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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/22/17
Posted by: Harem Mask

16 New Misc. English-Translated Doujins:
-Seduced by the Oasis (Original - breast expansion, absurdly large breasts, lactation, threesome)
-Kanzen Kuppuku Saimin Reimu (Touhou - Reimu, mind control, buxom, big ass, stockings)
-Loli Combi Ecchi cat x vamp (Bakemonogatari - Araragi x Shinobu and Hanekawa, loli, glasses)
-Senpai's Erotic Hole (Gundam Build Fighters - Fumia and Kijima, bbw, bike shorts, swimsuit)
-Sukisuki Obaba-sama II TURBO (Os-tans - Windows 3.1, lol*con, humorous)
-Do You Like Onee-chan's Big Breasts? (Original - busty older sister, straight-shota)
-Onnakishi Rael to Suzuiro no Mori no Kiba (Original - female warrior, monster-rape, fucked-silly)
-Sandatsusha Onee-sama (Grandblue Fantasy - Metera, fucked-silly, stockings, cheating)
-Oicchi is Having a Baby (Kantai Collection - Ooi, impregnation, busty, hairy)
-Rika, Let's Make You into Even More of a Woman (Idolmaster - Rika, lol*con, hardcore, catgirl, mind-break, stockings)
-Little Ms. Jeanne Alterís Valentine Crusade (Fate/Grand Order - Jeanne, thigh-highs, cute)
-Hitozuma Part-san to Yaritai Houdai!! Seisen Super The Bitch (Color) (Original - harem of slutty grocery ladies!)
-Alice de Nukitai (Touhou - Alice, bukkake, mind-control, pantyhose, sleeping)
-Erina-sama no Secret Recipe (Shokugeki no Soma - Souma x Erina, facesitting, schoolgirl, stockings, urination)
-Secret Yuri Salon (Original - yuri masseuse x client)
-Nikutai Gengo (Interviews with Monster Girls - harem of schoolgirl monster girls!)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/13/17
Posted by: Makasu

14 New English-Translated Magazine Chapters:
-Bitch Goddess's Public NTR Show (buxom, anal, bbw, netorare, dp)
-When an Uncle Becomes an Old Man (lol*con, anal, niece, stockings)
-The Girl Who Loved Pranks (lol*con, swimsuit, finger)
-OnaNEET Onee-chan (big ass, bbw, sister, exhibitionism, defloration)
-Older Girl (big ass, buxom, bbw, milf, nakadashi)
-The Girl Dyed in Vampire Blood (mind control, vampire, corruption)
-Mom Is a Dummy (big ass, buxom, milf, mother, bloomers)
-The Call of Heresy (buxom, anal, futanari, mind control, impregnation)
-Grade Schooler Conquest! (lol*con, defloration, nakadashi)
-Gokusaishiki no Nise Ai (buxom, bbw, mind control, paizuri)
-Shishunki Temperature (schoolgirl, pantyhose, sister, lewd humping)
-Game Center Love Revolution (lol*con, gyaru, nakadashi, stockings)
-On The Way Home (buxom, dark skin, gyaru, schoolgirl)
-Cage (lol*con, netorare, sister)

6 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Harem Frontier Ch. 7-end (buxom, anal, harem, dp)
-Anal wa Sex ni Hairimasu ka Ch. 1 (lol*con, anal, schoolgirl)
-Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri - Igyou Kaikitan Ch. 6 (big ass, buxom, milf, mind control, tentacles)
-Please Sleep With My Boyfriend Ch. 3 (buxom, schoolgirl, harem, nakadashi)
-Neesan Ch. 6 (buxom, sister, nakadashi, harem)
-Lingua Franca!! Ch. 7-end (lol*con, futanari, harem, femdom, nakadashi)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/09/17
Posted by: Makasu

18 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Touhou Kabejiri 3 Shameimaru Aya (stuck in wall, anal, stockings, bondage)
-Houmitsusen!! (big ass, buxom, milf, nakadashi)
-Touhou Kabejiri 4 Raiko Horikawa (buxom, anal, public use, Raiko)
-Human Puppeteering Smart Phone (magical girl, anal, mind control, harem)
-The 2 Frigid and Steamy Goddesses (Rin, nakadashi, footstuff)
-I Want to Protect Remís Smile! (cute, maid, Oni, stockings)
-SUMMER VERSION (lol*con, ghost, swimsuit)
-Let's play Zoe! (buxom, anal, dark skin, dp, impregnation)
-Remurin Maji Tenshi (cute, maid, stockings)
-Oni no Shoujo (cute, maid, stockings, defloration)
-Patchou Milk (buxom, paizuri, stockings)
-Private Entertainer Shiho (big ass, buxom, anal, milf, mind control)
-Moshimo, Sports no Saiten ga Hiwai- (buxom, anal, tentacles, tanlines, exhibitionism)
-Stuck in a Wall, Rin-chan's Crisis!! (big ass, stuck in wall, dp, nakadashi)
-Futanari Onee-san x Otokonoko Cosplayer 2 (futanari, shota, anal, stockings, futa on male)
-Summer Porn (buxom, swimsuit, nakadashi, impregnation)
-Bea LOVE (buxom, bunny girl, leotard, nakadashi)
-cheer up! (lol*con, cheerleader, hotpants, nakadashi)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 03/01/17
Posted by: Makasu

