mega w] ft too much lewd stuff.

And for our members, We have chapter 2 of the scandalous Sweet Popcorn Soushuuhen 2 Manga, A cheeky girl gets ahead of herself in this Mag Chaper addition by [Toya], A Persona 5 addition ft anne Takamaki-Hifumi, A curvy H-Mag ch addition by Orikuchi, Part 3 of (This) Walkure Romanze story, Fumi goes wild in this Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans addition, An action packed Ikkitousen addition by [Diogenes Club], Finally a curvy schoolgirl puts up with lewd stuff in this Girls und Panzer addition.
(Preview here)