In this weeks Translations Update we have, A Kantai Collection addition ft Murakumo-Shimakaze x Teitoku, A Touhou addition ft Sumirako being controlled, A Ikkitousen CG addition by [Purple Haze], A lewd original addition by [Yoshu Ohepe], An H-Mag Ch addition ft twin sisters having fun with sensei, A prince is sacrificed in this The Heroic Legend of Arslan addition, A sweet original story by [Momoko], Finally a Prison School Addition ft Meiko dominating.

And for our members, We have Part two of (This) lewd schoolgirl story, A Occultic Nine addition ft buxom Ryoka, A steamy Idolmaster addition ft Mio bending over, A schoolgirl gets wet in summer in this Yotsubato! addition, A pervy girl learns a lesson stuck in a wall, A Persona 5 addition ft harem nakadashi fun, An H-Manga tank many members have been waiting eagerly for, Finally a sweet Love Live addition Kotori in trouble again.
(Preview here)