In this weeks Translations Update we have, A cute Go Princess Precure addition ft Kirara taking a peaceful nap, A lewd wife cheats on her husband in this netorare addition by [Nyamota], A Final Fantasy vii addition ft Tifa having fun with Cloud, Another Go Princess Precure addition this time ft Kirara' lewd side, A Idolmaster addition ft Mika at the beach with Producer, A sluuty Gyaru goes wild in this CG addition by [x-tei], An interesting Grandblue Fantasy addition ft Beatrix having an adventure, Finally a schoolgirl with pent up frustration takes it out on a classmate in this Mag-chapter addition by [Itaba Hiroshi].

And for our members, We have a colorful Go Princess Precure addition ft Kirara-Twinkle, A cute Kantai Collection addition ft Pola-Zara, A buxom Grandblue Fantasy addition ft Narmaya, A big ass bbw filled H-Manga by [Methonium] ft lots of shota-gyaru-nakadashi action, A lewd breast heavy addition ft various series' and characters, A sexy netorare addition by [Mizuhara Yuu], A sweet Love Live addition ft buxom schoolgirls Eri-Nozomi, Finally a demon girl has her way with an unfortunate shota in this CG addition by [Kanta].
(Preview here)