In this weeks Translations Update we have the final two chapters of Ane Zukushi, Two sweet Love Live CG additions, A lewd Touhou addition ft Koakuma - Patchouli, A busty sleepy mom and a curious son explore the countryside in this original doujin by [Kuroneko Smith], Inoue get tickled in EroCos Vol. 53 by [Purple Haze], Komachi and Shikieki gets rubbed down in this Touhou addition, Finally a From the New World bondage addition by [shio604].

And for our members, We have a busty Kantai Collection addition ft Junyou having a drink with Teitoku, A cute Idolmaster addition ft Ranko at the beach, A lewd Galko-chan CG by [silver meteor], Kanan is caught and bound in this Love Live addition, Chapters 4 and 5 of Hatsujou Days, Another Idolmaster addition this time ft Manami - Reiko being rough with Producer_san, A Gundam Build Fighters CG ft various ladies being loved tenderly, Finally a lewd yet sweet H-Manga addition about a girl making some questionable decisions.
(Preview here)