In this weeks Maga Translations Update we have, Part two of This sweet Idolmaster addition, Futanari Chun-Li goes wild with Cammy, A Big Girl dominates in this Jormungand addition, Part 4 of This busty schoolgirl story, Kotegawa is in trouble again in this To Love Ru addition, Mayu has some slippery fun in this Idolmaster addition, A milf lets loose in this CG addition by [Kanta], A weird Sailor Moon addition ft things i wont repeat, Next a saucy CG by [Eroero Paradise], A cute Kantai Collection addition ft Shimakaze playing around with Teitoku_san, An eventful KonoSuba addition ft Aqua and co having fun, Finally a blast from the past with this Dragon Ball Z addition ft Android 18 experiencing the joys of absorption

And for our members, We have a lewd Elf story by [Yunioshi], A steamy Fire Emblem addition ft Camilla-Takumi taking a bath, A curvy Kantai Collection addition ft Souryuu being loved tenderly by Teitoku, Another Kantai addition this time ft Yamato learning a thing or two, A lewd Pretty Cure addition ft Urakata being wholesome, A sexy CG addition by [Eroero Paradise] ft Chun-Li caught in a tough situation, A lewd Grandblue Fantasy addition ft Apollonia used in every position, Part two of the earlier Kantai addition ft Yamato, Busty milf Mishiro is taught a lesson in this Idolmaster addition, Tifa Lockhart finds herself in trouble in this CG addition by [Eroero Paradise], A sluuuuty milf is caught in the act in this Gundam Build Fighters addition, Finally busty schoolgirl Asuka Kazama pleasures old men for money in this CG addition by [Tetsuo!!!].
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