In this weeks Translations Update we have a ball busting Dead or Alive addition ft Bayman-Nyotengu enjoying some tied up dp, Two wonderful Naruto additions ft Sakura getting some TLC from her one true love~, A busty Gundam addition ft Fumitan-Kudelia, A lew CG by [Hatomame] ft a big ass catgirl, Finally an action packed three part Go Princess Precure addition ft Flora, Mermaid, Twinkle and Towa enjoying various activities in the countryside.

And for our members, We have Chapter 6 and 7 of Hatsujou Days Manga, A lewd Girls und Panzer addition ft Shiho and co making new friends, A bbw filled Gundam Build Fighters Try addition ft Fumina-Kaoruko having a bit of fun, A massive Manga by [Ashiomi Masato] filled with big ass, schoolgirls being mind controlled and deflowered... oh my~, Next Two sexy Grandblue Fantasy additions ft Gran-Rosetta having fun at the beach and Andira-Gran getting cozy on a long flight, A milf heavy mixed series addition by [bobobo], Finally a sweet Love Live addition ft Riko scared and alone being cheered up by some nice guys.
(Preview here)