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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/25/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

13 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Genderswap Conception (posession, gendber bender, impregnation, shota)
-BroConflict (bbw, sister, smell, tall girl)
-Housewife's Secret Face (cheating, MILF, prostitution, buxom)
-Onee-chan Won't Allow That! (buxom, inverted nipples, cheating)
-NTR Unrequited Love (defloration, mind control, ntr, buxom)
-Ibunka For You (dark skin, cheating, buxom, lingerie)
-The Noble Whole Families (glasses, ffm threesome, toys, stockings)
-Pose!! (bbw, buxom, ahegao)
-The Maiden Queen Bee (schoolgirl, stockings, buxom)
-Marriage China (impregnation, r*pe, chinese dress, bondage)
-Having a Bath at Hitomi's (sister, buxom, hairy, shota, twins)
-~Etcetera of The Witch and The Cock~ (glasses, hairy, schoolgirl)
-3Piece~Spring~ (footjob, cheating, stockings, buxom, full color)

5 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Convenience Store Bitch!!Ch.1,3-4,8 (gyaru, MILF, drugs, prostitution)
-Secret Plot Ch. 1-8 (teacher, femdom, shota, glasses, toys)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 Ch. 1-5 (dark skin, buxom, lactation, MILF, sweating)
-Shokutai no Yoru Ingoku no Chigiri Ch.1-3 (drugs, fox girl, ntr, r*pe)
-Reika My Brilliant Maid Ch. 1-8 (femdom, glasses, maid, stockings, crosdressing)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/24/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

6 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Carefree Mating Gensokyo... (Touhou Project- Alice, Reisen, Tewi, Youmu, bunny girl, impregnation, public use)
-Vaginal Intercourse * Virgin & N-Cup Bitch (Valkyri Drive, impregnation, buxom)
-To Eat Or Be Eaten Is Fate Huh~ (Super Mario Brothers- Princess Peach, buxom)
-Maids 1-7 (collar, piercing, stockings, maid)
-Slut! Comes to the Country (ntr, dark skin, shota, schoolgirl)
-The Perverted Girl Sitting Next To Me (blindfold, schoolgirl, buxom, cheating)

9 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Having Sex With My Son's Friends ~Select H-scenes Animation Edition~ (MILF, pregnant, glasses, buxom)
-Rensou Relation (stockings, maid, bunny girl, ffm threesome)
-Meeting Up With My Hot Mother / Daughter Neighbors (schoolgirl, pregnant, bikini, MILF, ffm threesome)
-I'm Disqualified As An Older Brother!... (schoolgirl, stockings, bondage, buxom, ffm threesome, sister)
-St. Reverse Rape Academy... (schoolgirl, pregnant, harem, dark skin, femdom)
-Clockwork's Leyline -The Flower That Fell Into The Morning Fog~ (maid, yuri, schoolgirl, ffm threesome)
-Brother Sister Adultery...(ntr, buxom, MILF, impregnation, hairy)
-Molester King~ The One Able To Unleash His Lust (glasses, nun, chikan)
-Natsuiro Recipe (kimono, schoolgirl, bride, bikini)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/23/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

