In this weeks Translations Update we have, A buxom Gatchaman Crowds addition ft Hajime and co showing off their lewd bodies, A catgirl is bound and played with in this [Lilithlauda] addition, A massive H-Manga addition by [Miyano Kintarou] ft lewd impregnations, Part 2 of this story ft A milf caring for the next generation in this CG addition by [Usaden], Finally a 4 part To Love-Ru story ft the cast participating in various activities...

And for our members, We have a H-Magazine chapter by [Atohoshi Cecil] ft a clumsy witch getting into trouble, An innocent male is dominated in this CG addition by [Kanta], Two Kantai Collection additions ft Hyuuga-Ise taking control and Nachi having some lewd fun with Teitoku, An educational Touhou addition ft Yuuka and a lucky guy, A Amanchu addition by [Suzuhane Suzu] ft a schoolgirl getting in trouble, A Girls und Panzer addition ft Mika getting wet in her swimsuit, Finally another H-Magazine chapter by [Atohoshi Cecil] this time ft a lewd milf accepting responsibility for her THICK body.
(Preview here)

Happy New Year everyone!!