10 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Succubus Panic 1-2 (big ass, buxom, demon girl, femdom, yandere)
-Seductive Housewife (big ass, buxom, bbw, milf, hotpants)
-Reticent boy and Sexually pervert girl (buxom, schoolgirl, exhibitionism, masturbation)
-Overtime Exposure Project (buxom, exhibitionism, nakadashi, mind break)
-Neighbors love trouble (big ass, buxom, cheating, milf, nakadashi)
-My Dear Maid One Day (lol*con, niece, nakadashi)
-Moshimo Jikan o Tomeraretara! (time stop, milf, nakadashi)
-Friends With Common Interests (buxom, cheating, milf, nakadashi)
-Milking Stepmom (buxom, cheating, milf, mother, anal, milking)
-Adult Game (lol*con, niece, nakadashi)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Iíll love you many times until you get pregnant (schoolgirl, niece, exhibitionism, stockings)
-2 Nen F Gumi Zen'in Seikou Ch. 2 (buxom, schoolgirl, sister, paizuri, harem)
-Hana Cupid (lol*con, anal, milf, mother, defloration)
-Don't Make Me So Turned On. Ch. 1 (big ass, buxom, yuri, milf, pantyhose)
-Aquania Marriage Life Ch. 2 (buxom, swimsuit, nakadashi, harem)
-Torotoro no Koi Ch. 5 (lol*con, yuri, schoolgirl)
-Megumi-san is my Son's Girlfriend Ch. 7-8 (buxom, milf, netorare, gyaru, femdom)
-Harem Frontier Ch. 6 (buxom, anal, dp, stockings, harem)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 02/25/17
Posted by: Makasu

22 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Sweet Four Seasons (Senran Kagura - big ass, bbw, prostitution, mind break)
-Toriko ni Nattemo Makenai zo (buxom, futanari, nakadashi, stockings)
-Sliding in and Pounding it is 120% Effective (Girls und Panzer - buxom, futanari, cheating, milf, nakadashi)
-Tokubetsu Sharyou e Goannai (Beatmania - big ass, buxom, bbw, prostitution, nakadashi)
-Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land the 5th Day (buxom, fox girl, nakadashi, exhibitionism)
-Servicers Kashima and Hamakaze (Kantai Collection - buxom, anal, Hamakaze-Kashima)
-No One Likes a GIRL Who Surrenders (Granblue Fantasy - big ass, bbw, milf, nakadashi, mind break)
-Opaitic Boin (Occultic Nine - buxom, paizuri, stockings, defloration)
-Kinjo Yuuwaku Teruhiko to Okaa-san Hen Kouhen (big ass, buxom, shota, milf, mother)
-Mating Dance -Fate Chapter 4- (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - buxom, anal, mother, dp, impregnation)
-Hekinai Chousa (Attack on Titan - buxom, leg lock, nakadashi, mind break)
-Machi-chan is a Cute Psychopath!! (Kuma Miko - lol*con, stuck in wall, nakadashi, bondage)
-Hakudaku Marking (Kantai Collection - buxom, paizuri, stockings, impregnation)
-Kasen-sama, Please! (Touhou - buxom, anal, mind break, dp)
-Do! Don't! Touch Me (Tokyo 7th Sisters - schoolgirl, swimsuit, chikan, defloration, nakadashi)
-Goddessesí Prank (Fate Grand Order - lol*con, gothic, twins, footstuff, femdom)
-Closet 0 ~Stolen Purity~ (buxom, schoolgirl, netorare, nakadashi)
-CL-orz 47 (Granblue Fantasy - buxom, lol*con, paizuri, nakadashi, femdom)
-Chotto Matte! Anata no- (Granblue Fantasy - big ass, buxom, demon girl, pantyhose, nakadashi)
-Atago At Work (Kantai Collection - buxom, paizuri, lingerie, nakadashi)
-100 challenge (Hundred - buxom, Claire-Emilia, stockings)
-35Kaiten RENTAL HOLE (big ass, anal, schoolgirl, emotionless, prostitution)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 02/18/17
Posted by: Makasu