43 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Black gal VS Prefect (gyaru, femdom, shota)
-Marked Girls vol.11 (March Comes In Like A Lion- Akari, Hinata, Kyouko, impregnation, lol*con, femdom)
-Hibiki and Pool! (The Idolmaster- Hibiki Ganaha, dark skin, swimsuit)
-Fresh Beyond a Doubt (Pokemon- Lana, Mallow, school swimsuit, lol*con, dark skin, ffm threesome)
-Reika Is A Single Mother Slut Part 1 (MILF, prostitution, tanlines, bbm)
-Bad Girl Arisu (The Idolmaster- Arisu Tachibana, sole female)
-Goddess Confinement (Puzzle and Dragons- Valkyrie, monster, r*pe, impregnation, stomach deformation)
-The Candy Consextioner is Nothing More Than a Pervert 2 (Dagashi Kashi- Hotaru, Kokonotsu, buxom)
-Gensoukyou Rakuenka Keikaku 19 (Touhou Project, lol*con, ffm threesome)
-Women's Sexual Appeal Is Too Strong (Persona 5- Akira, Caroline, Futaba, Justine, lol*con, toys)
-A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Ch.7 (male x futa, orgasm denial, stockings
-Cutie Beast Complete Edition Ch.1-4 (yuri, buxom, tentacles, r*pe)
-She's a Bad Girl (stockings, schoolgirl, lol*con)
-How Do You Like Yamato Hotel's Room Service? (Kancolle- Yamato, bikini, buxom, military)
-Profound Love Arrow (Love Live- Kotori, Nozomi, Rin, Umi, futa x female, swimsuit)
-Falling In Love With Rio! (Super Black Jack- Rio Rollins Tachibana, buxom, impregnation)
-PILE EDGE CONCEPTION (Sword Art Online- Asuna Yuuki, bondage, impregnation, mindbreak, r*pe, ntr)
-STAND BY ME (Danganronpa- Hajime Hinata, Mikan Tsumiki, apron, bandages, femdom, schoolgirl)
-Somehow, I Can't Sleep Tonight (Love Live Sunshine- You Watanabe, yuri, females only)
-Spending a Wonderful Night Together... (Madoka Magica- Kyouko Sakura, small breasts, sole female)
-My Sisterís Virginity is Twice Delicious (Sword Art Online- Kazuto, Suguha, cousin, buxom, cheating)
-Otome Gift (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, stockings, vanilla)
-Your Pick, Marie Please! (Dead or Alive- Marie Rose, stockings, bunnygirl, lol*con)
-ORDER MAID SISTERS- A book about having maid sex... (Idolmaster, Mika, Rika, maid, lol*con)
-Victim Girls 13 - DRAGON SLAYER (Saki- Ako, Arata, Kuro, Shuzuno, Yuu, drugs, mindbreak, lol*con)
-AloTra! (Pokemon- Lana, Lillie, Mallow, mind control, lol*con, ahegao)
-Princess Zeta, Surrender (Granblue Fantasy- Zeta, daughter, buxom, old man)
-Dere Paco (The Idolmaster- Chie Sasaki, Momoka Sakurai, deepthroat, ffm threesome, lol*con)
-Ingrid Lucky Hole (Dark Knight Ingrid- Ingrid, dark skin, stockings, piercings, filming)
-Will you have sex with Sapphire? (Last Period, impregnation, ahegao, group)
-Gensoukyou Rakuenka Keikaku 18 (Touhou Project, mind break, filming, wolf girl, r*pe, lol*con)
-Female Gorilla From The Public Safety Sector (Ghost In The Shell- Mokoto, buxom, stockings, shota)
-Peep Fuck Girlfriend (schoolgirl, school swimsuit, exhibitionism)
-Won't You Let Me Hide Out Here For A Little While? (elf, lol*con, sister, ffm threesome)
-Futanari Drive (Valkyrie Drive- mamori tokonome, mirei shikishima, gyaru, stockings, rim job, futa x female)
-Kamitsure-san, Please Shock Me (Pokemon- Elesa, Hilda, femdom, hotpants, pantyhose)
-Meaty Wife (Skulllgirls- Filia, buxom, MILF, defloration)
-Full Speed To The Cat Cafe~ (lol*con, yuri, bondage, catgirl)
-Prescription 11 (No-rin, Minori Nakazawa, impregnation, ntr, defloration, buxom)
-Milky DD (Kancolle- Naganami, Hamakaze, Hagikaze, breast feeding, lactation, buxom, pantyhose)
-Now, I'm We're Going To Meet (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu- Kyon, Yuki Nagato, glasses, schoolgirl)
-Girlsí Talk (K-ON!- Azusa, Jun, lol*con, schoolgirl, yuri)
-Counter Attack! Tickle Torture (bondage, humiliation, lol*con, yuri)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/18/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

18 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Marriage Hunting (kimono, blindfold, buxom, ahegao)
-Screw the Vibe, We're Going out on the Town! (cheating, exhibitionism, lol*con)
-Himekawa-san Wants To Take A Shortcut (buxom, schoolgirl, paizuri)
-Bath Style (bikini, shota, full color)
-China Auction (femdom, toys, chinese dress, blindfold)
-Chameleon (femdom, sister, military, toys)
-Perverted Chie? (apron, bunny girl, ffm threesome)
-Because My Cousin's Too Damn Hot (cousin, hotpants, full color)
-Before Becoming A Bride (daughter, schoolgirl, impregnation)
-The Bitter, Sweet and Painful Thorn (femdom, sister, stockings)
-Licking Monster (dark skin, lol*con, monster girl, shota)
-Make Love Rhapsody (femdom, gyaru, sweating, buxom)
-The Chain of Fascination (bondage, pantyhose, toys)
-Biased Girlfriend (bdsm, defloration, ahegao)
-Ass Play (schoolgirl, pantyhose, toys)
-RainForest Note First Part (schoolgirl, cheating, cheating)
-Fanaticism Short (maid, buxom, full color)
-The Overlord In My House (Demon girl, stockings, full color)

