In this weeks Translations Update we have a froggy My Hero Academia addition ft Tsuyu being educated by a lucky young man, A busty Touhou addition ft Yuuka and a hot cup of tea, A demon girl has her way with a captive in this CG by [kanta], A cute Re:ZERO addition ft Rem-Subaru having some catgirl fun, A buxom schoolgirl filled H-Manga addition by [okawari] ft too many lewd stuff to list, Next an innocent Mobile Suit Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans addition ft Atra-Fumitan-Takaki learning how each others bodies works, A sweet, Love Live addition ft Eri in a comfy bed, Finally a lively One Piece addition ft Nami and best girl Robin experimenting with black magic.

And for our members, We have the final three chapters of Hatsujou Days bringing this big ass-femdom story to an end, Part two of This dp heavy Love Live story ft Eri, A scathing Fire Emblem addition ft Camilla-Charlotte-Elise, Another Love Live addition this time ft Hanayo_chan bound and played with by a close friend, A Idolmaster addition ft Rin having lewd thoughts about Producer_san, A sweet Dagashi Kashi addition ft Hotaru being more sweet than lewd for once, Next a very lewd Mobile Suit Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans addition ft Carta letting go of reasoning and having fun, Finally a massive H-Manga by [Suzuhane Suzu] filled with bunny girl-tentacle-yuri goodness.
(Preview here)