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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 03/06/11
Posted by: Raikoh
Sorry, I meant to wrap up this poll a long time ago. Well the winners were: 1. Highschool of the Dead, 2. Angel Beats, 3. Panty and Stocking.

Poll 920 (February 27th – March 6th, 2011)
What was the best new anime of 2010? (final round)

Angel Beats: 2,252 (16.2%)
Bakuman: 1,452 (10.4%)
Highschool of the Dead: 5,725 (41.1%)
Panty and Stocking: 1,800 (12.9%)
The World Only God Knows: 1,521 (10.9%)
To Love Ru 2: 1,179 (8.5%)

Total Votes: 13,929

Personally I disagree pretty strongly with these results, but oh well, I suppose there's no denying HoTD's popularity. (Read more for previous round results.)

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 12/19/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 666 (May 20th, 2009)
How mad have you ever gotten over a video game?

I destroyed my console / game-disc: 862 (7.8%)
I threw my controller: 3,291 (29.7%)
I punched my TV: 650 (5.9%)
I hit the person next to me: 1169 (10.6%)
I yelled at the TV / other players: 3802 (34.4%)
I never get mad: 1293 (11.7%)

Total Votes: 11,067

Quite a few yellers and controller-tossers out there! It seems that video-game-induced-rage is pretty common (feel free to comment posting your stories!). My brother did rip Soul Calibur IV out of the disc tray and crumple the disc after losing a close online match once (only to later rebuy the game a week later). My rage is fortunately limited only to yelling and controller-tossing, though I did once put a crappy game disc in the microwave for the fun of it... (note: NOT a good idea to put reflective materials in a microwave—use a toaster instead next time).

Poll 679 (June 16th -17th, 2009)
How much trash do you talk online?

I always pwn them newbs, and they know it!: 1,540 (17.4%)
Some, but they deserve it: 3,197 (36.2%)
Just a little: 2,019 (22.8%)
Never, I’m always nice: 1489 (16.8%)
I don’t play online: 592 (6.7%)

Total Votes: 8,837

So about 54% of our visitors are regular-trash-talkers.

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 09/28/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 652 (April 21st – 23rd, 2009)
Who’s the hottest woman in To Love Ru?

Lala: 2553 (22.6%)
Haruna: 867 (7.7%)
Mikado-sensei: 912 (8.1%)
Mikan: 645 (5.7%)
Yami: 753 (6.7%)
Yui: 717 (6.3%)
I don’t watch To Love Ru: 4,865 (43%)

Total Votes: 11,312

Well back in July, the results were largely the same, except that now 2% more of our visitors are familiar with To Love Ru, which is kind of sad. Mikan is the least popular, with Lala in first place by far (typical—main characters always win!), and Mikado-sensei surprisingly beating Haruna--I love them both so I'm not complaining!

Poll 642 (March 26th – 29th, 2009)
Which Final Fantasy game is your favorite?

7: 4,324 (34.4%)
8: 867 (6.9%)
10 and 10-2: 1,910 (15.2%)
11: 145 (1.2%)
12: 713 (5.7%)
Other: 1324 (10.5%)
I never played any of them: 3,275 (26.1%)

Total Votes: 12,558

Wow, Final Fantasy 7 really dominated! That game just won't die. FF10 came in at a strong second as well. Meanwhile FF11 did horribly (screw that stupid game and almost every other MMORPG--they're addictive time-voids which devour your life and leave you empty). I'm surprised by how few votes the other games got though.

(Read more for more old poll results.)

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 06/13/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 624 (February 13th – 14th, 2009)
Should Marijuana be legalized?

Yes: 2,611 (32%)
Only for medical use: 1,856 (22.7%)
I’m not sure: 496 (6.1%)
No: 1,652 (20.2%)
I don’t care: 1,551 (19%)

Total Votes: 8,166

Well of those that care, 67.5% want to see it legalized to some extent. Meanwhile look at how few people are unsure—well whether they’re for it or against it, people have made up their minds. Personally, I think it should be legalized, though restricted somewhat. Of course if I were a politician, that statement would be political suicide.

Poll 630 (February 26th – 29th, 2009)
Pirates VS Ninjas! Who would win?

Luffy: 2,575 (16.1%)
Zoro: 1,378 (8.6%)
Sanji: 273 (1.3%)
Naruto: 4,483 (28%)
Sasuke: 1,709 (10.7%)
Kakashi: 3,693 (23%)
It’s a draw!: 1922 (12%)

Total Votes: 16,033

And the Ninjas win, hands down! Finally, we can put that old debate to rest!

Poll 629 (February 23rd – 25th, 2009)
Do you have a girlfriend / boyfriend?

Yes, several!: 1,070 (7.4%)
Yes: 3,134 (21.5%)
I did recently: 1,736 (11.9%)
I did 6+ months ago: 2,428 (16.7%)
No, never: 5,128 (35.3%)
I don’t want one!: 1050 (7.2%)

Total Votes: 14,546

Only about a fourth of my visitors currently have a boyfriend / girlfriend, while 42% of my visitors have (presumably) never had a girlfriend / boyfriend before. Don't worry--we're here for you. We love you guys. It's a strong love--not the sort of love a man and a woman feel for each other, or even the sort of love close friends feel. It's the sort of love that involves ethernet cords, computer monitors, 2-dimensional women, advertisements, inane ramblings like this one, japanese text you can't read, and tentacles. Yes, it's truly a complex relationship you and I share. (Yes, I'm talking to you.)