4 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Secret Plot Ch. 1-7 (femdom, glasses, stockings, teacher, shota)
-Cum A Whole Lot, Yuusha-sama Ch.1 (buxom, maid, stockings, shota)
-Paradise Found Parts 1-2 (schoolgirl, cousin, hairy, sweating)
-Fanaticism Ch. 1-2 (maid, r*pe, stockings, ffm threesome)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/16/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

32 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Elf Sisters And The Orc (elf, lol*con, sister, ffm threesome)
-Making Love By The Beach (futa x male, futa x female, NTR, buxom, full color)
-4.5 Tatami Mats x Monogatari -Second Mat (buxom, stockings, femdom, ffm threesome)
-Etrian Copy Book (Etrian Odyssey, big areolae, buxom, shota)
-Sex With Futa Princess Zelda = The Wedding Ceremony (The Legend of Zelda- Link, Zelda, elf, bride, futa x male)
-NTR Girl ~Chastity Truth~ (NTR, lol*con, tomboy)
-Sweeeet Home (toys, mother, buxom)
-Tanemonogatari (Bakemonogatari- Tsubasa Hanekawa, glasses, schoolgirl, buxom)
-Milk-spraying Creamy Brown Maid! Is She Stupid (dark skin, glasses, lactation, maid, stockings)
-Eroing Witch (Flying Witch- Makoto Kowata, cousin, buxom, drugs)
-Letís Have Sex with Santa Suzuya (Kantai Collection- Suzuya, stockings, christmas)
-Mitsuba Love Story (Seraph of the End- Mitsuba Sangu, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, lingerie, stockings)
-Cutie Beast Kanzenban Ch. 1-2 (buxom, yuri, females only)
-Idol Bikini Sand (The Idolmaster- Ritsuko Akizuki, Takane Shijou, buxom, glasses, bikini)
-PROMPHOTO (Final Fantasy 15- aranea,Cindy, Iris, Lunafreya nox fleuret, stockings, NTR, buxom)
-Temptation Princess (Tales of the Abyss, stockings, drunk)
-HONEYPOT (Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya- Kuro von Einzbern, dark skin, stockings, lol*con, dilf)
-Eromanga Party! (Eromanga Sensei- Elf Yamada, Sagiri Izumi, sister, lol*con, full color)
-Kazami Yuuka and Secret Play (Touhou Project- Yuuka Kazami, stockings, shota, buxom)
-Secret Saturday (crossdressing, shota, trap-yaoi, full color)
-My House Dogís Training Diary (Kantai Collection- Shigure, human pet, toys)
-Mika VS Nonna Sponsor War! (Girls Und Panzer- Mika, Nonna, impregnation, prostitution, ffm threesome)
-Once The Practice Ends (footjob, glasses, schoolgirl, pantyhose)
-Because Mountain Girls Are There (Yama no Susume- Aoi Yukimura, Hinata Kuraue, defloration, lol*con)
-Plain Girl Catalogue (collar, stockings, glasses)
-UraShiro (Yes Precure 5- Urara Kasugano, femdom, lol*con, shota)
-Let's Do Both (Fate Grand Order- Astolfo, Shielder, tomgirl, buxom, crossdressing)
-Kashi Mashi 2 (Kantai Collection- Kashima, posession, prostitution)
-A Story Where Mokou Onee-chan Does It With A Boy (Touhou Project- Fujiwara no Mokou, shota, paizuri)
-Risou no Imouto 4 (schoolgirl, sister, femdom, stockings)
-Schoolgirl Reimu In The Classroom... (Touhou Project- Reimu Hakurei, schoolgirl, schoolboy, full color)
-Oh! Cool Beauty (My Monster Secret, schoolgirl, schoolboy)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/12/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

