In this weeks Translations Update we have, A saucy H-Mag chapter addition by [Nokin], Part two and three of (This) Love Live story, A tongue heavy addition by [Jack-Pot], A curvy Idolmaster addition ft Mishiro, Tentacles go wild in this H-Mag chapter addition, A busty H-Manga addition by [Kazuhiro], Finally part 5 of the Dynamic One Punch Man One Hurricane series by [Kiyosumi Hurricane].

And for our members, We have a H-Mag chapter addition ft some fun at the beach, Popcorn is sweet in this H-Manga addition, A pervy Nurse sits on something in this addition by [G-Panda], A girl that wont take no for an answer in this H-Mag chapter addition by [Puyochya], Another sweet H-Mag chapter this time by [Miyabi], Two steamy demon girl stories by [Shindou], Finally a netorare filled To Love Ru addition ft Ryouko and Tearju.
(Preview here)