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 02/06/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 615 (January 27th – 28th, 2009)
Do you watch Cartoon Network now more or less than you used to?

More: 477 (4.8%)
About the same: 1145 (14%)
Less: 2825 (34.6%)
I don’t watch it at all anymore: 2650 (32.5%)
I never did watch it: 1065 (13%)

Total Votes: 8,162

Of those who have at least watched Cartoon Network, 77% of them decreased the amount of Cartoon Network they view, and about half of those people have stopped watching altogether (including myself of course--I remember I first got into anime on Cartoon Network watching DBZ and Sailor Moon). Good job Cartoon Network—"let’s cancel Toonami and stop airing anime altogether, that way no one has any reason to watch our retarded channel anymore! Code Geass? Pfft, who would want to watch that when they could be watching Camp Lazlo? Sure, we’ll air Code Geass… at 5 AM! HAHAHA!"

Bleach and Naruto are the sole survivors of the “great anime-purge of 2007 – 2008”, and they’ll both be airing filler for the conceivable future. Ahh, I remember the good old days, back when Cartoon Network aggressively acquired and aired tons of anime series… now who’s going to air anime in the US? Sci-Fi channel? Independent Film Channel? I guess it's all up to YouTube now.

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 01/24/09
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 602 (December 27th – 28th, 2008)
Battle Royal! Who would survive?

Allen Walker: 633 (4.1%)
Goku: 5723 (36.7%)
Ichigo: 2060 (13.2%)
Lelouch: 1324 (8.5%)
Luffy: 1284 (8.2%)
Naruto: 2570 (16.5%)
Yagami Light: 1987 (12.8%)

Total Votes: 15,581

Pfft, Goku? Come on people, please. Did you forget that Light would kill everyone except for Lelouch (assuming he's disguised as Zero), and Ichigo (Death Note's can't kill Shinigami) in the first 45 seconds?

Poll 612 (January 19th – 21st, 2009)
What was your favorite new anime of 2008? (Other than Code Geass)

Chaos; Head: 362 (5.3%)
Gundam 00 Second Season: 1143 (16.7%)
Macross Frontier: 313 (4.6%)
Sekirei: 686 (10%)
Tower of Druaga: 306 (4.5%)
To Love Ru: 1392 (20.3%)
Other: 2651 (38.7%)

Total Votes: 6,853

Well it looks like To Love Ru, Gundam 00 2, and Sekirei were the most popular, though a lot of people had other shows in mind (I’m not sure which). (Note that this poll is really about popularity rather than how good a show is, since people aren’t going to vote for a series they haven’t watched, regardless of how good it is.)

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 11/13/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 577 (November 3rd – 4th, 2008)
Who would you vote for in the 2008 USA Elections?

Obama: 3799 (37.9%)
McCain: 678 (6.8%)
Grandma (aka Hillary Clinton): 120 (1.2%)
Stephen Colbert: 1304 (13%)
Raikoh: 167 (1.7%)
Light Yagami: 2757 (27.5%)
Myself: 1205 (12%)

Total Votes: 10,030

Obama has the clear lead, though Light gave him a good run for his money! Actually, I’d probably vote for Light too--I love that guy… Meanwhile, Raikoh: 1.7%.... what, no one wanted to vote for me, the world’s first nameless / faceless pseudonym president?! That way Light can’t kill me with his Death Note after I beat him in the elections! Well at least I beat Hillary… time to start campaigning for 2012!

Poll 579 (November 6th – 7th, 2008)
How did George W. Bush do as a president?

He was great: 545 (5.8%)
He was ok: 1185 (12.5%)
He sucked: 2317 (24.5%)
Worst President Ever!: 3724 (39.3%)
I don’t care: 1179 (12.5%)
Who?: 519 (5.5%)

Total Votes: 9,469

Of those who know who he is and care, 78% of them thought he sucked (or worse)… ok, yeah, he really sucked.

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Category: Poll Results
Posted on: 10/15/08
Posted by: Raikoh
Poll 386 (January 1st, 2008)
When you read manga, how many pages do you usually read at once?

10: 275 (9.8%)
20: 465 (16.6%)
40: 442 (15.8%)
60: 227 (8.1%)
80: 124 (4.4%)
100+: 1268 (45.3%)

Total Votes: 2801

So 60-pages is enough for half of my visitors. But wow, almost half of my visitors sit down and read more than 100 pages at a time? That’s like watching 2.5+ episodes of anime in one sitting! Well, I suppose I’ve read that much a couple times too…

Poll 389 (January 5th, 2008)
Naruto VS Ichigo, who would win?

Rasengan!: 1077 (22.2%)
Naruto, though it’d be close: 590 (12.1%)
It’d be a draw: 504 (10.4%)
Ichigo, though it’d be close: 400 (8.2%)
Bankai!: 1855 (38.2%)
I don’t know: 432 (8.9%)

Total Votes: 4,858

Ok, so it’s 34% VS 46%. Personally, I think Naruto would win, since he has a lot more moves (rasengan and kagebunshin would probably be enough, though Gamabunta or Kyuubi would definitely finish Ichigo if it went that far)--so what if Ichigo can fly, teleport, and shoot energy-beams out of his sword?

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