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Category: Random
Posted on: 08/10/13
Posted by: Raikoh
Hi, sorry that the new doujin-moe is giving out a lot of '502 Bad Gateway' errors, which essentially means the server is overloaded at the moment and is rejecting your request temporarily. It's not your fault or your browser's fault; it's a problem with our server. We've optimized the code a lot to try to fix it, but it looks like we're going to have to upgrade to a new server to get the pages to load in a timely manner without errors. We'll hopefully have the site running on a new, more powerful server within a week. Thanks for your patience.
Category: Random
Posted on: 08/03/13
Posted by: Raikoh
Hey guys, we're proud to launch the new Doujin-Moe 3.0 interface today after being in development for 9 months!

New features include:
-The ability to register free (non-premium membership) accounts, which can be used to create your own custom list of favorite galleries. (Previously only premium members could create favorite lists.)
-You can use the keyboard arrow-keys to go to the next or previous image.
-Metro-style tile layout makes the site easier to navigate with touch-screen devices. (*Note: a mobile version of the site is coming soon!)
-No more frames with an annoying red-side-bar, plus short-urls that you can actually remember!
-Zip-files are now generated on the fly by the server and are more convenient to use. You don't need to download separate zip-files for each individual chapter.
-Better integration with H-Moe.com
-An "Artist" page dedicated to sorting works by popular artists, an "A-B-C" page to view series alphabetically, and a "Tag" page for sorting works by content.
-Simpler file-organization (i.e., no more "Misc. Random-Doujins" or character-specific sub-folders), and every series has its own dedicated folder (even if it has only 1 doujin in it).

New Fixes:
-Optimized so the site runs faster.
-Browsers can now remember your login info for you.
-Zip-file downloads can now be resumed.
-People can comment anonymously (you don't need to login or have an account).
-Old comments are back now.

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below--let us know what you think of it, if there are any problems or bugs, or your thoughts on ways to improve it, thanks!
Category: Random
Posted on: 12/24/12
Posted by: Raikoh
Well it's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to announce our new hentai-movie streaming site; h-moe.com! Check the site out and give us any feedback you have in the comments below. Let us know if you like the site, hate it, encounter problems with it, encounter bug, etc. (Keep in mind that it's still a work in progress!) If you're a doujin-moe premium-member, you can login to the site using the same username and password that you use to login to doujin-moe's member section.

Also, after a long delay, we're finally now accepting new membership-signups again through h-moe.com--sorry to everyone who contacted us complaining they wanted to buy a doujin-moe membership but could not! From now on whenever you buy a premium-membership at h-moe.com, you will get a membership at doujin-moe too for FREE for as long as your h-moe.com premium-subscription lasts.

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Category: Random
Posted on: 02/24/11
Posted by: Mike

Shoot japanese school-girls with your 'pheromone gun'--too bad this game will never see the light of day in the US, just like Idol M@sters or Dream Club...
Category: Random
Posted on: 04/01/10
Posted by: Raikoh
It's a fine tradition that every April 1st, we post some of the most requested doujins of the year. Many fine literary candidates were considered, including The Great Pikachu Massacre, or an Optimus Prime x Megatron pairing, but unfortunately none of those made the cut. Now for the doujin everyone's been asking for--and by 'everyone' I mean the voices in my head:

Actually, I just realized that all the Aizen-mizugi fans will be quite disappointed after seeing that smexy cover--there is actually nothing sexual in this doujin... Sorry guys, maybe next year!
Category: Random
Posted on: 03/24/10
Posted by: Raikoh
*Update:* The site should be working like normal again now. Sorry for all the trouble guys.

Sorry, due to a hardware failure on server-1 last night (stupid webhost), Doujin-Moe.us was been offline for a couple hours, and it will still take us a couple more hours to get everything working again. In the meantime the site will be slow, give errors, or files will be missing. I'm very sorry about this, and thank you for your patience.

The member's section was unaffected (it's on a separate server), and can be logged into at members.doujin-moe.us.
Category: Random
Posted on: 03/11/10
Posted by: Raikoh
Well 2009 ended a while ago already, so it's about time we got around to doing this already! These are our personal picks for the best hentai of 2009 in various categories (in no particular order), for those of you who may have missed or forgotten about these the first time they came out. (Note that some of these weren't necessarily drawn in 2009, but they were added to the site in 2009, making them eligible.)

Sorry if you disagree with our selection, or some of your personal favorites were left out (there's a ton of great hentai, so narrowing down the list was tough). I would've liked to have had a poll to decide the best hentai out there, but that would've been quite difficult and involved hundreds nominees. Items without links are only in the member's section--I tried to balance out free-section stuff and member's only stuff, but it ended up kind of lopsided in a lot of areas anyway... Sriblanka will also be posting his usual update later today.