26 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Bath Trouble! -Oneshota Dish (gyaru, wet clothes, schoolgirl, shota)
-The Poison That Sweetens (snake girl, femdom, shota, age regression)
-Tamashii- INSERT LEVEL 5 - Danjo Kousaku Ecstasy (fpossession, MILF, sister, ffm threesome)
-A Tale of the Swordswoman's Sexual Depravity (mindbreak, corruption, elf, shota)
-Saint Yurigaoka Jogakuen Seido-kai (mind break, impregnation, schoolgirl, panyhose)
-Tamashii- INSERT LEVEL 7 (futa x trap, femdom, stockings, tall girl)
-Don't Get Nervous, Nao-chan! (schoolgirl, tracksuit, sweating, tomboy)
-The Lewd Acting Girl (impregnation, lactation, buxom, big nipples)
-Love Step-Up (lol*con, shota, defloration)
-Aikagi Kankei (cousin, lol*con, defloration)
-Disconnect Girl- Little Strange Lovers (schoolgirl, yandere, bondage)
-Saint Yurigaoka Jogakuen Seido-kai Conclusion (impregnation, ffm threesome, slave)
-Arrow Training -Muni Chichi (defloration, defloration, archer girl)
-A New Older Sister (femdom, sister)
-Garudere (maid, stockings, tomboy)
-Kago no Naka no Tori- Koushoku Shounen Vol. 01 (trap-yaoi, prostitution, josou seme)
-Aru Hitobashira no Kioku Ch. 1-2 (footjob, oni, femdom)
-Hobby Friend (crossdressing, schoolgirl, double penetration, shota)
-Sleep Signal (cheating, tomboy, shota, mmf threesome)
-Slave Elimia (dark skin, lol*con, elf, stockings)
-Dreams Come True (bikini, defloration, full color)
-Sisters bare Boobs 3.5 (sister, stockings, buxom)
-Gender Swap Revenge (gender bender, r*pe, glasses, school uniform)
-Creamy Milk Pudding (sister, stockings, apron)
-Ahhn <3 Balance (femdom, hairy, smell, buxom)
-Marriage Rouge (bride, impregnation, r*pe, sleeping)

10 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Majimena Aitsu ni Aniken no Ore ga Oshiete Yareru Koto Ch 1-2 (MILF, stockings,3some)
-Love Attack Ch. 1-4 (femdom, ffm threesome, inverted nipples, schoolgirl)
-The Slave of Three Sisters Ch. 1-8 (aunt, cousin, femdom, MILF, drunk, ffm threesome)
-Voluptuous Plump Boobs<3 Ch. 1-3 (buxom, bbw, lingerie, ffm threesome)
-Secret Plot Ch. 1-5 (femdom, teacher, stockings, shota)
-Mama Friend Harem (MILF, ffm threesome, buxom, breast feeding)
-Fanaticism Ch.1 (stockings, maid, ffm threesome)
-I've always loved you... Ch. 1-11 (tomboy, schoolgirl, toys, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Shokutai no Yoru Ingoku no Chigiri Ch.1-2 (foxgirl, drugs, NTR, r*pe, wolf girl)
-THE MARRIED WIFE -Hitozuma series Ch. 1-4 (NTR, impregnation, impregnation)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/10/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

3 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-The Basics of Squeezing out cum (nurse, femdom, stockings, schoolgirl)
-Assault of female announcer Miyuki Tamaya! Ramming Report (Tokyo Pig, Exhibitionism, toys, mmf threesome)
-Carefree Mating Gensokyo -Temple School Chapter- (Touhou Project- Lots of characters, bondage, inflation)

5 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Prison Queen ~The Dom Female Jailers Are Going To Train These Men... (elf, tentacles, yuri, ffm threesome)
-Panical Confusion (stockings, lol*con, bikini, lactation)
-A shoplifting Girl gets a Harsh Punishment!! (pregnant, schoolgirl, ffm threesome, bondage, collar)
-Brave Hunter Aoi (orc, stockings, bondage, mind control, slime, tentacles)
-The 150 Year Wizardry (defloration, schoolgirl, stockings)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 06/09/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