9 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-No Game No Life HCG Collection (No Game no Life - lol*con, schoolgirl, anal, dp, nakadashi)
-The Ascended Demon of the Goetia Mash (Fate Grand Order - buxom, demon girl, swimsuit, nakadashi)
-Kaerarechatta Guild FT (Fairy Tail - buxom, bunny girl, nakadashi, stockings)
-Napping Mom (buxom, milf, mother, nakadashi)
-Jingai Vitamin 4 (buxom, anal, demon girl, impregnation)
-Iíve been saved by being tricked by my best friendís older brother (anal, schoolgirl, sister, netorare, paizuri)
-A World where I can do Anything (schoolgirl, mind control, chikan, exhibitionism)
-Eye Heart ver 2.00 ~Namaiki Kogal Yarihoudai~ (schoolgirl, mind control, cheating, nakadashi)
-A Countryside Girl Gets Stolen From Her Boyfriend (lol*con, anal, netorare, impregnation)

1 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Evenicle (buxom, anal, Elf, yuri, dp, nakadashi)
The creator of the world, the Holy Mother Eve, gave two commandments: one must not kill another human, and one must only have one partner for life. However, knights are exempted from the latter divine rule, so that they can produce powerful offspring to fight against monsters. Somewhere in the land, there was a young man Asterisk who wished to marry the beautiful twin sisters who raised him. He decided that he will become a knight and get lots of wives! Thus, he set out on his journey with great enthusiasm and ambition.

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 02/14/17
Posted by: Makasu

7 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Stopwatcher File. 4 Chikan Keibiin (buxom, idol, chikan, nakadashi)
-Tsuruno-san wa Tonikaku On o Kaeshitai (buxom, paizuri, stockings, defloration)
-Reiteki Iyagarase test of courage (schoolgirl, ghost, footstuff, femdom)
-Stupid Couple +1 (buxom, drunk, nakadashi)
-Shitai Koto (cute, schoolgirl, nakadashi)
-Magical Girl Heroines of Justice 1-2 (buxom, anal, futanari, bondage, mind control)
-Peach Fizz (lol*con, teacher, anal, apron)

7 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Please Give Me Sperm (buxom, mind control, schoolgirl, harem, impregnation)
-I'll Be Raped Until I More Than Orgasm Ch. 1 (buxom, schoolgirl, sister, nakadashi)
-Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri - Igyou Kaikitan Ch. 5 (buxom, bbw, milf, ghost, mind control, nakadashi)
-Draculina Carmilla Ch. 1 (lol*con, vampire, yuri, mind control, futanari)
-Re Incarnation Ch. 11-12 (buxom, shota, milf, harem, dp)
-Reika My Brilliant Maid Ch. 5 (buxom, maid, nakadashi, impregnation)
-Torotoro no Koi Ch. 4 (sweet, lol*con, yuri)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 02/10/17
Posted by: Makasu

19 New English-Translated misc Doujins:
-Risou no Imouto 3 (lol*con, anal, schoolgirl, sister, nakadashi)
-You're Impertinent, I Suppose!! (Re Zero - lol*con, pantyhose, footstuff, femdom)
-Please Teach Me (Game of laplace - anal, schoolgirl, shota, Trap!!!)
-Yamato-san wa Se ga Takai. 3 (Kantai Collection - buxom, paizuri, pantyhose, nakadashi)
-MATERIA FARMER (final fantasy vii - anal, bondage, egg exfiltration)
-Tiny Evil 2 (sweet, lol*con, ghost, yandere, nakadashi)
-MASTER GIRL (Touhou - buxom, anal, schoolgirl, nakadashi)
-The Story of How My Super Sadistic Girlfriend Tried to- (yuri, lol*con, anal, femdom, bondage)
-Kirishimax Futanarix (Kantai Collection - buxom, futanari, stockings, futa on male)
-Stretching with Ritsuko (Idolmaster - big ass, buxom, Ritsuko, hotpants, nakadashi)
-Hentai Idol Recycle (Idolmaster - buxom, milf, dp, defloration, mind break)
-Spiritual Lunch (demon girl, schoolgirl, defloration, nakadashi)
-GAMEZ_0 (GANTZ - buxom, bodysuit, dp, impregnation, rip)
-Sonoda-san's Erotic Book (Love Live - schoolgirl, Umi, nakadashi, prostitution, defloration)
-Battle Angel Iris (anal, futanari, dp, bondage, mind control, tentacles)
-Secret Recipe 3-shiname (Food Wars - buxom, schoolgirl, nakadashi)
-ANGEL'S HEAVEN (Kinf of Fighters - paizuri, anal, swimsuit, dp, nakadashi)
-Saimin Erina-sama (Food Wars - buxom, schoolgirl, mind control, nakadashi)
-I Wanna be Totally Spoiled by My Dear Boss Book (Nanoha - buxom, pantyhose, femdom, defloration)

1 New Translation requested Doujin:
-Boku no Harem Academia 02 wa_ Kacchan ni wa Ienai Himitsu (buxom, hairy, milf, cheating, shota)

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