Top 10 Best Complete H-Mangas:
-Mai Favorite [Gunma Kisaragi]
-Iro Iro [Ishikei]
-Swimsuit Girlfriend [Bosshi]
-Bust to Bust [Yasui Riosuke]
-Pink Shock [Yasui Riosuke]
-Witchcraft [Yamatogawa]
-Tayu Tayu [Yamatogawa]
-Honey Blonde [Kensoh Ogawa]
-Dog Ears Zukan
-Scold Me Twin Sisters [Yukiyanagi]

Top 10 H-Manga Chapters:
-With my Student and Newlywed [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Gohoushi Nurse-dou [Takeda Hiromitsu]
-Just as Planned
-With a Side of Wife [Kensoh Ogawa]
-Good Job [Celluloid Acme]
-Doki Doki Kousai Checker [Gunma Kisaragi]
-Nerusen [Shiwasu no Okina]
-Triple H Ch. 1 - 3 [Shiwasu no Okina]
-Honey Bitch [Nekomataya]
-08.04 AM Daydream and Girls Aquarium

Top 15 Regular Doujins:
-Sennin no Te (Naruto)
-Yokubari Senninte (Naruto)
-Mero Mero Girls 1 (One Piece)
-Through the Wall (One Piece)
-Love Flavor (Bleach) [Kurionesha]
-Hametora (To Love Ru) [Ohotomo Takuji]
-Trouble Shoukougun (To Love Ru)
-Shirogane no Ohoshi-sama (Noble Masters) [Tsunken]
-Rosa Vivid 1 (Rosario Vampire)
-Monhan no Ero Hon 5 (Monster Hunter) [Udon-ya]
-Monhan no Ero Hon 6 (Monster Hunter) [Udon-ya]
-Go My Way (Koihime Musou) [Yasui Riosuke]
-Yukiyanagi's Book 13 (Queen's Blade)
-Amakusa Moyouna 1 (Toaru Majutsu no Index) [SAZ]
-Fujibayashi Nado (Clannad) [Kensoh Ogawa]

Top 10 Best Futanari Doujins / H-Manga Chapters:
-Shokukan Mankan Zenseki 2 (Ikkitousen)
-Futa Field Trip
-Futanari Yesterday
-GL Witches (Strike Witches) [Studio Tiamat]
-Oppai of Brittain (Strike Witches)
-Futanari Witch Group(Strike Witches CGset)
-Kusari Vol. 7 (Queen's Blade)
-Pururun Cast Off (Queen's Blade)
-NineteenS NxF (Nanoha)
-Eva (Evangelion)

Top 10 Best Big-Breast Doujins:
-Dynamite Rave (Final Fantasy 7)
-Kinoko Tsuushin 4 (Final Fantasy 7)
-Slave of Pleasure (Dragonaut)
-Makina and Garnet (Dragonaut)
-Tokumori Parupunte [Freaks]
-Wagaya no Chichikami-sama [Freaks]
-Bra Bursting Boom [Freaks]
-Onee Paizuri 2
-Rumble G [Yunioshi]
-Chichikage Hanjouki (Naruto)

Top 10 Best CGsets:
-Echino (To Love Ru)
-Torakosu (To Love Ru)
-Shin Sangoku Musou (Dynasty Warriors)
-Vitamin CC (Code Geass)
-Dangerous Witches - Imprisoned Mask (Code Geass)
-Doroo Mei mo Naki Otoko-tachi no Banka (Yugioh GX)
-Otome Gokoro Ha H Mode 6 (Naruto)
-Sen Otome in Yoku Seisen (Queen's Blade)
-Queen's Load (Queen's Blade)
-Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Imouto [Takeda Hiromitsu] (H-Game)

Read more for Sriblanka's choices for the top-20 doujins of 2009.

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Category: Random
Posted on: 03/06/10
Posted by: Raikoh
First there was training with Hinako to help all the fatty-otaku out there lose weight, now there's sleeping with Hinako to help out all those insomniac-otaku too! And by "sleeping" I mean, like, literally sleeping...

(Torrent Link) Members can also download the video directly.
And yes it's subbed in English, surprisingly. We have no idea what sort of purpose some brilliant nefarious people made this video for, but it probably involved something other than sleeping...

And I should've posted this a long time ago as well, seeing as Comiket 77 took place on December 29th - 31st.

Most Popular Parody Series at Comiket 77:
1. Touhou
2. Hetalia: Axis Powers (all yaoi)
3. Hitman Reborn! (all yaoi)
4. Rakudai Ninja Rantarou (all yaoi / non-hentai)
5. Sengoku Basara (all yaoi)
6. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
7. The Idolm@ster
8. Love Plus
9. Haruhi
10. A Certain Scientific Railgun
11. Vocaloid
12. Bakemonogatari
13. Tales of [Whatever] Series (half yaoi)
(Source: Toranoana)

I guess that shows just how many non-hentai doujins there are out there--for example, the yaoi artists are still making Code Geass doujins, while all the hentai artists have already moved on to other series. The one thing that puzzles me is... why is no one making any Fairy Tail hentai? Sure I've never seen a doujin for unknown series like Aika R-16 / Aika Zero, but that's a bit more understandable. I would normally post a preview of them like last time, but a lot of Comiket 77 doujins have already been scanned (most of the new doujins from the last two months were from Comiket 77), though there's still a lot left to be released.