46 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Hey, Hey, Danchou-chan What Would You Want... (Granblue Fantasy- Gran, Narmaya, demon girl, femdom)
-My Crossdressing Boyfriend x Me!! (trap-yaoi, crosdressing, josou seme)
-Large Breasted Fanatic (Kyonyuu Fantasy- buxom, inverted nipples, shotacon)
-Tonight, Please Let Me Have Your Anal Virginity... (Granblue Fantasy- Djeeta, Percival, futa x male, buxom, femdom)
-Schoolgirl Rejuvenation (schoolgirl, defloration, teacher)
-Instead of A Shota's Cock I'm Having Sex With A Thick Middle-Aged Cock (KanColle- Atago, pantyhose,impregnation)
-Sex Practice With Kaga And Akagi (KanColle- Akagi, Kaga, impregnation, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Girls & Semen ~Darjeeling-sama Does Compensation Dating... (Girls Und Panzer- Darjeeling, bbm, impregnation)
-Heroine harassment-The Pure Akina Get's Fucked By An Incubus (NTR, r*pe, corruption, bondage)
-Big Seven Reproduction Strategy (KanColle- Mutsu, Nagato, mind control, buxom, ffm threesome)
-Senkan Yamato Womb Capture Strategy (KanColle- Yamato, buxom, defloration, impregnation)
-Battleship Musashi's Ovum Control Plan~ (KanColle- Musashi, impregnation, dark skin, buxom)
-Orimon- Under Night In-birth (mindbreak, futanari, big balls, stockings)
-A Story About Kashima Being A Lewd Bitch (KanColle- Kashima, impregnation, buxom, military)
-Tateyama School's Hypnotism Classroom (Kuromukuro- mika ogino, Sophie, Yukina, mind control, lol*con, bbm)
-Japari's Adult Pussy! (Kemono Friends- Kaban, Serval, Fennec, catgirl, yuri, toys, lol*con)
-Catch Ball (The Heroines Who Play With Balls Like Their Playthings...) (femdom, latex, bondage)
-Angel's stroke 01 Special Edition (Monster- Anna Liebert, bondage, buxom, shotacon)
-Ohigebon-73 Onedori! 3 It's Summer! And It's Sweaty! (schoolgirl, shotacon, group)
-The Young Lady's Ejaculation Control (The Idolmaster- Momoka Sakurai, lol*con, toys, femdom)
-Eromanga Syndrome (Eromanga Sensei- Masamune Izumi, Sagiri Izumi, sister, lol*con, small breasts)
-Love Plus's Manaka Does Some Sadistic Play... (Love Plus- Manaka Takane, schoolgirl, femdom, foot licking)
-Cutie Beast Kanzenban Ch. 1 (Gyuri, buxom, females only)
-Your Pick? Marie Please! (Dead or Alive- Marie Ross, lol*con, stockings, bunny girl)
-The Exemplary Student Council President! (elf, glasses, schoolgirl, small breasts)
-Choi and Market (Tamako Market- Choi Machimazzi, dark skin, lol*con, r*pe)
-TENDER PURIFICATION (lactation, oppai l*li, shotacon)
-Hoshizora Snow Line (Love Live- Rin Hoshizora, footjob, small breasts, sumata)
-Voice Eroid + Sex Yuzuki Yukari (Vocaloid- Yukari Yuzuki, stockings, lol*con)
-Looking Into The Yutari House (Vocaloid- Yukari Yuzuki, stockings, lol*con, double penetration)
-Look~ It's The Panties You Love So Much Onii-chan (femdom, lol*con, sister, schoolgirl)
-Sumizome Kanzashi (crossdressing, kimono, trap-yaoi)
-Sisters Bare Boobs 5 (sister, buxom, sweating)
-I'm Tired of the Horror Game Experience (Vocaloid- Yukari Yuzuki, lol*con, stockings, tentacle, NTR)
-Sisters bare Boobs 6 (sister, buxom, sweating)
-A World Where My Childhood Friend Having Sex (mind control, schoolgirl, collar)
-Blossoming Lust (KanColle- Hamakaze, corruption, mind control, oni, panyhose)
-Today's Yuel (Granblue Fantasy- Yuel, foxgirl, smell, hairy)
-The Young Big Breasted Goddess Hestia's Part Time Job! (DanMachi- Hestia, impregnation, NTR)
-Puni Cure Disguise (Yes Precure 5- Karen, Kurumi, futanari, lol*con, schoolgirl)
-More x2 Aobax! (KanColle- Aoba, schoolgirl, hotpants)
-Hina-sama Is A Goddess (Touhou Project- Hina Kagiyama, anal, triple penetration)
-A Masochistic Crossdresser Is Disciplined By The Futanari Students (futa on male, tomgirl, crossdressing, shotacon)
-Toying with Yuuki (Sword Art Online- Yuuki Konno, toys, virtual game)
-Umi Opening Up (Love Live- Nozomi Toujou, Umi Sonoda, stockings, bondage, yuri)
-Girl's of the Moon's Capital (Touhou Project- Toyohime, Yorihime, buxom, tentacles, ffm threesome)

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